I read Blogs, I wonder about things, and then I have questions?

As I have mentioned many times in my blog, I am not as much of a full on Dom as some of you Dominatrix’s. But I know I am a full time Dom to my husband, not only his sexual Dom but his domestic Dom as well.

My Simple questions are..

Are you in a 24/7 FemDom relationship?

How long to this person?

Are you in complete control or is it only for sexual games?

The picture of the sink is the way he keeps it for me, he even drys it after washing the dishes, pots, and pans, the picture of my feet in his face is a common thing in our household, both are two of many different kinds of Domination he must submit to in our 24/7 FemDom Marriage .



16 thoughts on “Are you in a 24/7?

  1. We have been in a FLR for 2 1/2 years. Sex is controlled by her, I’m not to ask when my next orgasm might be. I service her feet which get dried and cracked during winter and also back rubs when she wants. She doesn’t want oral😟 and doesn’t go for but stuff for me. I get down on my knees every day when I bring her morning coffee. I do what she says.

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  2. It’s too early for me to answer those questions. Just experimenting and exploring right now. But I’m curious. Why after 5 years you still call yourself an “almost” FemDom? Just because it doesn’t look like “the others”’out there, doesn’t mean you can’t own it. 🙂

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    1. Hi SG, thank you for commenting.
      I know but ever since I started my blog I cant help but feel I am not up to par with my Female Domination skills like some of you. I want to own it. I love what I do to him and for the rest of my life I will be leading and Dominating this man, for ever he will be my Submissive male. Sometimes I get so high from it I would like to have another one. From my prospective, my mental state, you have not lived until you make your man do things he would never do, and yet he does them and begs to do more.

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        1. I think it boils down to I look at many Dom/s blogs and sites but no one does what I do. I’m good with it but wonder why that is. As with today’s post content I wonder if it’s because we are married. I think being in a marriage makes me different to. Not at all like a Dominatrix. I dont think I could be a Dominatrix because I still get very horny making him submit to my desires and instructions. Many time I force him to do sexual things like I have blogged about, sometimes I can not control myself.
          I did not say today but wonder if a lot of sites are mainly for horny men to jack off to? That a lot of men are not actually submissive, just a fantasy for them? I wonder if many men could even handle a Woman like me
          Thank you so much for asking about it here.

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          1. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
            I’m on the same boat. I don’t find many blogs out there that portray the kind of dynamic I have or want to build with my husband. But like you said, that’s ok! It’s ours and that’s all that matters.

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          2. Hi, D.
            I think your style of dominance is very similar to what is mostly practiced as a lifestyle out there right now. I think the blogs that fall onto the extreme end of the spectrum are the outliers, they just happen to be very visible and often striking examples of an extreme dynamic.

            I think the big factor that separates you from what you are envisioning is that your dominance is more hedonistic than sadistic. That is, you want to experience pleasure and aren’t so much about giving pain. That doesn’t make you any less dominant, it just means that the dominance takes a different form.

            The other factor is that to the best of my knowledge, your husband isn’t a masochist. He doesn’t crave pain and beatings. While some of the things you have written about might fall into the category of emotional masochism (and I don’t know if they are for him or not), he doesn’t seem to have any trouble staying in a submissive mental space just through service. There are other subs that thrive under pain, fear, humiliation/degradation, and the like and that frequently becomes a large part of the lifestyle dynamic (especially when paired with a sadist).

            Basically, your style of dominance seems pretty perfect for the life that you have.

            Take care.

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          3. My wife and I have been together for 17 years and have been married for almost 11. We have been experimenting with me as a submissive for about a year now. For us it comes and goes in waves we are definitely not full time. We are equal in relationship such as working, cleaning, taking care of children, financial decisions etc. We have a good back and forth relationship and I want nothing more than for her to know I’m 100 percent dedicated to her and our family. That being said when it has come to the bedroom there is nothing that turns me on more than submitting to her. She was reluctant to start at first and of course I didn’t push but she has taken to it naturally and is amazing at it. We have discussed full time but finding think we are there yet. We will do 1 or two weeks at a time. She usually waits for me to give her my collar and beg for it. I have also hard a time finding commited couples together in a similar situation.


  3. Dorinda,
    I can’t speak for others but I absolutely love your domination style, that has been so nicely analysed by Furcissy. I am similar to your husband in the sense that I do have a strong personality and successful career and I would feel submissive only toward my Woman.


  4. D,
    As you know I provide a lot of service to my wife and we also use the sexuality to enhance her dominance. We have done this for about 1 1/2 years.

    I’m curious about your feet on his face. Does it empower you? Does he feel more submissive?

    I massage my wife’s feet every day (for the past 18 months) and I am becoming more and more turned on by them. It does seem to be a symbol of my submission to her.

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    1. Hi Herwish; thanks for the comment.

      This is a great question and comment. This helps us to understand or at least see our prospective on this topic… Feet Worship
      This picture is a good visual of a sub and his Dom’s role in an interaction. He has always thought my feet are a turn on. So I turned that against him.
      When I can I show him dominance like this I do. I was watching TV and he was on the floor beneath me. He always gets and had a big hard on the entire time I had him there.
      I get a few things out of this type of service, he stays horny and gets no relief, and it puts me in a superior position over him.
      I really enjoy having him experience frustration with being very horny and not being able to get any sexual relief. I really enjoy this power over him.
      He actually does a lot to and for my feet. Sometimes when he brings me something I requested, I will point to my foot and have him kiss or suck my toes, even if for only a few minutes.
      If you look back at several of my blog posts or the my feet dropdown on my home page, you will see he can put most of my entire foot and toes in his mouth.

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  5. Yes, I am in a relñationship femdom 24/7 with my wife who is my Mistress .
    I’m very very hapy.
    I do all the housework.
    I am at your services
    I wear panties because she has taken off all the slips and I am forced to wear a brassiers inside the house and to sleep.


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