I posted a poll asking what type of content you would like to see? a few posts back. The results were interesting to me, The winner as of today is more “every day 24/7 Femdom life.”

I don’t know how this will be very exciting but I will do some blog posts for you on this topic as it applies to our relationship

I had been doing this in a way, I was just posting the sexual results with pictures of us at the end of the post. I’m not sure if you want pictures anymore of him serving me?

I think our life is very similar to normal vanilla couples. We are middle class people, we live in rural America.

I have no friends here I feel I could tell what you all know about us from my blog. If you read my posts you would know this is why I blog, there has to be other Women that need to know how much more wonderful family life is with a submissive husband.

The biggest differences are the amount of sex we have and that he does most of the domestic household chores typically looked at as Woman’s work. He does the (women’s work) with an erection, day in and day out. I do a cock check often, just to be sure he is not loosing interest.

I think it helps that he is an alpha male, I think normal men would not make a good submissive, they are to docile and do not have much of an internal drive.

Remember he does all the typical male stuff, goes to work, makes money to support me, kids, and grandchildren, the household repairs, auto and equipment repairs, the strong back stuff, the (male stuff)

Then he does all the things that need to be done in the home. Things like shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing,  my personal needs like shaving me, legs, pits, pussy, kissing me, holding me, talking to me, worshiping every inch of my body, being a strong family leader, a great example of a man to our 5 sons and grand sons, also the boys Women, they see what a man does for his wife.

I feel only an alpha male has the strength, courage and intelligence to be dominated by me a plain Jane wife with desires and needs as I wrote above.

I go to bed at night with a very strong feeling he loves me deeply and any need I have he will take care of if I tell him. He knows now after all this time what those standard needs are, he knows with out saying ,but some needs I need to tell him about directly.

He actually loves for me to firmly tell him things I want done. As I have said, he has been trained to achieve an erection when I order him to do something, this is what Femdom is about, if you cannot get him excited it is difficult to train him..

I never thought about it until now but he has to have a very high libido, this gives you the upper hand as he needs to release more often then a vanilla male.


Him under my feet, a good sub is very attentive to her feet and toes.
Him under my feet, as  a good sub he is always kissing or sucking my feet and toes

20 thoughts on “More on my 24/7 Domination of my Submissive Alpha Husband

    1. Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply:
      lol, I know you like the pictures. I think they tell the story. I am concerned people think all he does is service me. He has other responsibilities too, many away from my open legs. I want to provide good content for my blog but all I have is my life to write about.. I am in a pickle it seems..

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  1. Hi Ms. D,
    It’s L, here. My Queen is letting me know Her thoughts and what She likes. We have taken our time exploring different levels in our lovemaking, it has become apparent She enjoys watching me get excited when She pinches and bites on my nipples. This in turn excites me too. I’m very vocal of how excited I am to play the submissive male and I know She has curiosity being the Domme, too. We will have a free night this Saturday. Although all this type of lifestyle is new to Her and She is shy, but I’m hoping I serve Her well and that Her pleasures are realized. I’d like to keep you posted if you don’t mind.

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    1. Hi L, Thanks for following my blog:
      I think it is wonderful you and your Wife have moved towards a satisfying sexual relationship for you both.
      Just remember if you like what you read here you may want to be sure she is fully satisfied with all you are doing.
      It is wise to always show her respect and love each day. Do things for her always, treat her as if your happiness depends on her happiness.
      I hope you keep me posted, let me know how she likes your oral servitude to her womanhood? Are you progressing and getting better at it for her? How long can you stay down on her?
      Thanks L..


      1. Thanks. Rimming is one of our favorite activities. My Domme demands it as it accentuates my submission to her – the act is taboo and degrading, and puts both of us in a good mental space. She also likes the sensations of my tongue and lips servicing her asshole. I also service her pussy, but she is not as multi-orgasmic as you, and often gets tender down there after she orgasms, so rimming is a more effective way to frequently inject kink into our daily life. So pictures on rimming would be great if you are taking requests. But love all the pics that you share, especially since I am such a little footslut as well. 🙂


