As I have mentioned several times in my past posts  I started my blog to connect other Women and myself and spread the message about the vast benefits in Femdom marriages and FLR relationships.

It seems that it is mostly men that have followed me, but not to many Women.

I have been receiving a lot of email from both men and Women but mostly Women.

Interesting to me but none of it matters, I am just sayin. Thank you all for what ever way we connect!

My post today is aimed more to you men who are following my blog. Many of you have emailed with questions about how you can make your Wife do this or that in your relationship. The biggest topic lately is about pee play or forced pee drinking.

Regarding pee play or any topic associated with your Femdom relationship. Please understand your Woman makes all the decisions, She chooses what She wants and when. All you do as Her submissive is do it. You should have no input. Remember you probably asked Her to be your Dom.

It seems to me if you want it done to you and you continue to ask her for it you are trying to Dominate or control Her. Trying to control anything is not what subs do.

When my husband asked me to dominate him I thought about it, I did some research about it, and then I wanted him to be sure this was really what he wanted. I explained to him things were going to be a lot different; he said he understood and really did want me to lead and Dominate him.

Since that day he has not requested I do anything, he always asks permission to do things for me. Things he believes will somehow be helpful for me.

As my sub, in no way can  he request ANY sexual services, that would be unheard of and completely off limits. He knows better, he is a very disciplined sub, remember he is an alpha male. I think men like this are naturally disciplined.

He does for me immediately without hesitation anything I demand. Maybe I am just lucky but he knows his place in my life, he does not want to jeopardize it.

The pee thing I thought of, I felt a true sign of submission, he did not ask for it or want it, I forced him to take it, and take it he does, very often and he had to be taught to accept it. I have talked about it in several previous blogs.

Please continue to email, I really enjoy it a lot, its best though if your questions pertain to how you can service her better, things you can do for her,  but not what She can do for you.

Also I would like to know how you serve Her? How do you please Her?

Be sure you get Her permission to communicate with me, remember you are Hers, She makes the decisions for you!



9 thoughts on “Don’t ask Her, She will tell you what to do

  1. Dorinda, I totally see your point and in fact the Woman should make the rules, but how do you think the man should behave if the Woman decides something that he does not like, for instance the pee thing, or maybe that she goes with other men?

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  2. Hi Andrea, thank you for commenting.
    Dom/s relationships should agree on these hard lines you defined here. That is really it.
    Also we can all make choices, if something is not right, I would say dont do it.
    Talk to your Dom about your role in Her life, maybe you are not a good fit.

    In my case we did not have any agreement and still do not have any. I don’t see other men, he is all I need. But….
    I never asked him if he wanted my pee, I feel he must submit to this, I feel as his Dom he must comply. He always has. I know it was difficult for him at first but now he is well trained and does it like any other task he must perform for me.

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    1. Hi Michael, thank you for reading and commenting on this post.
      I agree with your position on this issue. This the way my husband feels I think. We don’t have any problems with our interactions, It has been this way for years now. This is one of the things I love about our Femdom marriage, I really have know idea why a Woman would ever be vanilla after seeing a relationship like this.

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  3. Thank you for another great blog Ma’am.

    You did touch on something so important in it and that is it is always for the Women to decide what and when things will happen. i have read so many times in internet blogs or other comments from males saying things like i want you to do this to me or that to me, it does make me mad as it really is the male trying to dominate the Female. How about a comment like “how may i serve you”, this allows the Female to decide in which way he can best serve and be of use to Her.

    There really is a need to get the message out there, this is about the Female, Her lifestyle, Her wellbeing, Her entertainment, Her needs and comfort, Her fulfilment, Her everything.

    Ma’am i do see how the pee thing really does show his submission to you, this is not something i have done, yet i do see how it must make you both feel, it is without doubt a very good tool you use in your power over him and it ensures everyone in your household knows their place.


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  4. A well trained sissy submissive does what she’s told and I still expected of her ! After over 2 yrs in the lifestyle and now married to my Mistress I NEVER break a Femdom rule, or her rules. I have learned women are the superior gender and are ment to dominate males, at least this former male. Love the picture, my Mistress loves to face sit me to a few orgasms and of course per Femdom a sissy sub must show the proper respect and submission by licking her Mistress butt very well!

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  5. I admit it…the pee thing was my idea. Maybe I am topping from the bottom, but when I lay beneath her and drink her morning pee, it makes me feel so submissive. She enjoys it, and would never do anything she didn’t want to do. She also believes that pee has medicinal qualities and I get 2 check up a year and I am very healthy.


  6. Another great post and one I felt compelled to comment on, even though it is an older one.

    If you are constantly asking your Mistress/Owner to do things and you are getting them to do it only becasue you like it, then you are fulfilling YOUR fantasy and fetish, NOT hers!

    I think that is fine if you both enjoy it, but it is not submission and not a Female Led Relationship. Do what makes her life easier. Do what she wants and whe she wants it.

    Comply! Obey!

    That will be a true place of peace and progress 🙂


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