One of my blog readers asked some questions about Femdom relationships. In our exchanges in the end he felt I was saying he needs to be more selfless and she needs to be more selfish.

My Femdom relationship has nothing to do with me being selfish.

Its about respecting each other’s needs, when I order him to do anything it’s because I am giving him what he needs and wants. It has nothing to do with me being to lazy or to good to do the task.

My husband needs and wants my guidance. For instance, today there are many people over because we are the place the family comes to, our kids and grandkids both. I was in the living room talking and told him to make me a chicken Quesadilla.

He got up immediately and prepaired it for me. Yes, on the stove, yes with freshly grated cheese and fresh chicken. He brought it to me on a real plate, not a paper one, and he also brought me a glass of squirt. So what you ask? We look at each other and have unspoken communication, we have to with so many people here. He knew I meant it in a Femdom wife way. His prospective was, my Dom wants food, I want to please her so I will make it delicious for her and serve it on a nice dish, all the while his cock is hard because I am his life, his love, his everything.

Every time I have him do anything he gets aroused.

This may be a bad example because he is a much better cook than me anyway.

This morning we took our grandson out on our walk, he pushed the stroller the whole way for me. No sex today yet, he just does what I ask him. He did tell me many times on our walk He loves me, he is so lucky to be my husband, I look so very thin and Beautiful. Guess what I’m not thin any more, but those are the things he see’s in me.

Here is the deal. He is a male, I am a Female, several years ago his training was started to worship me and all Females. It is like the donkey with a carrot on a stick he is always trying to move forward and get. In our case he was trained to do many things, each the reward was him being excited and horny and being able to kiss my feet, or smell my pussy, if he was very good I let him lick me for a while. After a while he learned to equate my requests with an erection. When a man gets an erection you can control him because he wants to use it and he wants to orgasm sometime.

So it is about me giving him what he needs, it is pretty amazing that a male can have an erection just from a request. Then keep it for a few hours. When he does finally get to release he has a large load, I really love a large load..


7 thoughts on “A reply to Anonymous

    1. Thank you Michael, I hope your Christmas was wonderful, ours was very good.
      I may post about it later, he tried a new dish, Mac and cheese that was off the hook.
      He was up and made a pie and yams, got the fillets marinating for tonight before I got up at 9. I had him lay on the bed and fucked him, as soon as he was done I slipped right up onto his mouth for him to suck my lips and hole clean of his seed. I gave him this reward for doing a great job.

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  1. Just discovered your blog and read most of the posts. Thanks for sharing your femdom life. As a male sub servicing my domme wife, your posts are extremely informative. Sounds like you are contemplating evolving your FLR life, potentially displaying him in front of friends, and I wish you the best in your decisions.

    In one of your posts, you explained why you are almost femdom. Do you think it is possible for your relationship to evolve to a point where you become full femdom as per your definition of such? For example, do you think you guys will ever take up cuckholding? My wife and I do not practice cuckholding, nor do I have any desire to do so since it breaks the intimacy and trust that we share and need in our FLR relationship. However, if the purpose of FLR is for the sub to sacrifice his well being for the benefit of the Queen, it seems that cuckholding is the ultimate mindset destination in FLR? Just wondering what you think about it? thx

    p.s., envious of your hubby’s golden nectar consumption prowess. I wish I can work my way up to his level!


    1. Hi Bryan, Thanks for reading and replying to my Blog:
      I agree with your opinion about intimacy and trust. So we will not be experimenting with cuckolding. My husband/sub completely satisfies me sexually so there is no need for us.
      I don’t believe the purpose of Femdom is for my sub to sacrifice himself for me at all. I do this for him.
      He needs as other men like him do, the strong leadership of a Female. I provide this for him daily. Our Marriage is very strong because of it. He blindly does anything I ask, he completely trusts me.
      We are closer than I bet most married couples are, our gains are mutual.

      If you try you can drink your wife’s pee like he does mine.
      This task, like consuming his semen was a learned task. I had to learn how to dominate him and he needed to learn how to serve a wife. If you read back several posts I talk about why have your husband consume your nectar.
      I have taken it further over the last few years to where he does it a lot more. Think about it? As his dom his nose and mouth are in my pussy as he performs a service for me. We both benefit. Him, he got to service me, me I proved to him he is my submissive.

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    1. Hi Bryan, Thanks for reading my blog and for this great question:

      It took him a long time to drink me voluntarily, he had a mental block like most people do about pee. It was harder I think then training him to clean up his cum.
      Yes, today he can drink all I have to offer, he has acquired a taste for it, he loves it now because it is from me, like I am cumming in his mouth like a male does to a female when he cums in her mouth. (My thoughts on it)
      I really enjoy having a man that does this for me but then again, it should be a standard tool in a Dom Wife’s toolbox.

      I feel I should devote an entire post on how I trained him to consume my Nectar, especially the first morning one. I understand some cannot drink this one. He drinks mine frequently and thanks me for it!

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      1. I would love to drink my Domme’s pee, and have done so a few times. I think it is a great way of proving my submission to her and her power/ownership over me. However, we don’t do it frequently. I like the concept, and my Domme also likes the power trip of just discarding her liquid waste directly into my mouth and have me adoringly swallow it all. She initially had some mental hangup – not able to pee when her pussy is in my mouth – but has since overcame it. I some times get mixed mental emotions when I get ready to drink. Love the act and the representation of the act, but also afraid that some times the taste is not as pleasant as it depends on what she had to drink. But would really like to be able to acquire the taste of all her pee flavors since I like the act. Would like to be a daily toilet for her. Do you literally pee in his mouth every day? I find that really hot.

        By the way, did you bring up the pee drinking to your slave? In another words, did you initiate the discussion? Was he not for it initially?

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