This is a continuation of two previous stories

Please see:  Still my Secret , this one is the first part of this story. Then A talk with my older sister 1 

My sister has so many questions about Femdom; honestly I don’t believe she ever really thought about the term before this.

We talked for a few days about it and how it has changed my life and actually our children’s life’s as well. She still has questions and wonders if this could help her in her seemingly life long quest to have an actual partner in a long term relationship or preferably a Marriage.

I have told her a lot about how this all started for me, and what it was like before, all the positives and really no negative’s in the changes but she was right in saying before I took over my role as his Dom I had the perfect husband and provider as it was.

Yes she was right, but I believe he just had all the good qualities most Women want and need in their Man. I have just manipulated his basic instincts and desires with much thought to redirect them in a way that he could be taught and reconditioned to respond to stimulation with desire to always please me.

His male needs and desires are met with me rewarding him when I feel like it, or not, but him never demanding anything.

She without a doubt wants what I have in my man and our relationship! She asked me for help!

Please read all my previous blog posts, you will see how my husband was reconditioned and how, what, and why he does what he does for me.

Having said all the above our dilemma is to figure out and help her to find a possible long term mate but from the very beginning determine if he has the right traits to be dominated. We need to build a road-map on how to proceed with the first tests, also how to have her be in the position to actively seek out only strong, financially secure, submissive men.

First she needs to change her belief system and retrain her own mental capacity to have the confidence to control him, including all financial matters, household duties, sexual duties, her personal required duties, (pee drinking, massages, cleaning, cooking, shopping, pedicures, baths, etc.)

This is where we are at right now. I am helping her by talking about these things at length.

She wants to come over to our home and watch me dominate him again in person now that she knows he is my sub. Not just a quick kiss or suck on a few toes but a long session where he licks, kisses, and sucks both of my feet and toes or more (she wants to see me piss down his throat, she just cannot believe he is such a great piss slave.)  She even said “well since you are in complete control over him why not make him do my feet in the same way too, that way I can learn how to do it for real”

I am not sure about any of this yet I must say. I need to really think about this considering this would mean I would need to share my husband.

This is totally messing me up because a while back I wanted to taste another woman’s womanhood, every inch of her awesomely beautiful body and do for her what my husband does for me. It just did not work out because she was too far away..

So now here I am concerned about him kissing her feet? Yes, sometimes I do not understand my self!

I told her to start doing some research online; this will help her see what some Men want and how Femdom Women handle it.

I also made sure she understands I am not at all a hardcore Femdom wife, if one at all. Some of the blogs I follow the husband is locked up most of the time and does not have sex with his wife, she has it with others. There are many definitions she needs to be aware of and find one that fits her needs.

There is a lot of responsibility in Dominating your man, I told her She cannot take the responsibly lightly.

I will post more about my Sister soon.



10 thoughts on “A talk with my sister 2

  1. Thank you for sharing, D.

    This sounds interesting. It is rather cute that you are experiencing some, “hey, don’t touch my stuff” thoughts 🙂

    It will be interesting to see if she is accustomed to having too many suitors. There is such a surplus of available submissive men that she will have quite the lot to choose from.

    Take care.

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  2. I agree with furcissy. Many many men are submissive and looking to find the right Domme. Internet dating can help you to find them. While she is dating, she can also be honing her skills and also learning what she likes. Your hubby might like to be shown off in front of her. I’m pretty sure I would be. I am enjoying these posts. All the best to you both!

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  3. Thank you for replying Fur and Michael:
    I enjoy that you two seem to actually read my posts, thank you very much.
    So, she is far from becoming a Dom, right now she is just talking about it and has a lot of questions. I am trying to answer them for her. Think about it though, a vanilla woman becoming a Femdom overnight? I do not think it works that way.
    It is interesting that you both think there are a lot of suiters that are or will be happy serving a woman for the rest of their lives? Being submissive to all of her needs and wants with little to no regard to their own?
    She currently has very little exposure to single men, only when she goes out dancing, other than that she works and stays home. She is thin-ish and attractive, but like me a very plain Jane and probably not looked at much.
    She is very interested in my husband being under my complete control and his non-stop energy to please and satisfy me. She said she always had an eye on him and his behavior towards me, his cooking and cleaning, shopping, etc. She never thought about my sexual control over him or him being sexually excited as he does the normal household things for me.
    We have a lot to learn together to help her if she is sincere about this major lifestyle change. I highly respect both your inputs as I continue to post about our new struggle together.

