My husband has been very busy lately. His life outside our home varies from his normal 40 hour work week to 80 to 100 hours depending on what he has commitments for with his business and teaching. The last month has been very busy for him. He tries to schedule his away time to every other day but sometimes he cannot do that.

So when he has been here I have been teasing him a lot to keep his interest up. When he comes home I take off my slippers so he can see my toes and feet. I make sure that I move around and place them on or near him. He seems to be fixated on them. I enjoy getting him rock hard and long enough for him to drip a little pre-cum out and then stop. He gets a little frustrated I can tell. I like doing it to him though, so when I actually allow him to release he is very full and very attentive when he is inside me.

He has been tired but I wanted him to think of me all day long, his penis aching to explode in me so after the last few days of teasing him I had him prepare for me to milk him with my strap-on.

After using the vibrator and his tongue in me for around 20 minutes, long enough for many orgasms, it is very hard for me to end it there. After that I need his penis in me for a long time to be really fulfilled but I wanted to wait for that until tonight for his valentine’s day present. I had cum enough so I had him get ready in the normal position on his back with his ass at the edge of the bed and legs apart on two chairs.

I had him apply some lube on my dildo then while looking directly into his eyes pushed it in slowly. His penis was still rock hard and he was dripping a little from his excitement pleasing me with his mouth and from my sexy feet before..

My goal was to milk him without an orgasm; I want him tonight sexually frustrated fully hard and ready to perform for a long time.

I rode him for a long  time, I could see by the look on his face he was not enjoying this much, I pushed the entire 8 inches in, I think he could easily take a bigger one now, I need to buy a new one that is not this harness type, the type I insert in me and is bigger and fatter then this one, this is for my pleasure, like I have said this is one of my favorite Dominate acts controlling positions. This big strong man on his back riding my strap-on like a Woman.. making himself as open as he can to allow me to insert every inch of it. I love it. All I can say is dont knock it until you have tried it.

After a while I pulled most of it out and started the slow strokes in and out waiting to see the clear liquid start to dribble out of his now semi hard penis on to his stomach. This time he had some white cum mixed in with it. It is usually clear. It looks like he will be  completely ready to please me and cum tonight.

I have not allowed him to cum in over a week; I have been saving him for tonight’s use. Don’t worry I have been getting mine. I cant go more then two or three days with out his tongue down there. It is a very empowering feeling staring into his eyes from above him watching him and knowing he is going to cum without an orgasm..

After a few minutes he seems to quit dribbling so I started deep strokes again. I know he is no longer as horny since his non-orgasmic release and his now shriveled penis is laying there on his tummy.

He is now being fucked while not being horny. This is when I get the most enjoyment. I applied some more lube to my dildo and made love to him for a while; I had him rise up his face as I bent down and started French kissing him while I was riding him. I was forcing my tongue down his throat while pushing in and out to full length, his legs  wrapped  around my  hips and his man hole now wide open, no longer tight at all  accepting every inch of my Dominance. By now I was getting exhausted so finally I had to quit. I had him clean up and put everything away.

The last thing I did before I left him to go to sleep was sit directly on his face and had him smell my womanhood for a while and then suck down a long piss. I enjoyed as he was gulping down each mouthful of my nectar his asshole could still fill the aftermath of my long strap-on session. What was special about this piss was he had to do it with out his usual being horny while  accepting  of my demands and desires.

He was being just a submissive male completely and fully Dominated by his Wife.

Today he has texted me 10 times telling me how much he loves and worships me! I feel i need to use him like this every once in a while for him to remember he wants me in charge of him completely.

I received two gifts today from him while he is out working. A dozen chocolate sharis berries  and a new lelo soraya vibrator. I cant wait to try it out. This is the 4th model he has given me. He is so good to me..

Tonight will be wonderful; He will be doing his shaving and trimming me down there, he will be doing a long body, leg, and foot massage, lotion on legs and feet then doing a long oral session and a very long love making session.

I love the filling of being flooded by him with many strong pumps then the short throbs.  I think when he cleans up he fills he is really pleasing me so he tries so hard to get every drop. After several orgasm’s his tender tongue and lips feels wonderful as my sexual energy slowly winds down out of me and in and around his mouth.


Smell me while you drink
Keeping him interested

10 thoughts on “Last night he got the Strap-on, Tonight I want his sex

    1. Hi Michael: Long time no hear.
      I hope you are back to full strength and life is wonderful for you and your beautiful Queen.
      I will try to do a review. This new one is more of a solo vibrator. It goes inside me and on my clit at the same time.
      I normally do not have to do solo sex. My husband normally provides some or all stimulation for my orgasms. I have mentioned my favorite vibrator use is actually a g-spot simulator model. The mona 2. I use it however on my clit as my husband uses his tongue deep inside me. He know how to use it well and can time it with my needs as to make me explode. The first 2 orgasms like this are always squirt-ers. Always, and yeas last night was no exception.
      So he has bought me 4 models now, the other two dont really do anything for me, we shall see about this new one.

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  1. As you wrote:
    ”He was being just a submissive male completely and fully Dominated by his Wife.”

    It is a powerful story. Thank you for sharing it: it does resonate with my own feelings towards my wife when she uses her strap-on.


  2. Sounds like he served well. My Mistress and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight, we lunched out of town today , we had pedis , mani s , I went dressed as usual when out of town, she chose my polish colors . The women, girls did usual stares, giggles, some ask Mistress questions about me. Then we did some lingerie shopping, I have tons but she enjoys taking me shopping for all things feminine. For our session tonight I will be unlocked and allowed to cum , first time in over a month. Of course after her body, foot massage, and lotion, plus her many orgasms by her toys I’ve prepared, rabbit, pink hook type vibe, both bullets fresh batteries inserted into her strap on harness pockets , and I have her real feel no. 7 , 9 inch vibrating dildo in it already . I ll be allowed my cum last by her inserting my toy she uses on my sissy pussy and pounds me with,I ll sissygasm easily after over a month locked. She’s using one of those ejaculating vibrating dildos in her harness on me, she squeezes a pump and fills me up. She bought me a sheer pink chemise today , pink thigh highs with bows she ordered , and a beautiful pink satin thong ! I’ve just finished my bubble bath , nail, shave touch up, just landing strip over sissy clit , only hair. Getting ready to lotion up , dress , ask for my clit to be unlocked , she allows me to enjoy the sensation of my panties rubbing my clit and laughs when it gets hard which it will instantly! I’ve already douched and inserted my pussy plug again. Getting ready for makeup, touch up adhesive on my DD forms with Lexi 60 Devine nipples. Well just checkin in , have more prep to do . Stephie! My mind is mush after so long without release, easily manipulated, controlled but that’s ok , love being a married sissy to Femdom partner


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