        1. Thank you Bryan for reading my Blog:
          Yes I enjoy rimming as well, my husband really enjoys servicing my asshole with his tongue. One of my favorite ways of him servicing me is to lay across two pillows on my tummy so I can hold my Mona 2 vibrator on my clitoris with my ass about 10 inches up and legs open a bit. He lays on his stomach with his face in my ass and is able to actually penetrate my rectum pretty deeply with his tongue. As I start to orgasm my rectum sort of pulsates with my orgasms, he can go real deep then. I so love it.. OMG


          1. Wow, thanks D! You guys have such a hot lifestyle 🙂 I too love to service my wife’s asshole and she often makes me do it. Love being ordered to rim her nice tush:) Now, if only I can get to be as good of a pee drinker. Tried to drink my wife’s pee while she layed in bed – how do you guys do it? much harder than when she stands up and I am below her. There is no natural pull of gravity down into my throat and hard to not spill the precious fluid 😦


            1. Hi Bryan, thanks for reading my blog.

              How long do you usually service her beautiful asshole for her?
              You just need to get used to it I guess. You need to be sure she has her legs open enough for you to get your shoulders between them. Her lips need to open enough to expose her pee hole. My husband knows instinctively how to open my pussy with just his lips and tongue. His lips are kind of inside my vagina since my pee hole is in there near the front. He sucks it and holds the suction on the whole time I pee. He has to swallow many times to get it all. Maybe you need to have your queen open here womanhood while laying down and so you can find her fountain nozzle. It is somewhat hidden while on your back but can be exposed.
              I dont open very wide at all. This time of year he does it almost every morning for me. with no drips or wet spots on the sheets. I do sleep with no panties on but it would not make a difference.

              Please keep me informed of your progress.


      2. Sorry I cant reply to your last thread as there is no reply button there.

        I service her asshole for as long as she demands and when she demands it.. I like being under her control and being told to service her at her discretion for her pleasure. Its really an awesome feeling for me to know that my owner is happy with using me for her pleasure. She is happy when controlling me and knowing that I am 100% devoted to her, and I am happy knowing that I can keep her happy by pleasing her and place her needs at all times ahead of mine. I feel blessed to be owned by her.

        Thanks for the tips on the pee drinking.. I love the thought of taking on more submissive acts. She likes the power exchange, so I am seeking new ways that will surrender more power to my Queen. Will definitely keep you posted 🙂


  2. Good morning Ms. D,
    I firstly asked my Queen if I have Her permission to write a post about us and requested for my Queen to read your response. Since when we were first intimate and to present, I have always had Her feel special. Candles, music lots of massage oil and providing long relaxing oral sex are tidbits of our time together. I am a single father and I have my child most days so I do a thorough house cleaning and make sure I am smooth and soft for Her pleasure. I have had a foot fetish as far as I can remember so the foot massages, toe sucking and kissing is something I personally enjoy. I came to realize that my Queen enjoys this special attention as well as all the effort making my home and myself clean. She has told me on many occasions that my attention to this makes me more attractive to her. She tells me she loves to watch me get excited while I get arroused with giving these specialities. Since we text at occasions for quite a bit in between our love making I am continually thinking of things to make her feel more special. I am also a bit selfish because I’m always trying to think of sexual stimulation that I also enjoy. I bought a vibrator for her and a strap on for her to use on me, which has been only used once since we had it from the last four or so times since we have last been intimate. I have bought her a few panties and we are planing to go to a specialty store and buy her some heel Stilettos this Saturday. She fits a 5 shoe size so it is difficult to find her size. She tells me she likes to feel dominant and all this is new and exciting to her as well. She loves to please me by maintaining long painted toe nails, and will send me close up pics to tease and arouse me. She enjoys all the attention I give her and I ask if there is anything I can do more to please her. More of the same is her usual response and that is all I need. I have been reading a book called finding your Domme and has shed more light on this lifestyle, however this book is for the
    search, which I believe that the search is over. I spoke to Her at length about cleaning up my cum after sex and She said that also would be sensual. I chickened out a few times when I said I would The last few times but as the relationship is building I have a great desire to do this. I’m hoping it would lead to another orgasm for My Queen. Then as a reward She might please me with the strap on. More to follow…

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    1. Hi L, thanks for replying:
      It looks to me like you are on the right track for becoming a submissive to your Woman.
      I like the fact you are very attentive to orally serving her, I hope She can get to the position I am in where she can lay on my back for well over an hour while you serve her Womanhood with your mouth, lips and tongue. You doing nothing but concentrating on her, her smell and taste, her needs.. If she is not multi-orgasmic help to become that way. Serve her..

