I have been thinking about my home, how nice he keeps it for me. It also helped me see how hard or impossible it would be to be a sub and not have your heart in it.

I watch him tirelessly push the vacuum cleaner up and down in and out room after room. He puts those nice little direction marks on the carpet like a professional house cleaner. I often see a vision of him naked pushing around his machine. We have a lot of family around so he cannot do it that way for me.

I try very hard to understand how his mind works. But I can’t do it. He does it with an intensity that is completely unwarranted, a simple task but not for him. He is almost in a trance; pass after pass with a half-smile on his face and a half to full erection under his shorts.

I know he does it for me, his love and desire to please me, his overwhelming desire!

How does a man get in that mental state to be so absolutely intoxicated by his Female, so willing to accept Her direction? Only looking to be told what to do next, to completely satisfy her every want and desire?

I know in the beginning of his training I inserted a butt-plug is his virgin ass before any household chore. He had to wear it for hours at times; we started with a small one but over a few months graduated up to a very large one. I still have him wear it occasionally, more so lately, but not today….. yet. I wonder if he is thinking about that as he vacuums today. He is thinking about something.


My thoughts
An internet photo (not us), my thoughts of my husband vacuuming naked. His cock is like this under his shorts

7 thoughts on “The Vacuum

  1. Hi D.

    I think that chores are a part of his submission. By doing quality work, he is likely thinking about how that would please you and make you proud of him. It also is a way for him to physically display devotion.

    If I had to wager a guess, I would have to believe that this in some way works into submissive fantasies that he has had for years. It would be a curious thing to know what your behavior is like in those fantasies. Does he picture you sitting back and ignoring him, paying no mind to how much he toils? Are you following him around step by step, dressed up and cracking a whip making sure that his pace doesn’t slow and he doesn’t miss any spots? Or are you the Queen and he is the lowly servant and he knows that if you find anything out of order that you will have him beaten? Or are you the you that you are right now, and he just gets excited at the thought of pleasing you?

    You may want to ask him sometime. I have no idea what sort of response you will get, but I’d be willing to bet money that it isn’t just “I love to vacuum.”

    Most likely there is some way that it ties in to his fundamental view of D/s.

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    1. Hi Fur, thanks for commenting.
      I do talk to him a lot and ask him questions, we are very close. As you guessed he says he does it for me.
      I think because of his outside commitments he can just check out here at home and just do only one thing, a thing that I order, no interruptions pure focus. He is not crazy, don’t get me wrong. This post was an example, he has the same energy and focus with laundry, cooking, ironing, bathroom deep cleaning, what ever.
      I am hooked now from reading others blogs I want to try to figure out his sub space.

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    2. I think about this often while doing chores. I find I think about a mix of scenarios. I dont particularly like being ignored. I like to know she is appreciative of the effort. The boots and whip are fun to think about and would be interesting for occasional use. So I am in a spot where the chores are mostly acknowledged but not really reviewed for thoroughness. This I find detracts from my desire to serve.

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  2. Hello Ma’am

    A wonderful post once again,

    i think there are many reasons why a male will serve you and enjoy doing so in this way. Yes you did hit one nail on the head, we feel safe doing so, we do check out from the world outside and focus on only serving and pleasing, all our other worries and demands are put to one side, only you matter, of course this is a wonderful feeling for us.

    Then another reason could be that underling need to serve a Female, it feels the natural thing to do. Most men don’t understand it, i never did for years.

    i find serving is a bit like a drug the more you do the more you want
    Thank you

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  3. The attraction for me is just the complete mind game of it. I have been married to my wife for 8 years and in all of her previous relationships, she was very submissive to her guys. It took a lot of work on my part to draw her in and make her comfortable being in charge of us. I love your blog and I am grateful to have found it.


  4. He’s in love with you, Dorinda, and I recall from my many submissive experiences over the years how blissful it could be to serve, just serve. I never had the opportunity to do it for someone with whom I was in love, and I can imagine the intensity must be so very much greater then, as with your husband. For a man who truly is submissive, the emotional payoff in his situation must be quite high. I say, don’t let it bother you. Instead drink it in and and enjoy how good his devotion to and submission to you makes him feel.

    I’m dominant now, and have been the recipient of similar devotion from my female subs. I find it intoxicating, and still remember fondly how submission used to make me feel.


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