I have been out of town to Moms place, many family members and friends were also there. I was there for a few weeks and naturally out of my normal routine at home. I had the opportunity to talk to my sister each day and night. I also was able to observe other family members relationships. My sub husband stayed at home taking care of our household. He called me many times each day checking in and texted and sexted many times a day as well.

It is a very good and secure feeling as a woman to know your man can not do anything with out you on his mind. His penis erect as he does the chores or shops for you, the power you have over him, we Dom females have a very special almost magical relationship with our submissive mate.

My sister had the first chance to have my husband. About 30 years ago before we were together he was in town and wound up at my parents house for a holiday dinner. It was kinda sorta a blind date between the two. He was very single but for some reason she did not follow thru on pursuing him. Unfortunately she seems to make bad choices in men.

One of the things she told me was she has always regretted not trying to land him because of the way she has seen him treat me over the years, his cooking and cleaning, his smiles and laughter. She mentioned even when at Moms for visits and we were eating he would just get up and serve me, he also would serve her too. She said this made her feel special that a Man would do the traditional woman’s work so dutifully without hesitation. She said this bothers her because she has never been treated to these simple relationship interactions. I must admit I don’t see others doing it ether. How very sad.

A while back I wrote about a time my Sister was over, you can read it here: Still my Secret

We had a lot of time in the evenings and she asked me about the time he knelt before me, removed my shoes and socks, then I put my toes in his mouth? What was that all about?

I explained to her it was just a show and reminder of my Dominance over him, we do these kind of things all the time to remind him. I said he obviously knows but these little acts keep his penis hard and sometime he drips pre-cum just from doing something simple like this. It is not much work I told her for the rewards I obtain.

I told her how keeping him horny but controlling his releases is the secret to a very wonderful life.

This opened the flood gates of questions from her for the next several days, she for once seemed very interested and wanted to know specifics of how and why. Most importantly she asked if I thought she could learn how to do it and if I thought she could become a Dom?

We talked about my daily life as a female in control, the household, the chores, the worship, the sex, all that is different in a male vs female led relationship. I told her about my blog, that night she must have read every post I blogged. You must remember I am just a plain Jane Women, you would not see me as a Dominant and for sure would not see my husband as a submissive male.

The next morning I could see she was in a bit of shock over it all. One of the things she said was how nice it would be to have her man worship her pussy like my husband does. She said how normally a man goes down and stumbles around tonguing her clit enough to get her wet and if lucky an orgasm. Then he gets pleasured and she is left wanting.

I told her that a submissive’s role is to satisfy her no mater how long it takes, my husband knows every inch of my asshole and pussy, inside and out. The texture of each part of my womanhood with his tongue and lips, the smell of the different areas, exactly where my pee hole is, and when to consume my nectar. I told her all you do is lay there and guide him if needed. There is a huge pressure removed when you don’t have to worry about reciprocal actions, only about your orgasms and learning different ways to use him for your pleasure.

I will post more about her and her questions in future posts.


4 thoughts on “A talk with my sister 1

  1. Thank you for sharing, D.

    I love this line:
    “There is a huge pressure removed when you don’t have to worry about reciprocal actions, only about your orgasms and learning different ways to use him for your pleasure.”

    It is true also for the male when we learn to expect no reciprocation and to focus only on her pleasure, being “successful” in our job is an excellent reward in its own right. It fills us with pride to know that we have been completely satisfying.

    Take care.

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  2. I love pleasing my wife and Queen. I’m so happy to know how things work in your household too. You might share other female dominant/male submissive blogs with your sister. It might trigger even more questions. I do hope she is able to realize her dreams of being a Domme and finding her perfect sub! Can you imagine the fun you might have together?


  3. Hello D,
    Thank you for sharing your conversation and how interesting and exciting that your sister would like to be a Domme too! My Queen and I have been sexting and texting all holiday in excitement when we meet today. We still plan to go to the Toy Shop and look for what She will want. She has opened up more and sounds as excited and curious about this new lifestyle FemDom journey. My Queen has taken well to this relationship which I will work hard not to let her down. This type of relationship has been a fantasy for me all my life. I have had a few dominant Ladies but we are approaching a new level in the bedroom and outside as well. In the past my other relationships have had non sexual servitude but only mildly in the bedroom.
    I spoke to my Queen regarding if she would comment from the new Domme perspective and She said that She might through me typing since She likes my articulated style.


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