I have a few thoughts about my blog and life this morning.

I have had a great time the last 6 months sharing my almost Femdom Wife life with you. I have posted several times that I do not really fit the mold of a true Femdom Wife. I am thinking maybe I don’t have the right definition. I believe now that Femdom means Female dominatrix not Female Dominant.

I was thinking this because most, if not all, the blogs about this topic I visit talk about their submissive as much less than they are and for sure they don’t let them cum ever or if at all with them. I use my husband sex drive to Dominate him, but it is used for his needs and mine, the end though is he cums a lot, I cum more often because I control when he can release, and I am multi-orgasmic.

I Dominate my husband but I wish I could be more like him. I look up to him for guidance, his ability to lead others, the attitude that nothing is impossible, always positive, and so much energy. Etc.

For example, he owns a business with employees besides his full time job; anyway, we took a manual accounting & book keeping class (with manual payroll and inventory) at the local junior college. There were 28 students, I dropped out about half way, it was way too complicated, and in the end there were only 4 that passed. His grade was a 97. LOL, he felt he failed because he did not get a 100, he missed one question. He does all the office work himself, payroll, state, federal, etc. Like I said this is one example why he is so awesome.

I worked for 25 years in a profession that I did not really have to do much clerical stuff, so those skills are very week as you can see by my grammar, sentence structure, etc. I worked with almost all men, since I control my husband it helped me to understand men on the surface are or can be different inside. I was never a victim, I was equal..

I am his Dominate because he needs me to be and frankly I do not want to lose him. I could not imagine a life without all he has provided that myself and our children need and rely on. I will be comfortable the rest of my life. It has also turned my life into being treated like a queen it is so much better. Really!!

I am not sure what to post anymore because you all know all about what he does for me. My life however is bigger than him cleaning up his semen from me or that I always have multiple orgasms. We have a normal life I think at least a normal life for an over achiever (him) and me a regular old plain Jane Woman.

I have met some really great people while blogging, like Fur, Michael, and Mel. I seem to feel we have similar feelings. Every chance I get I look forward to reading their life events. I have had my eyes opened by reading the blogs I follow. One of the things I never thought about was that you have dialog between each other during the comment sessions. It helps with clarity and understanding of the post sometimes.

The only Femdom thing that happened today so far was he drank my pee in bed because I woke up at 3:45 and need to pee badly. He is so good at it I woke him up to service me. This is fairly normal in the winter because it’s sort of cold here, but also it’s a Dominate thing I can do to him.

Christmas is getting closer, back to watching my beautiful grand kids and wrapping gifts..


Him taking a drink from me

16 thoughts on “Some Morning Blog Thoughts

  1. I like reading about your life and lifestyle. You don’t have to do anything special! That’s the beauty of blogging! We read about people and their lives! Sometimes they are like us. Sometimes they are not, and sometimes they have aspects in their lives we wish we had. Always though, we are fascinated with how they go about their lives. Just keep telling your story as it evolves.

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    1. Hi Michael, Thanks for your comments:
      I plan on continuing but don’t want to keep repeating the same things.
      What I post are things that I don’t think are normal in a standard relationship. To help Women!
      I say this from observing many couples and their interactions. I felt and I still feel Women can learn how to change their man, mold him into what they need for themselves and children. I see many men treat there Wife terribly for instance in public. I bet at home he is a pig if in public he treats Her this way. When you bend and change your man into your subordinate he is continually loving and attentive to all your needs.
      I am trying to figure it out.

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  2. I love how you are observing how different you and your hubby are. I think that the two of you are very similar to Paul and me (though you are clearly more dominant than I am). Paul is my rock, my steadfast man who never falters. He protects his family and provides for us and he is extremely intelligent. That he eats his semen from within me is or wants me to kiss his cum into his mouth after he ejaculates into my mouth shows me that he is more masculine and powerful as he is absolutely comfortable with his own body. He is athletic and yet so gentle with me and tender with our kids.

    Keep sharing and we will, too!


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    1. Hi Mel, Thank you for your comments:
      I actually think about you feeding Paul his semen. Standing over him with your legs open letting it flow into his waiting mouth. Why? I don’t know, but I do.
      I was not Dominate for years, I was vanilla, one day he wanted me to be and taught me, made suggestion’s, read how on the internet, he has been very understanding while I learned. I am very good at it now. I made it a very high priority to be the best, like he is in everything he does.
      I agree that it is a very masculine thing a man can do for his wife. I have said before on my blog, he wanted it but doing it was a different story. It took some work and time, now he enjoys it and actually wants more.

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      1. You and your hubby have transformed your marriage and your intimate lives in such wonderfully profound way. In following your blog and reading your posts, I am beyond happy to see how the two of you discovered what brings you both such beautiful satisfaction and the mutual respect that you both have for each other. You are the sexiest woman that I have encountered and I am wanting to be more open to Paul as I see how the two of you are. I want to give my husband what he wants and to receive all that he wants to give to me. I want to see, hear and feel him experience orgasms that he can’t even imagine today. I want to feel his releases inside of me like he’s never done before. I want to learn how to let go of my own inhibitions and allow soul and body to continue to expand sensually and receive the new pleasures that I know are coming. You are a gift to me, Dorinda. You have been so helpful to me and to Paul.


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        1. Hi Mel, Thank you for the comment:

          Oh my goodness Mel, I can hardly think of a reply. It gives me goosebumps each time I read it.
          I post to share my secrets and wanted to try to help other women learn how to better their lives, how I got so unbelievably lucky when my husband told me he just wanted me to Dominate him.
          They say you don’t know what you don’t know, what an understatement in regards to Femdom vs Vanilla.

