I thought I would just let you know my sister is here for a few days from the coast. If you have been following me You may have seen a few posts about her and her new desire to learn To become Femdom.

She became fully aware that my husband is my sub when we were at Moms a while back. For as long as I can remember she has wanted a good man like him, someone to take care of her and be an active life partner. Now she understands it is way deeper then what She has seen in our daily public life.

She knows of the sexual pleasure a Femdom has, the financial stability, the wonderful life style, so she wants to learn about it.

She has bugged me many times in the last few months wanting to come over to only learn a few things, she is very interested in how to do basic things.

She really enjoys my stories of my husband worshipping me feet and toes.

He is away from our home right now, he will be back in a few hours, she is practicing how to get her feet serviced. Crazy right? Yes She is..

Here she is in my picture. This is not the way my husband and I started but I actually do believe she will land a better husband if she can upfront dominate and control him. I am giving her some pointers, we are having a lot of fun here tonight. I am glad I can help Her.

Don’t worry She will not be serviced by my husband, his lips and tongue are only for my body.


Mary first training day

16 thoughts on “My Sister is back

  1. Wow Dorinda, your sister’s body is absolutely stunning! Blessed the man who can serve her the way she loves. I think she just needs to be patient and will be able to choose from plenty.
    Best luck, A.


    1. Thank you Andrea for reading and replying to my post:
      I agree she does need to be patient. I think she interested in sampling this kind of relationship. Now that she knows it actually happens in mine, we have talked at length of the benefits I feel I get from it.
      She has confided in me that she would like to have in a relationship not just a good man and his steadfast commitment but also great sex, not just his needs but for a partner to concentrate on Hers. She does not believe men are willing to spend hours doing nothing but pleasing her sexually with out any reciprocation if She does not feel like it. She has always had men that are interested in their pleasure, maybe because of like you said she has a decent body.


      1. Dorinda, I agree that it is not easy to find a man with whom you can establish a connection that is great on multiple levels.
        I love the relationship you have with your husband because there is both domestic and sexual servitude within a loving relationship. Patience is needed because it takes long to establish that love and trust in each other.
        As a submissive man with a strong personality I have always felt incredibly difficult to find a good Woman to dedicate myself to.
        Once you find the right person I am sure you want to serve her for the rest of your life…

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  2. Hi ss, thanks for replying to my post.
    Yes, my Sister is not going back to a vanilla relationship. She know’s now about my husband and my Femdom/FLR relationship with all the Femdom details exposed. She has wanted a relationship for years but just can not find anyone that will take care of Her, all of Her needs.
    I believe She will be very demanding and orgasm needy. He will need a well conditioned tongue for here needs.

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    1. Hi D, I wish your sister the best in finding her sub with an eager tongue. However, there are far more sub males in this world than dom females. As crass as it may sound, she should just post in the personals section and be upfront. I am certain she will have no problem getting many responses. Perhaps too many. The challenge is withering down to the one(s) that she will select. But thats totally up to her control as she can decide the process of elimination. Sub males know that it is a competitive world to find a dom female to adore. More likely than not, in most femdom relationships, the woman did not start out being dom but gradually becomes so after realizing the benefits of such. So to find a non-attached dom female from the get go is rare, and they will have to woo her to be the chosen one. She needs to realize that she is offering something prized, which is the acceptance of a sub who gets the privilege of devoting and pampering the owner/goddess. She is in control, literally. And she can have her cake and eat it as well.


      1. Hi Bryan, thanks for reading and taking an interest in this topic:
        Oddly enough, Fur just posted and a portion of his post talked about how many Femdom relationships develop within a vanilla relationship like mine did. Not from the beginning or onset like you state here.
        Having said this She is looking for a man that is normal (the worlds definition) and she hopes that in the dating/courtship ritual she would try to turn him like I did. I have told her mine requested it, it was not my idea but She does not hear it.
        I feel your suggestion is actually a very good one. I will pass it on. I am trying to get her to become part of the blogging community but she has not done so yet. It’s like she wants it but thinks it is going to happen on its own. I say look how this has gotten you so far?
        A few months back I had her use my iPad and view my blog at Moms house; I don’t think she has done it at her house. She only has a cell phone so I don’t think She surfs the internet much with it.
        She wants a full time sub not just one for sex although She is very impressed with having oral performed on her for very long periods and many orgasms.
        This has been a process that started 5 months ago so it’s a slow process with what I hope will be a positive outcome.