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      1. Thanks Michael:
        I think it’s harder than you think though, first of all she needs to want it, and she just called again to ask a few more questions, so she is thinking about it. We need a man, lol, that’s really the hard part. Not a one night stand but one that wants a long term relationship. I will agree that if I can help her she may find it easier since I may have firsthand experience.

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    1. Thank you, D.

      Some early things she may want to do is to look at whether or not she has any kinks/fetishes and if she can come up with any arousing sexual fantasies that involve a man at her disposal. This includes both active dominance (e.g. domestic discipline, bondage, etc.) and passive dominance (being pampered, doted on, pleasured, etc.). If the answer is, “no,” it just narrows down the available pool a little bit and dictates the best way to portray herself and what she is looking for.

      There is such a shortage of Dommes out there that even a kink-less FLR will likely still have a huge number of suitors. That being said, that shortage also means that many subs will not be opposed to being involved with a new Domme.

      There definitely is a steep learning curve the first year or so where mental adjustment will happen for both her internal processes as well as how she interprets external actions. What is amusing is that she can be (for real or pretend) disgusted by a sub’s fetishes and as long as he is “worthy” in other ways have an existence that works. A good number of men have their submission driven by the shame of knowing they are odd. Maintaining a dynamic where she keeps and tolerates his “dirty little secret” as long as he provides devoted service is actually sustainable.

      In time she will probably have to develop philosophies behind things and I’m sure that having conversations with you will help her greatly in that regard. Often just dialoguing about what is possible will open her eyes and plant seeds that will grow on their own. A few I can think of quickly include:
      -Orgasm control/chastity
      -Behavioral protocols

      It may take her a while to figure out what appeals to her. The more things that draw her in, the better things will likely turn out. It is also important that he is interesting, can make her laugh, is worth talking to, etc.

      Finding the perfect man may take a while. Finding a man that may be “good enough” to help her learn some things… you could throw a rock and hit 100 of them 😀

      Take care.

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  4. I would think that there are some considerable challenges with your sister’s request. To have him even kissing and sucking your toes in front of her might be hard for him to do. I can’t imagine how it would be to get him to have his mouth on your pussy let alone swallowing your pee. Could YOU be naked and pleasured with your sister watching? I suppose that it would be easier for you if it were another woman (like your friend whose body you desired). I look at how it would be for either Paul or me if we were to bring another person into our bed. It doesn’t seem possible.

    Yes, sharing our spouses has some arousing and exciting aspects when we fantasize about it but when the discussion moves towards figuring out the logistics and planning, the fear rises up so quickly.

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    1. Thank you for replying Mel:
      This is my dilemma, great call, it’s my sister, I am not sure I could show her how to pee in my man’s mouth. She is in awe with this and wants me to, she also wants to be able to achieve multiple orgasm’s like I do. She thinks she has not had them because she has not had anyone spend the kind of quality time down there for her. This I do agree with.
      We have not even seen each other’s vaginas since we were kids. I am not sure about the feet thing ether, but that seems to sit OK with me right now.
      My friend is out of reach but if she were here it would certainly be different and would be much easier. My problem then would be stopping myself from drinking her pee! And kissing her feet.. I am crazy I know..
      As with everything I am processing how to proceed. I do want to help her.


      1. No, you are NOT crazy. I can see how desires grow and can be transformed into taking bold steps. if she was there, near you.

        It is very telling in how you care for your sister that you are putting such deep thought in how to help her find the level of pleasure and satisfaction that you have in your marriage. Remember too that you and your husband have something that is not easily established: trust that is born from true and honest love for each other. She has to recognize that this relationship that the two of you share is because of the depth of the love that you have for each other – a love that was reinforced after some painful events that took place years ago.

        I can only offer my advice in that there is caution that you need to have in place when moving through more steps with your sister and in bringing her into that place that has only been shared between you and your hubby. I have to imagine that there is a point of no return that would be part of this – what happens when she does see your husband with his mouth on your sensual parts? I can imagine that the possibilities exist that she might desire to have your husband try this on her. Even if you all consent and agree to this, what happens afterward? Perhaps I am overthinking this.

        Just be careful, friend.


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