          Thank you for the flattering remarks but I must say almost the same thing you have done in my life.

          I lucked upon your and Pauls blog, I have read every word of every post multiple times, each time I get wet, I feel the twinge down there. Your love for each other is incredible.

          What is so special about our bond (one of the things) is we both put our husband to work cleaning up their semen after they spend. I don’t know anyone else but you two that understand the Female POWER over and with a man doing this act of submission. I say this because the bond to me in this regard is we both totally control our male and have him do something that is almost impossible for a normal male to do after he spends. I love so much the work you did to research this and explained it in detail the male mind set before and after cumming on one of your blog posts.


  3. Hi, D.

    I am glad that you write 🙂
    The current blogosphere is a bit strange for the past couple of yeras on the Femdom front and very different than what I encountered during my first few years of blogging with the portrayals out there being at the extremes and/or extremely rigid in terms of philosophy. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but from my experiences and encounters over the years, they aren’t all that representative of the whole, but mostly select groups within the lifestyle.

    I am not sure why you shy away from the term Femdom, though. The fantasy dominatrix thing is finally being accepted as more of a fantasy and less of a lifestyle. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of people writing about the F/m lifestyle right now… the fewest I can ever remember there being since I started blogging. I am sure that it would feel different with an active peer group, but I can understand if you don’t relate to what is out there at this time. About the only crucial factor of the Femdom mold is being in control of your man 🙂

    Take care.


    1. Hi Fur. Thanks for Commenting:
      I do meet the mold of Femdom in that I really do control my husband.
      I have taken what he thought in the beginning and stretched it to a much greater Dominance position. For example, he wanted to kiss my feet, I have him do that but raised the bar to forcing all my toes in his mouth and have him suck them like he is giving a blowjob to a huge cock. I love to see him get and stay hard by following my orders.
      I do also wish I had an active peer group too, I feel we (You and I and a few other bloggers) are kind of that way. One day I will have one here in my home town. It would be so awesome to have the girls over and talk about the lifestyle, compare notes, ideas, sharing, etc.

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      1. Thank you, D.
        Dominants do tend to “outrun” what subs first envision. It can take a while to build to that but it is quite glorious when it happens.

        I wish that I could tell you that there was a lot going on blogwise right now, but a good number of blogs have either gone completely dark or the posts have become very few and far between. One of my favorite bloggers is: http://womanincontrol.blogspot.com/

        As of this moment in time, it feels like there are too many factions going… the spankos and DD crowd, the hardline FLR crowd, the chastity enthusiasts, cuckold/hotwife, etc. and a lot fewer people writing about loving 24/7 Femdom. I have also come across a few that really don’t seem to be interested in interacting. It kind of bums me out.

        I somehow happen to have caught the attention of a number of M/f subs, which is sort of odd as that demographic is the last one I expected to reach with my writings.

        Take care.

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  4. Hi: I just want to let you know that I am happy that I stumbled on to your blog. I find your blog very refreshing. Too many sites concentrate on fantasy vs reality. You seemed to have built a FLR that truly works well for a couple that is surrounded by a vanilla world. I do relate to much that you write. Today I struggle with pushing our relationship deeper into FLR. My wife is not dominant by nature, however, understands the benefits and dabbles into FLR. However, its hard for her to separate her caring nature from my desire for her to control every aspect of our relationship and take all away from me, in return for, the simple reward of being in her presence. I hope to one day reach your FLR level. Thanks again…..

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    1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my blog:

      I totally understand your wife’s position, you explained it perfectly.
      I think this was me in the beginning. I also think a good Wife is this way naturally.

      You seem like a warm friendly patient husband, I think you have the beginnings of accepting a Female led relationship.
      You may want to look at my blog post about what happened to my husband and his opening up his heart to me that he needed my control several years back. Well, now I see the signs he was a good candidate many years before for dominate control.
      I say this to help you understand it takes time to develop a Femdom personality, give Her room to develop it.

      If you are truly ready for this life style change then keep serving her as often as you can, start doing small things for her and tell her each time how much you love her and you want to show her by doing these things (ironing, cleaning, shopping, cooking, keeping her car clean, air in the tires, gas in it, etc.)
      Also start giving her foot rubs, body massages, ask if you can wash her in the shower or bath, but all of these personal things do not force or even mention any need you have about cumming, always let her decide if she wants to let you release.

      You will need to learn and accept having an erection with no relief until she allows it.
      These are some basic things you can do to help Her see the benefits of Femdom.
      My husbands gets an erection when I tell him to do backs chores now, not just when he services my body.


  5. I am a young guy aged 22 and still unmarried. My fantasy for being dominated by female is infinite. I wish i get a wife like you 😎 dominating the better half. Nice blog. Loved it. And specially the ending thrist of ur husband.


  6. I also relate well to your relationship. It is nice to read a blog with common ideas. I agree with your “Femdom” as I dont want to give up sex. I love it and love having my wife control me with it. Our house and property have seen great improvements since we started down this road.


    1. Thank you for reading my Blog:
      I love that you and your Wife have a relationship like ours.
      I find it very refreshing other Women like your wife understand the benefits of Femdom.
      How long have you been married? How long have you been her submissive? I was just wondering.
      I have been in my marriage for over 25 years and have been Dominating my husband for over 5 years now.
      I hope you are very good to her and serve her every need like mine does for me.

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      1. D,
        We’ve been together for 32 years, married for 28 but I’ve only formally been submissive to her for 18 months.
        She is completely enjoying the attention and feels my love is deeper for her (I dont think it’s changed, but it is more expressive)


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