I thought I would just let you know my sister is here for a few days from the coast. If you have been following me You may have seen a few posts about her and her new desire to learn To become Femdom.

She became fully aware that my husband is my sub when we were at Moms a while back. For as long as I can remember she has wanted a good man like him, someone to take care of her and be an active life partner. Now she understands it is way deeper then what She has seen in our daily public life.

She knows of the sexual pleasure a Femdom has, the financial stability, the wonderful life style, so she wants to learn about it.

She has bugged me many times in the last few months wanting to come over to only learn a few things, she is very interested in how to do basic things.

She really enjoys my stories of my husband worshipping me feet and toes.

He is away from our home right now, he will be back in a few hours, she is practicing how to get her feet serviced. Crazy right? Yes She is..

Here she is in my picture. This is not the way my husband and I started but I actually do believe she will land a better husband if she can upfront dominate and control him. I am giving her some pointers, we are having a lot of fun here tonight. I am glad I can help Her.

Don’t worry She will not be serviced by my husband, his lips and tongue are only for my body.


Mary first training day

5 thoughts on “My Sister is back

  1. Wow Dorinda, your sister’s body is absolutely stunning! Blessed the man who can serve her the way she loves. I think she just needs to be patient and will be able to choose from plenty.
    Best luck, A.


    1. Thank you Andrea for reading and replying to my post:
      I agree she does need to be patient. I think she interested in sampling this kind of relationship. Now that she knows it actually happens in mine, we have talked at length of the benefits I feel I get from it.
      She has confided in me that she would like to have in a relationship not just a good man and his steadfast commitment but also great sex, not just his needs but for a partner to concentrate on Hers. She does not believe men are willing to spend hours doing nothing but pleasing her sexually with out any reciprocation if She does not feel like it. She has always had men that are interested in their pleasure, maybe because of like you said she has a decent body.


      1. Dorinda, I agree that it is not easy to find a man with whom you can establish a connection that is great on multiple levels.
        I love the relationship you have with your husband because there is both domestic and sexual servitude within a loving relationship. Patience is needed because it takes long to establish that love and trust in each other.
        As a submissive man with a strong personality I have always felt incredibly difficult to find a good Woman to dedicate myself to.
        Once you find the right person I am sure you want to serve her for the rest of your life…

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  2. Hi ss, thanks for replying to my post.
    Yes, my Sister is not going back to a vanilla relationship. She know’s now about my husband and my Femdom/FLR relationship with all the Femdom details exposed. She has wanted a relationship for years but just can not find anyone that will take care of Her, all of Her needs.
    I believe She will be very demanding and orgasm needy. He will need a well conditioned tongue for here needs.

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