Hi Friends:

A concerned follower emailed and asked if everything was OK since he had not seen me post to my blog in a while. He also noticed I deleted my google + blog or account and wondered if I was done blogging.

The answer is..

No, I am not done blogging here. I have been checking my friend’s blogs here on WordPress each day and trying to leave comments so they know I care about them and to give feedback or comments about topics that are awesome to me. There is no other place for insight on true Femdom or D/s information at least as far as I am concerned. I have been here but just reading about my friend’s lives and other things they have been posting.

I deleted my google + account because it was too complicated for me to figure out how to post things, also, when I searched for Femdom sites they were mostly sights that are looking for you to pay them some way or they were a full on Dominatrix, etc.

I have not been posting because I am in a brain freeze for the last few weeks about ideas to write about. Our life and daily Femdom/s activity has already been published here in the last 50 blog posts. So, I am at a turning point….

He is still and always will be my sub, he is still pleasing and pleasuring me daily, bathrooms sparkling, kitchen same, just last night I put him to work with his skilled mouth and tongue and as always he cleaned up every drop from me after I allowed him to cum in me.

What to post? I have posted our real life; I don’t want to make something up. I will figure it out, I hope soon!


I love him here in this position

17 thoughts on “No, I am not done blogging!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words SG, I will, I think it will be more of the same. Every day I manage him here, he still has a hard-on consistently. Lately I have been sitting on his face for a bit just to watch his penis throb for a while, then I am done Then he walks around with my scent on his face. I enjoy him being sexually frustrated..

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  1. Whatever you write is fine with me. But I am curious to see how your sister is doing—whether she’ll ever become a dominant female with her own sub. I also just like to hear about your life and how things are going.
    Finally I really appreciate your visits to my blog and your comments.

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    1. Hi Michael: You are awesome. I also love your blog. You are one of the people I mention I have become friends with here. You seem sort of like my husband and I enjoy reading a mans prospective in a relationship with a Female Dom.
      I can actually write a post about my sister, there have been a few advancements for Her towards our life style. Stay tuned..

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  2. I know how you feel. I keep a list of things that pop into my head that I want to write about but I limit my entries to about one a week for two reasons. I cant spend that much more time writing, and I dont want to burn out.
    I enjoy what you have to say as well as It seems very similar to my situation.

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    1. Hi Herwish. Thanks for commenting.
      I agree with what you say, I looked back and have 70 posts, way more then I thought.
      I’m not sure but I dont feel burnt out, just a mental block. In the beginning I had this idea that I wanted to tell the world about this great lifestyle, I was super excited about it, and figured every Woman would want to know about this simple way to instantly make Her life better and control her destiny.
      I have found it seems, none have come forward and posted any comments at least.
      My conclusion is ether most Women already practice this with their husband or it is too far out there.

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      1. D,
        I think it’s somewhere in between. I think in general, women do this at some level but I also think most aren’t aware of what it is they are doing and how it is working. I also think female domination is out of the norm publicly so there is always the feeling that it is not right.


        1. Second thought – When I started the blog, I didn’t figure it would be read by others much but I wanted to put the stories down as a reference for myself of where we came from, what we did, what worked, what didn’t. Something I could go back. So for me, it is more to put things down to show where I was mentally at that point.
          I wasn’t to inferring you were burnt out, just thought on myself and why I limit my entries 🙂

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  3. I love reading your blog, mainly because of the fact that it is “the real thing”. I don’t want to read about online fantasy material, I am looking for real couples living this lifestyle that I think is right for me. I introduced the concept to my wife nearly five years ago and she participates when the mood strikes here. Unfortunately that is not nearly as often as it strikes me!
    I have seen much the same cycle with numerous blogs, where they start with a bang then fade out after a few years. It is difficult to come up with something interesting to write about and to find the time to do so. I started my blog for the same reason as Herwish states, to put down stories of what we did so that I could remember it and have something to look back to if did not do it anymore! It is mainly a diary of our sexual play. I used to write about every new or exciting scene, but have really dropped off on that lately. I do think it helps provide incentive to write if you know that somebody does read it and appreciate.
    I certainly do read and appreciate the writing that you have been doing. I particularly appreciate that you goal was to “spread the word” about a lifestyle that you found to be terrific and that you felt would be a benefit to others. I sometimes feel that I wish I could just tell other people about it, including family members who I think it would be right for.
    It’s great that you have been able to share this with your sister, if for no other reason than to have somebody, other than on line, to talk with about the great things that are happening in your relationship.
    Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time and energy to share your experiences, it is appreciated and I am also really looking forward to hearing more about how things are going for your sister.