        1. She should do whatever works for her. Although I am skeptical that most men can turn from vanilla to sub if they dont already have that tendency; therefore, I am skeptical that her strategy will work easily. I think it is harder for vanilla men to turn sub than for vanilla women to turn dom. My assumption, and I could be wrong here, is that being a dom has intrinsic benefits for the female – getting pampered and worshiped. Who doesnt want the power of getting whatever one fancies. The femdom worship acts are diff than vanilla acts, but the undertones are the same. Women in general like to be worshiped and pampered by their partners. On the other hand, transitioning into submission, where one places his own needs/wants behind that of another person, even if that person is the wife, goes against the foundation of self preservation intrinsic to humans, unless there is already an innate desire to submit. In another words, it is easier to give (dom taking power) than to take(sub giving power) from a mindset perspective. My guess is that most relationships that evolved from vanilla to femdom had a male partner with a conscious or subconscious desire to submit. I always had some submissiveness in me (yes, I had a foot fetish and liked to sniff her sweaty tennis shoes after gym even before we turned femdom 🙂 ), but it wasnt until further in our marriage that I literally wanted to surrender to my wife – I think that came from the trust that we developed over time. From reading your blog, it sounded like your husband also had some submissive desires although not fully explored earlier in your life. If I didnt have those submissive tendencies, I am pretty sure we would not have evolved into our current lifestyle. I am not saying that it is impossible to convert a husband after the normal vanilla courtship. She may very well succeed doing that, and I hope she succeeds period. But I think it is harder and can potentially waste her time and bring her some heartaches. Why not be upfront and find the guys that have the tendencies already. Get to the point and demand what she wants. Her needs are more likely to be met that way. Anyways, I have spewed too much chatter and want to close by saying that I hope she finds happiness whichever path she takes.


          1. Bryan
            Agreed She should start from the beginning, I have received this advise from several here.
            She wants to be but She is not a Domme so this methodology is outside of her normal thought process.
            Even for me it would be odd to interview males for the position of partner. To just find a simple sub I think it could be done.
            She is only one of our family members I would love to see start Dominating their husbands, there are a few I would love to see their woman hold their face in between their legs and make them drink a huge piss, they are pigs, I dislike men that do not take care of their Woman!


  3. Hi Dorinda,
    I am curious about how your sister’ search is going. With her strong needs to orgasm and be pampered by a responsible man She sounds like a dream partner to me, I am sure She will have such a wide choice… if I did not live this far I would certainly apply 😊


      1. Hello Goddess Dorinda, always thankful for Your replies. Thank You. Please please continue Your excellent and very informative Femdom blog… Inquiring Wive’s minds need to be enlightened.
        Your Wife Piss devotion perspectives are spot on and make for an excellent daily training routine that every Woman should strive to follow. Your insight on the hormonal and “Wife energy” transferred to Your husband during consumption would be a most excellent discussion or blog entry.
        If Your sister is reviewing future sub prospects, please pass my email to her❣️

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        1. Hi Greg: as usual thank you so very much taking your time to read my blog.
          Its funny with the pee thing, it seems even most subs don’t want to take it, a hard line.. I also get many comments I delete about being unhealthy and bad in many ways, etc. I have actually brought this up to my obgyn and his opinion is it is sterile if he drinks it fresh and directly. Of course you need to be aware of med pass thru and such. My husband gats a complete physical and blood panel every 6 to 12 months due to dangerous past time he engages in and his liver and kidney functions are normal. So I say screw the naysayers.
          So I do love to force him to drink me often. It is very powerful to know your sub will be between your legs taking your full load anytime you desire. As I have said not getting out of bed in the morning is so wonderful to fully empty into his mouth and return to sleep. Also I have said I feel it would be akin to a male pumping his load of semen into a woman’s mouth, I enjoy sometimes pulling his face in hard to emulate that act.
          Now that we have talked about it thanks to you when he gets home tonight he is drinking a full bladder before he makes dinner for me..
          Do you drink your wife’s pee Greg? If so how often?


          1. Goddess Dorinda, my Pee drinking profile is still lacking in 24/7 devotion. I was fortunate in the past to have coached several girlfriends into being Nectar providers. A wonderful example played regularly was drinking cups or glasses of her hot Nectar only feet from her mother at family gatherings. She would simply say “Hand me Your glass dear and I’ll refresh your drink…”. It was not uncommon for her to keep one of my coffee mugs on the back of the toilet to collect her strong ‘dark’ pungent morning piss for me to gobble down before going to work. Throughout the day , her strong essence and flavor stayed with me.
            Divorced in 05, I entered a very long term relationship with a beautiful Woman who believes her piss should be consumed only on special occasions. Due to legal issues with her ex, we still have not managed to bond in marriage. Now after a career transfer and job move, were permanently in two different cities now. The Long Distance thing is gonna kill it I’m sure. Maybe it’s for the better… Her and I completely disagree on “All” Women should be worshipped and served… Her stance is Her competing against other Women instead of training me to obey and respect every Women I approach in this life… it’s the beginning of the end for my current 8 year relationship.😞
            Thanks again Goddess Doreen for listening and please keep up Your wonderful Pee blog work… I fully agree with every entry and look forward to Your words of Woman wisdom❣️

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            1. Hi Greg: I am sorry for your restrictions lately from a fresh nectar fountain. If I was in that situation it would be awful, its part of my sex life now so I feel your pain. I wonder what it would be like if my husband actually wanted it like you seem to. I dont know if it would me the same mentally for me. I love making him drink big loads of me. A lot of times I drink many large glasses of water and hold it until it hurts. Then I have him put his lips around my outlet and start sucking then I push and release as hard as I can to see if I can outflow more then he can take down but I have not been able to have him spill a drop yet.
              LOL, I am not a goddess I am an older Woman that looks like the Woman next door. If you saw me in public you wouldn’t ever think I force my husband between my legs and make him drink..


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