We have been talking over the last few weeks about this Dom/s thing my husband and I have. As you know I have been talking at length to her about how it works for us. I have also explained how I believe the males mind works; how you can intentionally provoke sexual desire and sexual energy from him and use it against him to benefit Herself.

The keys to the kingdom I call it. Once you understand you have the keys, you can unlock any lock or obstacle he produces or that you want to control.

I have to laugh at Her though, what She tells me has been pretty funny. She is actually on a mission to start a 24/7 FemDom relationship. She understands completely that first She must find a suitable male of her liking. For Her he must be a rugged type guy, smart, funny, make good money to support Her, not a push over but willing to be led fully by Her.

Obviously she wants a man with similar characteristics to my husband. I think because frankly, she had the opportunity to have him before I did, and she regrets it deeply, and actually why not, I could not agree with her more, in this case.

Anyway, in the last few months She has dated two separate guys.

Some of my friends here have suggested She go to FetLife to list a personal ad.

She is not ready for that, She is actually afraid of that, a stigma that those people would be weird or something.

She is looking for the whole package of a good sub like my husband and some of you, my friends I follow here. But Her, being Her, has tried a few dates with each, then attempted to put them to work on Her sexually. Well they both failed of course. Plus they both were not thinking about this kind of relationship. They both indicated they sort of were but did not put their hearts into it. Men will tell you anything to get their dicks in you!!!

I know this is from me, Her Sister, what I have told Her I love most about my husband’s services he performs for me, She wants and thinks this is what he must do for Her.

I think we can agree that when She finds mister right, She will need to train him, like I did for what She enjoys, not what I enjoy.

The things She says She must have are, he must be able to consume her pee from Her directly and all of it, She says very often too. I know we disagree here on WordPress but it is very powerful to force your Husband to drink and gulp your cum (pee) , the only thing as stimulating for me is using my strap-on on Him.

He must be able to use his tongue for an hour on her. Why? Because I have told her many times mine can do much longer than an hour and also push his tongue in very deep in both holes so I can ride many orgasms while he is down there.

He must cleanup all of his Cum after making love to you until you are ready for him to release, no earlys..

Wow I say what a checklist for your prospective sub the first time between your legs.

She is back asking me to let my husband loose on Her showing Her how it can work with my supervision as training. She is dying to have him drink an extra full bladder, I think She would seriously orgasm before She was finished.

I don’t think so, but I am still trying to help. She said only one would consider her pee and when She tried it went everywhere, I have a method that is fool proof, he will not spill a drop, I am going to work with Her on that this weekend when She comes over.

The other one did nether good oral or consider her pee but said he could last very long in her and promised to clean up his semen from her when he finished after She gave him the OK to cum, he orgasm-ed in less than a minute. Then he had no desire to clean Her of his mess.


My sub drinking my Piss
My husband taking a full drink from me, She wants me to help her be able to do this!

13 thoughts on “Update on Sister

  1. Hi D, Thank you for sharing.

    It’s always interesting to hear updates about the potential for a dominant woman to enter the ranks.

    There were a few tidbits that I wanted to comment on.

    One is that I really hope that she understands the magnitude and responsibility of the role. Finding a man like your husband will be difficult. Very difficult. Extremely difficult. It is more likely that she will have to find a sub that is a bit of a project and work on them. She may end up having to prioritize between these three things: 1. financials. 2. personality. 3. submissive traits. I’m not trying to put a downer on things, but what if the guy is rich and submissive but boring? Or a goo submissive and a great personality but poor?

    If she isn’t willing to venture to places like fetlife or collarspace, even just to check them out is a bit of a concern. On fet you can join as a 97 year old troglodyte from Antarctica if you want to and change it later if desired. The unwillingness to do it seems to take the role too lightly. As she will probably have to train a sub, that doesn’t bode well.

    Another note is has she considered a she wee? They’re a urination device designed to use while camping.

    Staying on the urine subject, I will venture to guess that urine is a hard limit for at least 25% of subs. I usually refrain commenting upon it as it is also one of my own hard limits and I don’t have much to say on the subject. She may wish to really consider this aspect of it and how important it is to her if she is willing to automatically cut off 25% or more of the population for it.

    A final note is that your husband is a unicorn. He gives freely. He loves completely. He obeys without question or the need for consequences. There are other unicorns out there, but they are rare. If she expects to find one, the journey will be difficult and she needs to be absolutely prepared for if she does find one or there is a good chance that she will lose him.

    I don’t want to be a total downer on this, but these are thoughts that I had when I read this. I wish her luck in her search. Hopefully you will be able to teach her and help her find the right path.

    Take care.

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    1. Well said. In reading what She is trying to get them to do in a very short time it seems very unlikely it would work out. Some things need to be built up to. IE the cum eating is a typical response. She needs to work with that and remind him the next time sex rolls around that she is thinking of not letting him because he didn’t follow through last time.