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    1. Thank you Bill for commenting and taking your valuable time to read my blog.
      I have been reading my posts, I never did it after I posted them and I have to say I am all over the place with content. It was my goal to spread the word but have not been successful I dont think.
      I have however been successful at obtaining several male followers.
      I dont know if many are subs or want to be subs, or if they just are looking for jack off pics.
      You are one of several that are interested in my sister and her progress.
      I need to post about that to keep you guys informed. I think it is good because we can follow her in her change to Dom from vanilla and see together what works and does not work, her expectations and what reality holds for Her.


  4. Hello Dorinda
    How do you balance your FLR with real life? Society still finds it difficult to accept a husband subservient to his wife, even though many males actually are and happier for it. In my case, I earn a lot more than my husband who manages our home and literally worships the ground I walk upon. We still have to pretend to be a “normal” couple in public most of the time. However it is difficult to maintain a pretence at all times and I decided upon a compromise.
    I hired a full time house help tot do most of the choresvin the house. My husband Dev is responsible for specific duties which include hand washing and during my lingerie, cleaning our bathroom and toilets and polishing my shoes, ironing my clothes etc. The rest of the house work including cooking, cleaning etc is done by the house maid who I know since childhood. It is not uncommon for Dev to be hanging out my panties to dry, even as she is cleaning the house. The maid L knows our life style and has even heardump d Dev getting spanked,@ (never in her presence), and seen him, crying and sobbing after punishment, I pay her specially well to keep her mouth shut.
    Similarly at office, my personal Secretary knows about Dev’s status. She has seen him stand in my presence awaiting permission to sit. Many a Times, I ask him to bring my lunch to office, and he is massaging my legs and feet while I eat. My Secretary often enters to convey important information about visitors and phone calls. She now rarely raises an eyebrow, but is strictly formal with Dev.
    I trust both the ladies and it does make life easier when we can be our normal self without wondering what others will think. Dev still worries whether information about his status will leak out. I reassure him, but also point out that even if it does people may talk for a while but soon lose interest in us. I add that someday the truth wil be known and he should not worry himself about it.

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    1. Hi Rina, thank you for reading my blog post and commenting.
      If you have some time please read some of my past posts I think it will be helpful for you to understand our relationship dynamics.
      I am retired, he still works. He works in a very high position at his employer and has other obligations that require him to be discrete about being my sub. For me and my family’s sake, he like you is our primary source of financial support. I would not and will not jeopardize that and all the other family security he provides for us via relationships out in the community.

      So normally out in public when we are together we appear normal (vanilla) except that he is always showing me admiration, hand holding, opening doors, pulling out and pushing in chairs I’m about to sit on, and doting over me.

      At home is a different story. Keep in mind our home is the hub of our family with 4 grown children, grandchildren, spouses, girlfriends, others over often. In fact very rarely are we alone unless we are in our bedroom.

      I control all the financial expenses and investments, he has access to everything but I have complete financial independence with his investments and earnings. Anything I want he provides. Frankly I don’t take that power lightly. He completely trusts me and my judgement.
      He does clean the bathrooms, vacuums, irons, shops, cooks, bakes, and all the family sees him doing so, they see him treat me like a queen, serving me, rubbing my feet, helping me do whatever. They don’t officially know he is my sub, they have learned from observing his treatment of me how to treat their own women. They are good men and could be converted to sub status I believe if their wives and girlfriends were interested. I have not disclosed our situation to them. Only my sister knows of it.

      Sexually he is also my sub, he takes care of all my needs any time or place I need anything. He also does my personal needs, like shaving my legs, pits, and of course all private parts. Draws the bath, dries me off, applies lotions, etc.

      Probably the only thing different I have him do that most Doms don’t do is make him routinely drink my pee.
      I have detailed his duties and my Dominance in my previous 70 posts; I hope you find them informative and interesting.

      I would love to hear back from you and continue to share our relationships and our Dominance over our husbands.

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