      It seems easy but it takes time to master and control your submissive to the point he becomes a human orgasm machine. Work with Her, let Her teach you to fulfill her needs.

      I hope you are starting to understand it is about pleasing her, providing her pleasure. Not just sexual pleasure. Do as much as you can to make Her life easier.

      You say you have had a foot fetish for years. Good, serve her feet daily, if she is OK with it, give her foot rubs and massages. Maybe She will allow you to paint her toe nails. It is very submissive of you to learn how to care for Her feet. You can buy tools for polishing her heels. Apply lotions and creams, etc.

      If she lets you, you could lay on the floor while she reads or watches TV while she puts her feet in your face and mouth.

      None of this you do for her do you expect to cum or orgasm. You should he horny, you should always be horny for Her, but never able to release unless she approves it.

      When you do release you must always clean it up, I hope she teaches you well. I think you will learn to beg her for a taste of your semen.

      As far as the stilettos go, if she is into wearing them then it is a good thing. Being you Femdom She is in control of your relationship. I don’t wear them, I don’t wear latex, I just wear my everyday clothes, my sub/husband serves me with sweats on, I do wear flip flops so he can see my toes and feet, he loves them and just the sight of them gets/keeps him aroused.

      As far as the strap on goes, If She is interested in fucking you then I support it. She may need time to fully understand the power she has with this tool. If She starts to enjoy the power and sensations She receives while penetrating you than that’s great.

      My favorite is to fuck him slowly for a while then work into full in and out thrusts. It takes sub/husband a while but with no other stimulation he starts to ooze a steady flow of semen out of his ridged penis. He does not orgasm, its called milking him. Its good to make your submissive docile and frustrated.

      Let me know how you two are doing.. You can always email me pictures of you serving her when you are ready, or for offline communications from Her. I would love to help Her Dominate you L.


  3. Thank you Ms. D. Both of us spent all afternoon through the night texting back and forth in a mutual aroused frenzy thanks to your reply. I stopped by the local Domme store and purchased two items for my Queen to wear. The lingerie came from Italy and Germany. Because we reside in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of these specialties stores and one can easily find quality items and for a competitive price. I got to meet the proprietor Franz from Germany who gave me some advice as to how to be submissive to my Domme. My Queen is opening up quickly with this new lifestyle we are experiencing and I can see that it won’t take much more effort to have her command me to give her pleasure. She is looking forward to having me clean up my cum this weekend and wants me to polish her toes which I would be happy to do with an erection. We are planning to take pics to show you and I will request my Queen to correspond with you to allow me to be an apt submissive.
    Again, thank you for allowing us insight to this mutually gratifying relationship.
    L & L


  4. Good evening. I am a new reader of your blog. My Goddess and I live a life quite similar to yours. My Goddess is quite active ( not at home or office); but in every other aspect. She takes keen interest in ensuring I complete call my chores on time and to her standards, often with an erection due to strict control over my orgasms.
    One of her favourite past times is to get me lick her clean after a session at the gym. I remove her dress and lovingly tongue her sweaty folds. She relaxes as I drain her sweat and savour her body fluids. I pay special attention to her pussy, asshole and lovingly clean her armpits of residual sweat.
    It is not only after exercise that I am made to lick her pits. Often she lifts her arm which is a signal for me to get to work on her pits and sometimes she locks me into her recesses where I breathe her scent until she decides to release me.
    Now I have learnt to enjoy the different fragrances of her pits.
    Ps I am using my wife’s e-mail, with hervpermission of course, I am not allowed a private e-mail, nor any form of privacy or personal possessions. I am well and truly owned by my Goddess.

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    1. Thankyou T for finding and reading my blog:
      It is wonderful to find more of us that practice this lifestyle.
      I really enjoyed hearing your Wife understands her power as she demands your oral servitude. You are a good husband satisfying Her in this way.
      My husband also very much enjoys the smell of my Womanhood if its not perfectly fresh as well.
      Lol, what is it with you submissive’s and our dirty pussys?


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