It was quite some time ago that my husband started mentioning during our love making that he wanted to clean up his semen from my pussy after we were thru. It was an odd request, very odd coming from him. At first I did not answer I just heard what he said. After he flooded me with his thick white slippery mess he forgot about his request anyway.

This was several years before he had another request, this request was that he wanted to serve me as a submissive with me in total and complete control. As this request was discussed over a few weeks, it became very clear, he also wanted me to be in total control of his sex and sex life.

This shift was a process as described in many of my blog posts, if you are interested please view them.

I started looking in to what a submissive does for his Dominant Wife regrading sex. I had never been the leader and demander in our relationship so It took quite some research. Anyway, so many references discussed that you as his master must control his ejaculation’s. Also several other hard core beliefs required him to clean up his mess or even another mans or several other men’s messes.

By now I had the general idea, I needed to plan what I wanted in my new sex life, how I could kind of do a 180 role reversal for both of us. I feel in a non femdom marriage the woman does what she can to please her husband, yes she may get some or even a lot of attention during his time of need to cum. It could be a dinner date or even a movie or massage, maybe a few orgasm’s but then its about doing what he wants until he spurts his thick white cream in you or on you. Then he is done!! Good night or bye he had to go somewhere, or engrossed in some stupid sports show, or anything but continue to finish your needs that needed to be met.

Our new sex life became all about me, always. First he had to fully comprehend his new role which he seemed to be very eager to do. By the way 4 years later he is even more happy to be in this roll as my submissive.

The very first thing I had to do was re-educate his thinking about his semen. He had to re-learn that any time he releases it he must clean it up.

We started a training session for the first week that he would do some kind of service for me, things like licking my womanhood or asshole, kiss my feet, suck my toes, to get him hard. Always reminding him he is my sub, I am in charge. I started him on hand jobs, but when he came he had to be serving ones of those needs I just mentioned. He would spend into my hand, I would try to catch this huge load. Then I had him open his mouth, I had to be very very firm with him and would pour his semen in his open mouth so he would have to swallow a large amount then he would lick my fingers clean.

This was done to re-educate or re-program his male mind. He had to learn the only time he could be excited and or cum was doing some kind of personal sexual service to my Body. I also used my soiled panties on his face and had him smell my female scent while coming too.

Anyway next was service me or at least his mouth and nose needed to be in my pussy, I had him put on a rubber and jack off or use a vibrator on his cock so when he spent his seed it was all collected in this rubber drinking vessel. After he was thru I waited no more then 2 minuets and I would carefully remove it and have him lay on his back while I poured his semen directly into his mouth, keep in mind some of these loads had several table spoons of his semen, he was still not fully retrained as he is today but he would take down his load and always had to thank me me for it.

Next was his own handjob squirting onto his other hand then licking it up. He had to be taught to clean his own mess. This phase of training went real well. He started to be OK with it finally.

This took two or three weeks, maybe a month, this is not a fast process. During this time his cock was not allowed inside my womanhood. The instructions he heard were very clear, their will never be the inside of my pussy again until he could eagerly go down with no prompt and clean his mess, a benefit is this is when my pussy is very sensitive so it is almost always another series of orgasm’s for me.

We graduated into where he could make love to me and as I expected, his desires to satisfy me include his always cleaning up his mess.

Its an everyday thing now and no big deal. The gain is you have a very devoted husband now!


15 thoughts on “How I trained Him to clean up his cum

  1. It sounds like you were able to create a couple of submissive mental space triggers and use them for both prep at the start as well as to re-immerse him into space to avoid the negative effects of him dropping out of space post orgasm. That is a very effective plan.

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  2. Hi Fur:
    Thanks for your comment..
    Yes I think you are right. I don’t think I relayed as well as I would have liked on how important it is for me or her to understand how powerful my or her womanhood can be over a man. I needed to change his brain to equate the smell of my womanhood, my asshole, my pee with his ability to achieve an erection and cumming. Also physical acts and sights needed to do the same thing to him.
    Then after my femaleness was burned into his brain, all of my parts and smells, his brain needed to respond with an erection any time this stimulation was provided. Then the quid pro quo erection and spending means cleanup, tasting and swallowing your manhood’s esence as the reward.
    It is a difficult task and takes commitment. However, I wanted to start our new sex life out on the right foot. He is so obedient now.

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    1. Dear Dorinda
      You say you are not a writer. I am new to your blog. But I am hooked ever since I started. The fact is that you write as eloquently as any prize winner author: “I wanted my femaleness to be burned into his brain”. It is now burning us, fans. And “I had him equate my womanhood, smell, and taste to an erection “. Who can write like this !!! I tell you: Your femaleness is overpowering. Your writing is overwhelmingly captivating. It is seared into my heart and mind. your husband loves you so much. We all wish we have relationship like you two.

