I have not thought about anything new to post so if you did not go back to read my previous 75 posts this one was viewed over 1600 times.

The original title was “A question from a commenter answered”

I received a comment this morning on a blog post I wrote a while back. Thank you Roberto for the question, I feel it is a good enough question (most people only comment) that I try and answer it so everyone visiting can see my answer.

His question on this post: More about my FLR Financial control of my sub

Why do you call your blog Almost Femdom? Giving your husband your pee to drink, controlling his finances, and dominating him in the bedroom sounds like a full-blown femdom relationship.

My answer:

When I first got in to “femdom” I knew nothing about it, in fact I had never even heard of it. If you go back thru my posts you will find around 10 years ago my husband indicated to me he was interested in licking and cleaning his semen from me after making love to me. He wanted to but as soon as he climaxed he lost interest in the clean-up. This went on and off for a few years.

Then one day he came home and just laid on our king size bed totally naked starring at the ceiling fan going round and round. He had just returned from a project his contracting company was doing for a mega pharmaceutical company. Also going on at the same time was another project his contracting company was doing at a remote power plant. Both of these projects have employees His contracting company he owns. He also has a job at a large utility company where 20 or 30 people work for him, and he is an instructor for a dangerous recreational activity. The take away from this is he was in overload; everywhere he turned he had to make critical decisions, and still does today. He has slowed down a little though.

Anyway I came to him and asked what’s wrong? He said he needed my help and wanted me to take control of everything at home; he just wants to be told what to do for a change.

I was a bit taken back frankly, his whole life including the military he has been a strong, handsome, powerful man, and he asked me for help. I did not know what to do, as time went on he mentioned femdom so I started doing a large amount of research on the topic.

Well I was a normal somewhat shy woman really, sexually anyway. Like I have said, I would not even allow his tongue on my asshole back then.

There are no schools to go to, none of my friends indicated they knew anything about it so I continued to look up things like mentally why would he want this? What do I do to be Femdom?

My research concluded I’m not a full femdom wife because; he is my partner, I don’t have a bull, I don’t keep him locked up with a ball gag in his mouth, I don’t think his cock is small, I don’t keep him caged, I’m not better and smarter then him, I don’t hate Men, he still has a totally normal life outside the home and inside the home when guests or family are around, he is my husband and I actually love him dearly. I femdom him because I do not want him to find anyone else, he is one of a kind, a keeper. An excellent partner, father, grandfather, provider, protector, fixer, lover, the list goes on and on.

The Femdom part I get is a very obedient husband, every need I have he satisfies, full control of all our assets and bank accounts, a new Lincoln as needed, world wide travel, security, financial security,  his duties include, ironing, vacuuming, cleaning, washing the clothes, does the grocery shopping, cooks dinner and any other meal I ask for, keeps my car clean, gas in it, and even checks and adjusts the air pressure monthly.

Now the part you are probably more interested in:

He kneels in front of me like a good female worshipper at my command, bathes me, shaves me, drys me, drinks my piss on command, eats my pussy for hours, licks and rims my asshole for hours, makes love to me for as long as I need until I am ready to end it after many, many full on orgasm’s, kisses and sucks my feet, he wears my panties, he smells my soiled panties crotch area when I want, he takes my large strap-on in his ass until I am thru with him, he wears a butt plug on demand. The butt plug I usually have him insert it when my girlfriends are over under my panties he is wearing while he services us. Let’s see there are so many sexual related things he does, I hope you get the general idea.

I hope I answered the question.



10 thoughts on “A popular post from last October

    1. Thank you Liverpool: It really explained very simply what happened to him back then. And how a lucky Woman reaped the benefits of an over worked husband. It took him days to recover from that day, I was afraid I was going to loose him, that he was going to say he wanted a divorce or something.
      This was the beginning of the rest of our lives. He is settled in to his role several years ago and is so very happy now. I am very grateful and happy too.

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  1. This was a good post. This describes my wife and I very well. We’re not to the point of full time yet but I feel it’s getting closer. It’s nice to find someone to relate to and not just some porn blog.

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    1. Hi J thanks for reading my post.
      This life style works for my husband and I, I guess it’s not for everyone but I do hope you are treating your wife nicely and satisfying her needs as a good sub should.
      You say you are not full time yet, why not?
      I hoped to not make a porn site; I know some of my pictures are hard core but they are us and I wanted to show reality not make something up and use internet photos.
      I am glad you like it; I have posted several pages about our life. Maybe She can see here the value in letting you serve her in a 24/7 relationship.


  2. Hi
    I love your blog!
    Would you write about what you do and think and say while your husband is doing his housework?
    Thank you


  3. Hi
    Would you write about what you are doing, thinking, and saying while your husband is doing his housework?
    I love your blog


    1. Thank you mike for reading my blog.
      We don’t practice S&M so for the most part I am just doing normal things, I don’t have to tell him what to do, he knows his role.
      He does a lot of the things while other family members are present so it would be awkward.
      In the bedroom I sometimes tell him things to do but even there he is pretty well trained to service my needs. We have been doing this for a long time so we are well versed in how he is expected to serve me. We do talk about it sometimes but it is always in bed at night when we have some privacy.
      WE have adult children living here and others visiting all the time and I baby sit a few of our grandchildren sort of full time.


  4. Hello,

    I just wanted to say that I recently found your blog and enjoy it. I appreciate the fact that it is genuine and not some fabricated porn site. It is nice to read things from the side of a female who practices a Fem Dom relationship.

    I like that you do not use costumes, whips or a dungeon to weild your power. That this lifestyle is about you and your desires, not catering to your husband’s fantasies. Please keep posting, it is helping me to understand what a truly dominate female needs from a man willing to serve her.

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