All of this being wet and horny lately thinking about him sucking my feet in front of my friends led me to having to have a few orgasms. I’m ready for the next level

It started out with our normal routine of a foot massage after servicing my heels and applying foot cream. I love the time he spends keeping my feet soft and crack free, how he takes care of my cute little toes he loves to suck on.

Then a leg and body rub with lotion on my legs, he is really a very good masseuse, he is very strong and can go for hours. My neck and head needed a lot of attention so he spent a lot of time there.

Anyway one thing led to another, he used his tongue in me while I used  my mona 2 vibrator on my clit as I rode wave after wave of orgasms, when I was ready I had him make love to me for more full on orgasms, I always have huge ones with him in me. I gave him permission to cum so he spent his hot full load of semen in me. I can tell when it is a large load because I feel the warmth inside from his ejaculations and with the feeling of him pulsating in me.

Now to the point, he always goes down and cleans me and his mess up. I was thinking of my girlfriend who said she really enjoys her husband’s tongue after a love session because she is so sensitive and tingly down there. SO I had him lick slowly and clean up then use just the tip of his ridged tongue on just the tip of my exposed clitoris flicking it fast and light pressure  until I was able to finish cumming one more time. Oh MY!!

I was exhausted and just melted into the bed as he finished his cleanup..

You may need a submissive husband like mine. It was not that hard to train him. I can help, contact me..


Clean up time

6 thoughts on “Thinking of him serving me

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for the comment.
      Well I don’t know if I will ever do it but it is very arousing for me right now. It’s odd because for years everything has been good just the way it is. It is still good and I truly know I am a blessed woman but I have been thinking more and more about it.
      I have been digging deep into my soul to understand why I want to display my Dominance over him to friends? All I know is my womanhood has been like a faucet the last few months with desires I never had before.
      As another blogger commented on a previous post I do need to think it thru and go slow. Right now I only have my sister as an audience. I wish I had close friends here I could trust. They all seem vanilla. I have several that come over like the other night but the conversations have never turned towards Domination, I think they think his behavior is only when they are over for a snack or meal. But it’s always as you know.

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  1. I love how you write and share such beautiful intimacy, Dorinda!

    I love that pic, too! I do so enjoy being filled with Paul’s semen, like this!!


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    1. Thank you for commenting Mel:
      Yes it feels so wonderful to milk his penis of a load inside of me. When its very large I love the way I feel the hotness of all at once deep inside. I think you know what I mean because I have seen huge loads on your blog that Paul consumes from you.
      My husband is older now and does not often have the nice thick white gift Paul produces for you but there is still a lot of hot liquid. Sometimes I roll on top of him to smother his face with all of my Womanhood. If I stay just above his face for a minute I can see how much that drools out, he likes me on top to get all of it, he can tell how close our bond is when he takes back his semen. A very special bond between a man and Woman.

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