Just a dream I had last night but felt I need to post about it.

I think it is because I have been much more horny the last few weeks and because I met a new friend that has helped me to think almost non stop about cumming.

It was a short dream, at least the parts I could piece together when I woke up with my pussy soaking wet. I was able to push three full fingers inside with no effort.

I have mentioned in prior blogs about my husband is a fateful cum eater, he always cleans up his semen after he releases.

In this dream there were two other men and my husband. I think I know who one of the men were but the other one I’m just not sure about. I don’t think it really mattered who they were anyway, more what they were doing is what was important.

You know how dreams are, they don’t always add up so I can not really say how the men got to the point of orgasm, I know I was not stimulating them, I am sure.

The first was ready to orgasm so I had him put his penis inside me as deep as he could go, he expelled a very full load. He did this without any in and out action, he just released his semen and then he pulled out.

The man I think I know was next, he did the same thing but I had him only penetrate me half way, he spent his seed as well, again no pumping or in and out motion. When he was finished he pulled his cock out being sure every drop was in side me.

Next was my husband, he put his penis in to where just his head was in side me but very little shaft. He held it there throbbing until a very large release of his semen gushed in to me. He pulsated and pulsated until his loins were dry, just like the two previous men.

By now the other Men were gone, I don’t know where they went. My pussy was filled to the brim with semen. I still had my legs up in the air and my ass at the edge of the bed from when the three spilled their seed in me.

I ordered my husband to get on his knees before me and start sucking on my pussy, the semen was overflowing down my asshole, I was as full as I could be, three full loads worth, he placed his open mouth around my gaping hole and started to suck. I slowly sat up as he drank down gulp after gulp of their Divine spunk. The more I sat up the more swallows he had to take down. Once I was empty of this love paste I laid back down and had him clean up the rest of my pussy and asshole that was covered in spilled semen, being sure that he did not miss anything.

Wow what a dream!


10 thoughts on “An Unusual Dream Last Night

  1. I am wondering how much of your dream is latent fantasy. You know one of the other male contributors of semen? Have you talked with your husband about this?


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    1. Hi Mel Thanks for your reply:
      I don’t think it a fantasy of mine; I am not interested in pulling a train for other men’s pleasure. I think it was more about forcing my husband to drink a huge amount of cum and clean my used pussy. I know of the other man, I have not met him.
      But why, I don’t know
      I have not told my husband, I don’t see how this would help anything.
      Thanks, D

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      1. I understand. There are plenty of delicious thoughts that have entered my realm of fantasy that are for me alone. But as Paul has opened up with me and given his trust to me with what he thinks of in terms of fantasy, I too am giving this to him. It is a difficult ocean to navigate. I am sure that there are areas that you need to be careful with given the situation of your past.

        The dream of giving your husband the mixture of semen from three men (including him) is very hot!


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    1. Michael:
      This blog is very personal, its my life as a FLR wife. I want people to see my husband servicing me, those are really pictures of him servicing me or my feet. Even drinking my piss. I of course cannot show to much of his face because of his status away from my control could be harmed.
      Some people are not open to this life style.

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