Not much going on around here lately, the winter months with grey skies and cold weather have put a haze over much outdoor activity.

He has been making hearty soups, stews, and casseroles for our dinners. He is a very good cook. I thought about this after reading a friends’ blog, my friend is a sub and cooks for his Dom to.

He is also very good at desserts, so this morning he made scratch chocolate pudding and whip cream for me (everything he does is from scratch), a friend is coming over for lunch so I wanted a treat for her and I, unfortunately he will be at work so he will not be serving us today.

I was thinking how wonderful it is to have a man do all of the household chores and cooking duties for me. I know, he does work hard outside our home to provide income to support us financially, but when he is home he works for me.

It made me think about what a good sub will do for his Dom. All of the duties he must do with a good attitude and with a smile, always willing and able to fulfill your next order or request.

I often wonder how vanilla women do it, I also wonder why you would allow your man to sit and watch you work. That I suppose are what men think is equality these days. How sad

I wonder how many Dom’s have their subs shop for and prepare the family food and desserts?

After dinner tonight I feel like having him work on my feet for a while, my toes need the polish removed and a new slightly different color polish applied. Allowing him this opportunity will be a reward for doing a wonderful job with the last minute request for the pudding for my Girlfriend and me.


Him on his knees applying lotion to my legs, while only being able to see my pantie-less Womanhood like he will do tonight after painting my toes.

9 thoughts on “The Winter Sets In

  1. I have a mantra (I’ve written about it), but we added one word to it sometime in late November or early December. The word was cheerful and reflects my required attitude when asked to do something by my Queen. I don’t think doing something as if you hate it and with a sour expression on your face is really “serving” anyone!! So cheerful it is!!

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    1. Hi Michael, It is good to hear from you and hope you are back to 100%
      It is very nice to hear other men satisfy their Woman with a smile. I think attitude is everything in a relationship. Especially a relationship with a submissive..
      I mean, you special men that have the opportunity to serve should always be very happy they have a woman willing to lead and control them. It should be radiating from them. It is from my husband.

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  2. Hi D,
    i just found your blog today. My wife and I started on our FLR about 8 years ago. WHile it progressed slowly over a number of years, she has recently started being more dom with me outside the bedroom. (She had a traditional upbringing.) I’ve gotten to read your posts of the last 5 weeks and see a number of similarities between myself and your husband. From what I’ve read so far, both of you seem to be really enjoying your FLR and i feel my wife and I are getting closer to that same point.

    I’m happy for the two of you for arriving at a place that brings you much happiness and pleasure! Life is too short and often gets in the way.


    1. Hi Happy, thank you so much for finding and reading my blog.
      We stated ourselves after many many years of our vanilla marriage. The difference for me was I was sort of shocked with his request but you would have had to understand his mind set at the time.
      So I went from zero to one hundred in learning to be a Dom. I have said before and still believe, it would have been much better for all of us if I did this in the early stages of our relationship.
      I believe it has majorly strengthened our marriage. It has changed my view on sex, I have turned into what society would consider a male would do. I have become very horny and initiate most of our sexual encounters albeit forcing him to do oral a lot of the time. It does help that I can have many orgasms in a session.
      I hope you do a good job for your wife. I think it shows Her how much you love her..
      BTW, I was brought up full on traditional too.


  3. Keep warm D. Does this mean your hubby do more in-the-bed nectar consumption so you dont have to get out bed during the cold nights? 🙂

    Love your blog as always!


    1. Oh My Bryan, you are a nasty boy!
      You are right though, he has a lot more of that service to perform this time of the year.
      Sort of off topic but last night I had a surprise for him. This is nothing new and I believe I posted about it before; he came home and went in our room to change. I had him remove my sweat pants and panties and lay on our bed naked. I used this small mona vibrator on his cock to get him close while telling him all kinds of nasty things. Then I had him take over and told him to go ahead and cum. I climbed on his face and got positioned to deliver his drink and waited for him to explode.
      He let go a nice load because I felt it hit my back, then I started to pee, it was a long pee. I waited so he would be done with his orgasm, the point men are done, the point where their horny-ness goes almost negative.
      He had to drink my entirety in this non sexual mind set. It was good for me. I needed to feel my power.


      1. That is so cool… the willingness and eagerness to submit when one is no longer horny… that is the ultimate testament to his submission to you. You have led him to a very advanced stage of the relationship.

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  4. Thank you for replying to my post D. YOU and my wife sound quite similar in that she was at zero and I’m sensing she’s getting really close to one hundred. I think this is the year she hits that milestone. I will be semi-retired at the end of April and I offered to be her full-time housewife and personal servant. She was so excited by my offer and wish she could snap her fingers so tomorrow is May 1st.

    While the housekeeping duties have been mine for a couple of years, I haven’t had the time to do a proper job. I also took over all the cooking duties a year ago; though she will occasionally cook one of her special meals. (She’s a fantastic cook!) My personal servant duties include pedicures, massages, back rubs and lotion treatments but again, i have yet to walk-the-walk on any resemblance of regularity. That will also change beginning in May. My wife has always had issues with dry skin and cracked heels. Our goal here is for me to be the equivalent of a 1950’s housewife and provide her the services of a full-service day spa.

    Like you, our WLM has strengthened our marriage too. While I’m still an alpha male to the rest of the world, I check that ‘at the door’ within our marriage.

    We are currently working towards making me as financially dependent on her as can be. While I’ve been on an decent allowance and had some restrictions on the use of debit & credit cards, we are in the process of putting me on an austere allowance, requiring me to ask permission to use a debit/credit card for anything other than grocery shopping (Yes I do the grocery shopping) and transferring our all of our non-retirement assets into a living trust where i have no legal access or ownership; except in the case if she predeceases me, Then, I would inherit everything. Otherwise, my assets consist of my clothes and the money in my pocket. Once my allowance changes, I will need to ask her for any money that my very small allowance doesn’t cover and it’s up to her whether or not to grant it. While the financial dependence was my idea, she didn’t hesitate one bit.

    My wife is a smart, successful and capable woman and was frustrated with the barriers over the years she had to overcome simply because she is a female and I want her to have a taste of what it’s like to operate in what is still a man’s world. Since she’s self-employed (and i work for her), she hasn’t had to face the barriers in the workplace she used to.

    While I am a successful and very capable person, she is better-suited than I to be the head of our family. I recognized that in her about 10 years ago (we’ve been married for 15 years) and suggested we try a WLM. It’s been a process for her to overcome societal conditioning of the patriarchal society we were raised in. Sorry for the long-winded post.


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