I got to sleep in today for one more hour, it was wonderful..

I woke up early thinking about a friend, I send her a couple e-mails while I laid here nice and warm. It is starting to get cool here. I drifted back to sleep for a while, it was so nice.

It is one of those kind of days that I just feel like laying around. I did not want to get out of bed but had to pee real bad.

My husband was already awake and out preparing a crock pot dinner for the family tonight.

I texted him to come in and take my load of nectar, within a few minutes he was here. Now that its cold I had to sort of get at an angle across our bed to stay under the covers, he got under the covers from his side at the foot of the bed, he positioned his mouth in the drinking position around my pee hole as I let it loose, OMG, what a relief to flow full force and drain my overly full bladder while laying in my warm bed. When I was finished he made sure to lick me dry of any drips.

I sleep with no panties on always.

I need to get up now that it has warmed up a little..


9 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time Morning

    1. I know it’s crazy but he has been doing it for a very long time. He is an expert. I think it’s about where he puts his mouth and surrounds my hole with his lips and keeps a suction on me while he consumes my load. I see some golden shower videos and they sometime pee in there subs mouth but the sub spits it out. We always do it my way, it seems like a waste if your man does not drink it all.
      Thank you Michael as always for your post.

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  1. I love that your husband gets up to get the crockpot started for the meal for your family! I am picturing your home filled with wonderful fragrances of the delicious meal and the scent of two people who are deeply in love with and love each other so deeply!

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    1. Oh Mel:
      His cooking is so good; He made a white bean with ham hocks dish with garlic bread. At home our roles are reversed as far as a conventional relationship goes.
      Two things happened with him and my pee, he had to put his face in my womanhood where even know he cleaned it the night before after filling it with his semen it still has the very strong smell of a used vagina, which I re-conditioned his mind a few years ago so he associates an erection with my smell, that used pussy smell now on his face and in his nose.
      Then of course I could stay in bed. I also like the power of feeling like I am cumming in his mouth.
      Thank you for your reply.

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  2. I am so curious as to how your husband does this with urine. Paul will go down on me in the morning following an evening of filling me with semen and cleaning me (invariably, he cannot retrieve it all) and there is always more that leaks out throughout the night. The “used vagina” scent is something that both of us know (Paul gets hard when he gets his face buried into me and that scent). I wonder what that feels like for you to have a sense of ejaculating into your husband’s mouth!


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    1. Hi Mel:
      Thank you for replying:
      How awesome your husband also experiences the used vagina smell in his face. I feel when a man can eagerly smell your used vagina and still keep his face in you and use his tongue you have a keeper. None of the previous men I have had would even think about it. Your husband is a good man it sounds like. The piss in his mouth thing is very powerful for me in my mind. One of my blogs I mentioned it’s like cumming in his mouth, like a man cumming in his wife’s mouth after she sucks his penis. The feeling is near the feeling of orgasm for me. Somewhere I changed and love doing this to him. There is also something very special about a man that accepts this gift from you. You should try it. Next time your husband is down between your legs cleaning up his mess and pushing you to another climax push some pee out while holding his face in your vagina. All he has to do is have his mouth open and in the right place, he can actually suck your urethra like a straw, it is wonderful.


      1. don’t you have to slow down when peeing so he can drink it all up? with my femdom, I can’t keep up. I have to collect the pee and enjoy it slowly soon after. And she lets me. She is lovely despite her seemingly stern looks and words.

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  3. The way that you describe this makes me so aroused and curious. I will talk about this with Paul and share your thoughts and experiences with him (or just encourage him to read your posts) and see what he thinks.


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