The last month  has been very different for me with mom being ill, vacations, family birthdays, thanksgiving and now Christmas.

I wanted to let you know I hope you all have a Merry Christmas if you can!

My husband has been very good keeping up with his house cleaning, his cooking and cleaning, house work and his sub duties during this time. We seem to be on the go constantly with extra shopping and many parties we attend and a few I have hosted. There is no way I could do these things at the pace I have without a full blown dutiful capable submissive.

A few noteworthy things to mention:

One of the parties I hosted had 9 girlfriends and my sister over for around 6 hours. My husband was of course prepared in advance, he had prepared the menu including wine and desserts and had gone shopping the night before when he got off his job so all the ingredients would be as fresh as possible.

One of my friends texted and asked if we were having my special chocolate pie another asked about my triple chocolate cake. The thing is he makes them not me, he is awesome cook, I wonder sometimes how did I get so lucky?

When he got home I told him to come in the bedroom before he started the baking. He undressed, I told him bend over I lubed up one of his butt-plugs and pushed it home. I also had him put on his pink silk panties then get into his shorts.

Of course I stroked his ridged cock for a bit, I enjoy the fact that while he gets super hard he uses muscles around his prostate that makes him bare down on the fat butt-plug in his ass, and the look of the frustration in his face knowing he will not orgasm but will remain hard and actually dripping semen because I will not allow him to cum until I am ready.

Off he went to the kitchen to make his pie and cake, first his homemade pie crust, then the cake batter, then his chocolate pie mix, plus make dinner, serve me, and of course then cleanup the dinner dishes.

He also dusted and vacuumed. It did not need it I just wanted him to be very horny. Any time I order him to do anything he gets an erection, I take advantage of that daily. Between the dusting and vacuuming he came into the living room where I was watching house hunters on tv, I motioned him over while I scooted my butt forward on the couch raised up my dress opened my legs moved my panties over to the side. He knows this means get on your knees put your lips and mouth around my nectar hole and suck, I released a quart it seemed of hot pee for him. I had been drinking a lot of water and holding it for him for a few hours. I pushed as hard as I could and released my flood into his awaiting mouth to see if he could keep up, he did, he never lets me down. I loved that when I was done he cleaned up any leftover drips stood up and thanked me, his cock was straight out even with the silk panties on under his shorts. I know his asshole was being stretched with every pulse of his rigid cock.

He loves me so very much.

That night I gave him a treat, I put our little vibrator on the special place on the underside of his cock holding his shaft with my other hand while I pushed my feet and toes in his face and mouth. I started to feel him swell in preparation to release his mighty load. As we had planned he rolled his legs up over his head putting his penis close to his mouth where I continued to use the vibrator, in a minute or two the swelling returned I aimed his penis head at his mouth, I ordered him to open wide as he exploded many full pumps of semen into his mouth and swallowed it all. I have gotten pretty good at holding him perfectly to shoot each load directly into his wide open mouth without him losing much or any of it.

I had him remove his butt-plug and clean it up and put it away..

My party was awesome, the girls had a ball, we drank 4 bottles of wine and some had some mixed drinks, some just water.

His diner was smoked and BBQ-ed baby back ribs, the meat always falls of the bone, garlic mashed potatoes, and his special brazed Brussel sprouts with bacon, and a salad.

He served us all as we talked, kept our glasses full and was funny and wonderful to everyone.

Yes as usual every one of them wanted to know how I found him and wondered if he had a brother lol. They all have been over many times and have been treated to his submissiveness to me; it’s just kind of a joke. (Waited on and fed by him)

The only thing that was really different this time was my sister knows I am his Dom, and wants a man like this to take care of her needs.


cum drink
Internet Photo, I did not think to take a picture at the moment but this is accurate to position and load swallowed


2 thoughts on “Self Semen Consumption

  1. Wow! I just found your blog and this was amazing. This sounds like more than just “almost femdom”!
    My wife does have me eat me cum occasionally. I don’t get to cum much anyway, which is fine with me. I love that you make him come right in his mouth.
    My wife has pissed in my mouth when she was cumming, but so far has not done intentionally pissed in my mouth like you do. I would be happy if she did!
    Serving a group of women is a dream to me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Mr. Bill, thanks for reading my blog.
      The more I had him drink my pee the easier it got. He also had to learn how to circle his lips around and gently suck where my pee comes out. Now anywhere anytime. I don’t have to pull the back of his head and force his face in anymore. We are Pro’s now.
      I do hope you do a good job with what ever your wife desires. I like how you consume your own semen, a very good sign.

      Liked by 1 person

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