I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are trying to get back to normal. My mother had some major medical issues, so I have been away for a while. She is OK now but is very elderly..

My husband has of course taken care of everything at home, as my submissive I fully expected that. I know he has missed me very much and my direction as I have missed him and his strength to carry me through daily.

I hate having to get out of bed to take a pee when its cold. Its cold where Mom lives. If he were here he would have helped me by drinking it as I lay in the warmth of the bed. I am also frustrated with some things here, so I could use a long session with him and plenty of orgasms. I can check out and relax with no cares what so ever as he services me!

My girlfriend I met here in blog land dumped me, that also sucks. I actually thought we were becoming friends. This goes to show that not everything and anyone is actually who they say they are. Live and learn I say and actually believe in this. I do miss her though.

My husband did such a good job with Thanksgiving I gave him a quick reward and let him quickly cum on my breasts and lick off his semen. He was so horny for me I sort of felt sorry for him. He came so hard most of his cum shot over me but if you look close you will see he had enough to savior and taste while he cleaned up.

While at Moms my sister asked me about why my husband kissed my toes when she was over last. I will post about it later.

I am looking so forward to my love session from my husband and I hope its tonight after family returns to there towns and homes.


6 thoughts on “Some Rambling Thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing, D.

    I’m sorry to hear that your friendship didn’t work out. I think a lot of people in the kink-world get accustomed to the comfort of anonymity and when other people get close it pulls them from their comfort zone. I have had this happen before as well.

    I am very much looking forward to hearing about what you told your sister. I am guessing the thought kept haunting her and it took her a while to build up the resolve to ask about it.

    Take care.

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  2. I echo furcissy! I’m really curious to hear about your conversation with your sister. I am glad to hear your mother is doing much better. My mom is gone and my father is getting frailer each and every day (he’s 87). I’ve had to deal with some situations this past year myself. Glad you allowed your husband to have that explosion. But now it’s your turn!! lol


    1. Hi Michael:
      Thanks for replying.
      I know I need my explosion’s and it may be happening tonight. We just finished putting up the tree, were gone all day to an unexpected funeral, being selfish I need to cum. The holidays are so busy for me.
      I am sorry about your Mom and hope your Dad is doing as well as can be expected.
      My Sister and I had a long several talks while at my Moms place the last few weeks. I may be able to help her after all. I will devote an entire post to it.
      It wont be exciting but it will be an inside look at vanilla vs Femdom.

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I personally am thankful and I made a new resolution to try to serve my Queen in a more satisfying way to make sure She knows I’m thankful to take this journey with her! I am thankful to find your site. Finally, someone to share and listen to. We are here to support you tooD!


  4. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Dorinda!

    I wouldn’t rush to judge your friend or believe something untoward. People have all manners of issues that they deal with and I would be willing to bet that she had something to address in her life.



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