I think I would really enjoy having my husband do submissive things at length to me while some girlfriends are over. If you have been following me you know my Sister wants to watch and participate for her self-interest and training, training to be a Dom so from the onset of a new relationship she is in charge.

I feel rejuvenated and want to take our relationship to the next level. He has always been ok with doing so; it has been all me I think. I was not ready until now. I think a lot of my thoughts have come from a girlfriend I met that is not a Dom female but a normal wife that has helped me to see things I have not thought of before. In fact if she were here I would have had her over and used him in front of her.

For me it is strictly a mental stroke, that I can and do control this alpha male of mine and the superior position it puts me in over him to do so.

If vanilla Wife’s only knew, how  to put them in this position, there lives would be so much better. In my case my husband was already a great catch and was always kind and considerate, handsome, smart, strong, a good provider, great father, but now I have it all, it is actually unbelievable to have a submissive man under my control! You should try it!

I am almost always wet now while ordering him to do all kinds of things, the normal things he gets hard about, I know how he thinks, how certain stimulation in his brain translates to a hard penis. The kind of stimulation is anything remotely sexual and anything I tell him to do, anything!  A husband with a hard penis, that he knows from his heart, only I control, is sublime, any need or want I have the solution is supplied by him.

In the beginning I readjusted his thinking thru training to get him this way. As I have said in previous posts, once he understands you are fully in control of his semen release you own him. It is a win/win for both of us. The loads he releases are huge now, always. Now granted, he always has to clean up all of his semen mess one way or another; maybe huge loads are not good for him. LOL

So anyway, I want to take it a step further than with my sister a few months ago Still my Secret when I had him remove my shoes and a quick lick and kiss to my toes with her in the room. I want to have a friend observe a full foot worship ritual, even him giving me a pedicure. I want to show another woman my husband sucking my toes and feet like he is sucking a big cock, licking the full length of both of my feet and sucking each toe, then all of my toes with the enthusiasm he always has in doing so.

This will be a good start!


feet sucking
Him sucking my feet

6 thoughts on “I’m ready for the next level

    1. Thank you Michael for your reply
      I don’t know, I really think he will enjoy it. I know his penis will be rock solid, he actually feels I should show other women what I have as a Dom Female. He has an insatiable desire to please me and feels like it would make me sort of a higher level wife or woman compared to most. For years when we go to Macys for shoes he always is on his knees removing my shoes and helping me with the new ones I am trying on. He has said I should have him kiss my feet there, I just did not feel right then, I feel I am changing now.

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  1. Obviously, you will move slowly with this next step. Have you asked yourself what boundaries you and your husband should have in place prior to starting this? How far do you want to explore this?

    Your girlfriend sounds like she is a source of encouragement and trust if you have already decided that you would have already taken these steps with her.


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    1. Thank you for replying Mel:
      Yes you are right, a slow approach is very important. I have not moved forward yet and have not really thought thru our boundaries yet. Currently it is just a thought I have shared on my Blog.
      It’s like you have a secret that you feel you must share. I know it’s just my pride and I want to show that off but only to the right audience. We need to be discreet of course; our community does not publically support a female dominated husband.
      Yes my friend would have been perfect, she is open-minded and I can trust her. At this point I do not know how far I would explore this. I think some of this thinking comes from my relationship with her and that my sister has been wanting to see me in action. Ill post more of my thoughts over the next few days.

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      1. I hope he does and that this opens up new ways for you both to feel amazing! I doubt there are many communities that are accepting of what Paul and I do. I can imagine the stomachs turning at the thought of Paul devouring his semen from inside my pussy or sharing it afterwards in a sloppy kiss.

        Your friend sounds wonderful and she must really love you and share your interests and pursuits of happiness.

        Merry Christmas, D!!


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        1. Thank you for commenting Mel:
          Merry Christmas to you and family.
          We do have a lot in common it seems, at least husbands that love their cleanup duties, all be it for mine, he was very reluctant at first, it took a few weeks to change his male mind to still want to clean up after he spends. Now days he is very attentive to it and my sloppy pussy. I think this is by far the most clear cut way a man can show his wife his devotion and love towards her.
          Yes my friend really seems to have it all together and is always supportive of me, She just lives far away. Since the inception of my blog I have been looking for like minded couples here and am not giving up. This is a very conservative area on the surface so I exercise caution..
          I am happy like Her, I have been very blessed in my relationship. Sex did not take such importance to me until he became my sub, now daily I actually think about it.


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