I was wondering if any of you Dom/s participate in pampering your Dom or as the Dom receive things like personal service?

Besides doing most of the domestic household duties he also does a lot of personal services for me, such as shown here getting ready to clean up and shave my womanhood, my legs and pits when needed? He does this normally at least once a week. I have not shaved myself anywhere for years, it is his duty.

Some of his personal duties are, the shaving as mentioned above, lotion application on legs feet and arms daily, all type of massages as needed, actually removes and or dresses me in my clothing as needed, serves me food and drink daily.

I have him do a lot to my feet, he trims my nails, puts on and removes polish, takes care of my heels, applies special lotion/ointment for softening, and of course kisses and sucks them, as required by me depending on the task.

I really enjoy his service. It is sooo relaxing. These services are performed with no sex, it’s fun because he always gets a full on hard-on. Part of being a Dom for me is keeping him aroused with no immediate release.

What do you do or have done for you, Any personal services?


He is preparing to clean up and shave me, his Dom

8 thoughts on “Any Personal Services?

  1. I do many of those things for my Mistress/ partner I’m not allowed to refer to her as ” wife” that’s my role I was told last July when we married. Especially to do with her hands, feet, lotion her , I sometimes help her undress , usually I go around picking up her dirty clothes. never lay out her clothes ! I do shave her legs, pits I’d had plenty of practice on myself by the time she ordered that. I do trim lightly around her vagina but she likes to maintain a pretty serious bush she says it makes her feel more dominant having me so smooth and hairless but for my little landing strip especially she says when I’m serving her orally. Funny she was pretty smooth their before Femdom started.

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    1. Hi Sissy, I enjoy hearing from other men that service their Wife or in your case your partner.
      I also like hair on my vagina, I don’t understand the craze for the last 5 or 10 years to be shaved completely. I want my sub to know his face is buried in a Woman’s pussy. He does an excellent job keeping me trimmed just right. If its to short my lips stick to my panties but if the hair is to long it pulls when I am sitting and I turn in my seat..
      You sound like you are doing a very good job for your Dom.


  2. D, I comb her hair, do manicures and pedicures, all types of massages and feet get lotion and a massage every night before bed. I am working on improving serving drinks and picking up her clothes. Of course I do all of the housework but that is normal stuff. 🙂

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  3. To help her relax into sleep, my Goddess likes to have me lap the bottom of her sole in long strokes with my tongue. I would press my tongue flat against her sole, start from the heel and then firmly push up to her toes… I repeat this for abt 5 min on each foot. She also likes me to gently suck her heels some times. When she is done with me, she falls asleep and I can either go to sleep or go down stairs and do some work.

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  4. She’s ok, and getting better every day, but she had an accident last month, and now I do everything for her…cook, clean, take her to the bathroom, help her shower. and make sure she has everything she needs at the tip of her fingers. She has become very demanding, and I love every minute of it.


    1. Hi Cincy, OMG I hope She will be back to 100% soon. I am very sorry about her injury..
      Maybe She will continue to allow you to serve her when she recovers, I hope She does, I think all men should serve their Woman


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