He is a very interesting man; he is also very busy, of course here in our home as a sub, but for this I am referring to outside of the home.

Last night while he was preparing diner he was explaining some outside work then when he was finished went in to why he likes Italian seasoning over separate spices like oregano, tarragon, sage, etc. how in the world does he come up with these things? He does keep me interested, this is why we have been together over 25 years, he always makes me laugh, even when I don’t feel that good or am in some kind of depression. I really do wish I had more abilities and qualities like him.

This is why it is so intoxication for me to dominate him.

If he were a push over or sissy it would not excite me in the least. His guys would call him a pussy in men’s terms, which is not my style man, his rough and tumble aura and character is what I wanted in a man when he sought after me when we were young. I am so lucky he saw in me what he wanted because he is the type man that could have courted any Woman and got her.

… A friend noticed I changed my description from almost a femdom wife to Dominate Wife. He questioned it and commented that as an almost, we have room to get better. He was right; I am changing back to my original description. I started with that because I did not know where I fit in within the lifestyle. I learned here on Word Press that I am actually a Femdom wife and he is really my full blown submissive man. But as I read more of your blogs and we comment between each other I have a lot more to learn.

As of today he has not expressed that he has hit any limit, he is willing to serve me any way I see fit. It is a lot of Power. I feel very capable of Dominating him in all areas. I feel very strong, very empowered.

… I did not sleep very well last night, I tossed and turned, my legs were twitching, I hate when this happens. When I heard and felt him start to get out of bed at 5 am I stopped him. You know where this is going. I had him consume my full bladder, Awwww, what a relief, but then I moved his head up to where his tongue could start to work on my clitoris. I was thinking if he gave me a few orgasms I would be able to gently fall back asleep for a few hours. I have mentioned I have vibrator clit in previous posts (it takes a long time with just his tongue and fingers sometimes) well I just wanted his service no vibrator. It felt very good just lying there letting him build me up, in a short time my clit was popping out from under her hood where his tongue could lick much more of my sacred womanhood. He licks from under it up and over to above it, first slowly then faster and faster. then he just touches the exposed tip He provides such a perfect oral service. As I was getting near my first Orgasm he started inserting his fingers, he uses 3 of them. He knows when and where to put them and how to push them deep inside. I exploded with a squirter, then he provided me with three more before I had enough. He went to work and I drifted back to sleep until 9.

Thanks for listening.


After many Orgasms
Laying in bed after I used his tongue!

8 thoughts on “Total Random Thoughts

  1. I can relate to what you wrote about wanting to dominate a real man. It’s how I feel about my husband too. If he was a push over and this were easy, I don’t think I’d want it. I guess I like a challenge! Haha

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      1. yes, it does kind of feel like a dream…. its sooo very new for us that I can’t quite believe yet. I’m not sure it’s going to last (I have a hard time trusting him still)

        by the way, sayyid is my husband, so when I saw the beginning of your reply, I was like “WTF? he has never replied to one of my posts before and here he is…. oh wait…” lol It’s fine to call me SG. 😉


        1. Thank you for your name clarification SG, I’m sorry for the blunder on my part.
          It sound like you are new at it, us too, only around 5 years. We were fairly vanilla. He was always driven to sexually satisfy me. Now with being his Dom it changed how I look at sex. Also oddly enough, I get horny having him do house work, especially ironing for some reason.
          Anyway Good luck SG.

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          1. 5 years and still “new”? haha we’ve been at it for 5 minutes.
            yes, same -driven to please sexually, but really when I look at he’s been driven to please me in so many other areas as well -all of them.
            omg I know what you mean about the housework thing…. dishes and vacuuming do it for me 😉

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  2. It must have been very satifying for him too, I mean, to know that he gave you so much pleasure. It has to feel very liberating to be own that way.


    1. Hi Andrea, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
      He has never said how much he gets satisfied. I know he left to work not being sexually satisfied. I know while his mouth and tongue are working and his nose smelling my strong Woman scent he is very aroused. Times like this morning I am not thinking about his pleasure at all.
      In our life and relationship anything at all sexually is all about me, when I allow him to orgasm I can tell he really enjoys it but it’s not about him except being here to service me anytime I need him.
      Our roles as far as male vs Female have completely been reversed; he is here for my pleasure and service.

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  3. Always glad to please my Mistress with my sissy tongue over and over again. Many times she comes home from work sits back in her favorite chair and orders me to rub her feet and “be a good sissy and put that tongue to work on my pussy” !

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