Some people have been wondering how is it that my husband can drink my pee while I am laying on my back in bed.

He has mastered the technique and the position (his face and mouth) needed to get to my nectar fountain spout.

I think this is one of the things that needs to be understood. He is laying flat on his stomach so he has to crook his neck pretty sharply to get the right angle to circle my urethra with his lips and make a tight seal. His mouth basically has to be parallel with that part of my vagina the entire time I am peeing.

I do not force my ass up off of the bed to make it easier, not because I am trying to make it difficult but if I had to move a whole lot I might as well go into the rest room and pee. Most of his forced consumption of my pee these days, the winter cold months, is in the evening or early morning when I don’t want to get out of bed, or just want to quickly go back to sleep without being fully awakened but needing desperately to piss.

Another thing  you need to know is where the pee comes out? While on your back a woman’s nectar spout is actually blocked or covered anyway by her lips, so they need to be opened all the way around it. For me its around the top too, his upper lip has to move open the cover from above and the full lips on both sides. Remember I am not spread eagle, my legs are just open wide enough for his shoulders to get in between. Sometimes I rest a leg around his neck and on his back.

Once he is in position he starts sucking holding the suction pressure on which puts the final seal around my spout and I can start delivering his reward.

See, its pretty easy to do. I think its easier then sitting on his face. Its much harder for me anyway.

I have seen videos of Femdom’s giving their sub a golden shower but I feel why waste your nectar, I believe it is truly a sign of his submission to me to have him drink it. Pissing on him is for the male’s excitement.

Having my husband drink mine is not for his excitement but for my Dominance, the mental satisfaction of his submission to me his Wife.

Please see this previous blog about for more details why I make him drink my piss. Keeping him attentive to my needs

This is a picture of where my nectar spout is located, above my vagina and below my clit, right in the middle. I’m a little more open for this picture so you can see it somewhat  well.. The little hole!!


Directly in the middle, my nectar spout

19 thoughts on “How my husband drinks my Nectar in bed

  1. I drink from my Queen too. Not as frequently as your hubby, but yesterday she filled a large glass (16 oz) and I drank it. Often I serve as her toilet paper after she pees! This excites me. At the same time she sometimes gives me a golden shower and I like them too. But a shower is necessary for the both of us afterwards! lol I’m going to explore the possibility of what you suggest. I’m not sure that I’ll be as god as your hubby. And if I spill some I will be punished.

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    1. Hi Michael, thanks for reading my post.
      I think it is a normal part of submission when serving a Dom, some kind of pee play anyway.
      If I pissed on him I would want him to shower too.. I have pissed on him a few times but oddly enough they were always while in the shower..
      I think I mentioned this in a previous blog but peeing directly into his mouth and making him swallow it is sort of like when a man makes his Wife suck his cock and swallow his semen a little against her will, like some, or most men do.
      I feel very empowered while he is servicing me in this way.

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      1. I agree with your post completely pertaining to Dom/Sub. My wife use to pee on me which would really get me off, but recently she made me drink it and I was forced to admit that I needed her control over me. It started as an every once in awhile thing. Now it’s about 4 times per week. However, just recently after first saying no I wasn’t in the mood she hit me and I submitted, but when I couldn’t take all of it she beat me……….forcefully. I’m afraid that she will begin to make me drink it every time very soon. I’m just not sure I can. Is this dangerous?


        1. Hi Chase, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my post.
          I cannot answer your question on whether or not pee/piss is bad or dangerous for you. I am not in the medical profession. However we have directly asked this question to my husband’s physician, he said pee leaving the body is actually sterile from a healthy person, but it also carries out residual medications if taking them. He said the days I make him take it he should drink more water and stay hydrated. He of course is not a proponent of the practice.
          Most people that follow my blog have a HARD limit with this and do not engage in it.
          I like doing it to him, to control a strong male, forcing him to drink my pee is the most empowering Femdom action I do to him. As a Woman you can generally make any man lick you but this is total submission from him.
          About her hitting you, I am not into that at all. Neither of us has ever been into any physical harm of each other and do not practice any of those forms in our Dom/s relationship.


      2. Your husband soooooo lucky I wish I had a queen so I can serve her every need and always drink every drop of every pee I would never be ashamed seen me serving my queen


    2. I enjoy getting golden showers from my wife. The best are when I’m working outside and she covers me and returns to the house. I am left to finish my work with her sent on me until I am done and an come in and clean up.

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  2. Thanks D for this article. Does your hubby ever get too full if you discharge a lot? And also, does he drink water afterwards? Especially if the nectar has a strong taste such as coffee, etc?

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    1. Hi Bryan:
      No he does not drink water afterwards, directly anyway. A big part of my Dom/s is for him to taste me for a while.
      He has no problem with it being very strong. Almost each morning lately. If he drank something right after it would destroy that piss taste. To this day I get the little twinge down there when ever he drinks me.
      No, he does not get too full. I probably don’t ever go more then 30 ounces max at one time. Actually probably much less, sometimes a cup, sometimes a large glass full. These measurements are known because when we are out places I sometime have him drink it like if we are in a coffee shop, restaurant or mall.
      I think this part of our FemDom relationship makes me feel the strongest or most Dominant over him. It is so personal, such a sign of submission to me.