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  2. I think fc covered it all very well. I was going to say if she isn’t willing to find someone who is already a submissive by way of an ad, it will be a very daunting task indeed to find someone willing or able to meet all of her expectations from the get-go.

    Best of luck to her

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  3. Not to rehash what others have already commented, but what is her fixation with urine? For someone who had no inkling about this lifestyle a few months ago, who doesnt want to check out fetlife, how did she jump right away into pee? What about the intermediate steps like foot worship? I am a sub and have been worshiping my wife for a long time, and I still find it hard to drink pee. I wish her the best but she is asking for the impossible given the constraints that she has laid down.

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  4. Your sister has some strong views. You’re correct that she wants someone like your husband, and that may be possible but will not be easy. I still think a profile on FetLife or similar website would be one place to start. She can remain anonymous and can screen people easily. There are good people there. There are also lots of guys who enjoy pee play. But it does cut the number of candidates sharply. I wish her success. I think it’s great that she’s actively trying! I know

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  5. Hi Friends, thank you all for commenting..
    Well it is funny you all picked up on the pee thing, the thing that very few subs are willing to submit to ( you all say).
    I don’t know what will happen to her.
    Please remember She is acting out irrationally possibly. She found out for sure only a few months ago about my husbands position in our marriage. This was a real shock to her. She has observed his behavior for years but did not even begin to accept it or even consider it submissive until the day at Moms I explained it to Her. She was in shock and disbelief for at least a day as we talked about it during that week.
    Its my fault completely that She is in this state. She will be OK. I only let Her know about it because I felt it would help Her to be stable in a relationship She can control. We talk about this type of a relationship here on WordPress but It is far and few between apparently for the normal (non Dom) to get into.
    I said She has not joined any kink sites but that does not mean She will not in time, especially if She does not give up. I only want Her to experience a relationship like I have, one She knows She is worshipped to Her core, not just sexual, but a man that she owns, everything She owns of his, his soul, his attention, his love and kindness, and of course his sex. A man she could marry. Yes I am old fashioned and believe in marriage and a man supporting his Woman. Now days we are so fucked up that is harder then you know to come by for a great deal of Women.. (why I blog).
    Also, as I said in my post, She wants right now, some of the things I told Her I do and make him do so She thinks She has to have a man that will do the same things. As you friends have commented She may have to change Her position on these things in the future.
    Remember I am the only one giving Her advice and sharing my experience of Domination. I admit I am not an expert, I feel I know very little about it. Some of you are masters at it. I have never been to fetlife , or any kink site. The opportunity fell in my lap and I ran with it with absolutely no knowledge of it or anyone to help me. I am probably doing it all wrong my self but I don’t care, I am a Woman in full control of Everything, I am strong now. I will never go back to vanilla.

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    1. Thank you for the update, D.
      I mostly wanted to give cautionary feedback as I support her quest but I worry that going at it in the wrong way might lead to backlash if she has setbacks.

      I have known many Dommes that have spent years trying to find a sub that is wired like your husband. Hopefully she can get lucky, but it may take time or work in making someone to be like him.

      Take care.


  6. D,
    I like pee 🙂
    But I have been with my wife for 30 years and we have only done that for the past 5 years. Something neither of us even considered. She was the hesitant one at first but now enjoys the position of being over me. I have realized the drive and desire for it is the overwhelming feeling of being dominated by her. We started small with her just peeing on my leg and worked up from there.
    What she sees in your relationship with you husband she has witnessed for many years but just recently been shown what is behind the curtain. You didn’t get there overnight. It took time… and it will for her.


    1. Hi Herwish, thanks for reading and continuing to comment.
      You two are in a very similar position to my husband and myself. 27 years and 5 or so years as my submissive.
      We talked last night after he submitted to my desires which did start with him drinking directly from me a load I was saving for several hours to get us started.
      Then he shaved and cleaned me up down there. Orally serviced me for ever then made love to me until I was thru when I let him fill me full of his hot cum.
      Anyway about we talked.. We agree we are so very happy with this arrangement, our marriage and life. Much more then when we were in our 20’s or 30’s.
      I love to make him drink me, I hope you and you wife can feel comfortable with it for both of you. He did not ask for it, I made him learn to take it.

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      1. Sounds like a fun night. I have knelt in front of her a few times while she is standing. I put my mouth right up against her and she has emptied herself in me. She likes me laying in the tub and her standing on the rim so there is some distance and aiming for my mouth. Sometimes she is right on… and others not so much. I think she enjoys missing. 🙂

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  7. Tell your sister not to give up on her sub drinking her pee, or eating his cum, when allowed to cum. That is when she will know she has a real sub.
    My wife is ok, but had an accident last month, and I have not had a pee treat in over a month, she can’t get down on our porta potty, it just sits too low to the floor. I’m going through withdrawal.


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