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      1. Hi D,

        Yes, you are getting to the core of the relationship. The acts that your hubby does for you and that I do for my Owner is to demonstrate total submission and devotion to the female. Its that special intimacy and bond that does not exist in a vanilla relationship. My acts of submission, including frequent rimming, pee drinking, foot worshiping, may seem gross and degrading thru the vanilla lens, but thats exactly the self sacrifice that further underscores my adoration of my Owner that is not possible thru vanilla relationships. I voluntarily degrade myself so that my Owner can benefit from my acts that she would not otherwise be able to benefit from if I didnt degrade myself. And I love how my Owner gets a rush and power trip from making me do these for her. And the fact that she likes and comes to expect to use me for her benefits makes me want to please her even more… This is why our marriage is much stronger and better than in our earlier days, and I am grateful that I am owned 🙂


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        1. Hi Bryan thanks for your replies:
          My husband shows me very similar submissive behaviors like you do for your Dom but he is not being degraded and I know he does not feel degraded at all. He is just serving my sexual needs or desires in this post’s context.
          This is a funny thing, I have been reading a lot of blogs lately regarding Masters and their subs, it seems many men want to be degraded by their Dom, I feel whatever your motivation is, it is personal and important for you or any sub to have them met.. I love it and enjoy reading your comments on what works for you and your Dom.

          For us, I do not do this to degrade him or to make him feel inferior, our reason is that only I am in control of us, he cannot get enough of pleasing me sexually and any other things I require. He does these things out of love and devotion for me; I am his Woman, his Female Leader, his everything.
          I think I am very lucky to be his Dom, he is so good at sexually pleasing me, also all the other things he does for me, or any of my requests or any of my needs to be met.
          I just read another bloggers post about the need for orgasm equality. This is what vanilla women have to put up with. Not Femdom wives.

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  3. Hi D. i have just joined your blog and i must admit that its great. its very bold and very informative. i had been looking for such a guidance based site for quite some time but couldn’t find any till now. after reading the comments and experiences of some people i have begun to envy them because since a couple of years i’ve been trying to persuade my lovely Wife to urinate in my mouth. i keep telling Her that i want to be Her toilet but She refuses to comply saying that its filthy. as we’re from India the idea is alien to Her. She just abhors it. how can i convince Her? please educate me on this. thanks.


    1. Hi John, thank you for following my blog:
      Good question.
      Your wife feels like 99% of the world about pee and pee drinking, or even golden showers. So you may just need to accept that She is not interested. The way you described her you probably will be out of luck receiving it from her so to convince her otherwise would not be very easy. It seems as far as Femdom goes pee play is not widely accepted ether. Most Woman are not like Me.
      Also, as a Femdom/FLR wife She decides what she wants you to do, not you. My husband does not request My pee, I force him to drink it. This training did take some time to accomplish just like having him consume all of his semen.

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      1. This is what I love about you Dorinda. You absolutely understand what makes a sub go crazy with lust.
        Being forced to consume all my semen and frequently my wife’s piss would be my heaven on earth, as I’m sure it is to your husband. Congratulations

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  4. I haven’t had Stephie do this yet, she’s cleaned me well after I pee but I think this sounds like a good plan for further submission. She ll do it or I ll keep her ,ittle clitty locked longer . 😊


    1. Thank you for replying FemdomK.
      I think it is very important in our Dom/s relationship. He has never once complained about drinking me, he has always been able to take every drop. I hope you enjoy the feeling of total power.

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  5. Hi. I am late to the thread. Ms. D., Your pussy is beautiful.
    I would like to try drinking my Wife’s pee from the source and She knows it. But She’s not comfortable with it and doesn’t believe She could relax enough to piss in my mouth. But She did let me lick her clean after peeing a couple of times and I totally enjoyed the act of submission.


  6. Hi Dorinda,

    My gf and I are very much exploring her femdom/my submissive sexuality.

    We’re having an issue I’m hoping you might be up for exchanging email about – She’s got stage fright. We’ve tried ‘practice’ multiple times but it’s slow going. A couple of times, she’s been able to go into my mouth but others, she she just can’t get her mind to relax enough.

    Your blog is great. If you’d like to correspond, please let me know.



    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      Please do email me, I enjoy corresponding with my followers.
      I had this same problem in the beginning, I wanted it so bad but it was so hard to relax while sitting on his face. I adapted to it by laying on my back with him between my legs with his mouth around my urethra sucking it like a straw and just waiting. I was soon able to go full force this way.
      I was worried he would not be able to keep up with the flow but I was wrong, I have tried to release as fast as I can and he never spills any.
      As time went by I was able to have him consume me in any position. But this way is by far the easiest.


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