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  3. Hi,
    I have been totally aroused by a dominating woman all my life. All my long term lovers tend to enjoy the sex and I get so much more from this relationship than when she is submissive to me.
    My current lover has tendencies of being submissive however she so much wants to please me she has been very receptive to my urges. I explained my toe licking and sucking enjoyment and my pleasure to give full body massages. Now every time we meet intimately this is our foreplay. Lately she has been satisifying me with her fingers too. She is not familiar with femDom but is receptive to the lifestyle and loves the attention I give her. I would greatly enjoy seeing her enjoy my cum from her pussy or her toes. That will be my next adventure and hope it will arouse her as much as it does me. I will see if I can get her to read your posts so she sees what turns me on. Thank you Ms D for being thee for us dutiful men!


    1. Thank you for replying L
      The arousal feeling you talk about is your natural male instinct working inside you. In our Femdom relationship this internal normal drive in my husband is what makes it work. This desire is used and controlled by me for my benefit and his, he wanted it.
      This exchange is not just during sex, it is used by me all day everyday. The payoff for him is feeling he is servicing me, he does most of the household work, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, etc. He does these things generally with an erection or being semi hard. He gets a lot of mental stimulation serving me.
      The sex part is actually a very small part of our relationship. Here he also services me. This is where I think most Femdom wife’s really benefit. Unlimited orgasms, personal service, etc. normally one to two hours of pleasure for me.
      Femdom relationships are not just sex, she will be in control, you will be controlled.


  4. Hi Ms D,
    I agree with your rebuttal. I love to be submissive to my lover which DOES go beyond the bedroom. When I am home alone i too get aroused while doing household chores. I tell my Queen that I will prepare my home to give her the comfort she deserves and it includes keeping everything in the house clean and fresh, (something she says that attracts Her to me). I like to have a smooth shave all over and feel the sensuality of my skin against my clothes or just being nude while during the chores. (I will ask her the next time I see her if she will allow me to have one of her soiled panties to wear during these chores or during play).
    I spoke to my Queen last night and we will be purchasing a strap on to use during play when she allows it. She is receptive to me cleaning my mess from her sweet pussy after sex, which is exciting and a first for me. (Just talking about it arouses me.) When we go to the adult store I want to have Her pick out an anal plug for me to wear when she tells me to. This femDom lifestyle is new to me and I am learning a lot about myself. My Queen is enjoying the body massages and attention I am giving her however from her culture, upbringing and past experiences she has never been exposed to someone like me. She loves me pampering Her and I am most definitely turned on by giving her this pleasure especially the toe licking, sucking and her caressing my parts of my body with Her Feet. Due to our own family obligations we have to wait until Monday to be together, (we are both monogamous with each other but we are in our fifties and have obligations). This takes away from the spontaneity but it does give us a chance to plan well. The periods of not being together adds to the longing when we can see each other. While we are apart I want her to know I deprive myself of any sexual self stimulation like masterbation other than the sensuality feelings during shaving and chores that I do during the preparation for Her arrival. I apologize for my rambling but this lifestyle is so exciting and I have no one to share it with except my Queen.
    I would love to hear more advice from you and want my Queen to add to the blog and suppose she may, when she is ready.
    I am indebted to You, Ms D


  5. When my Queen began Monday with Nipple sucking, pinching, biting and pulling, What a turn on! Turns out that is something She is into, who would have known! How selfish of me to want to lead her!
    Looking forward to next Monday😍.


  6. Great post! 2 weeks into my feminizing/ sissy sub training Stephie was eating her mess. No chastity in the beginning I wanted her to get used to doing it so she was allowed to cum a lot! I rarely allow her to penetrate me these days, I CHOOSE INSTEAD to have her fuck me as I command with my big vibrating strap on dildo . When she’s allowed to cum it’s by sissygasm with my now ejaculating strap on or by fingering her ckit tip, rubbing. ABSOLUTELY NO closed hand wanking. She will live, comport herself as my feminized sissy! A few times a year I do let her cum in me, immediately I faceset her and push it into her awaiting mouth then she knows to look cool my ass! Life is good

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    1. Hi FemdomK.
      This is another act he performs often. He has been cleaning his mess for a very long time now. It did take a while to break him as I said in this blog. I learned it all from reading thinks on the internet.
      Since you know I enjoy him drinking my pee, I have been thinking of a good way for him to drink his every so often. It is a turn-on for me thinking about it. I just need to figure out how I want it to impact his mental state.
      Maybe tonight. Tonight is his night to shave and cleanup my privates. He always does a cum cleanup and full nectar drink, maybe he will drink his own too..


  7. It’s such a great post. I like the idea of getting the sub to clean his own mess after orgasm.

    It’s not an easy process anyway especially after he got his release. Due to his selfishness, usually man will walk away with the mess after that.

    Thanks for your sharing.

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  8. My wife made me lick up other men’s cum not my own. The first time i tasted cum was when she put her fingers into my mouth, I was surprised to find out they were covered in fresh cum from a young guy she had just fucked. The next time she had sex with him I went into the van after he had left and she forced me onto my back and sat her pussy onto my face and told me to lick. She was very juicy after a couple of his loads in her but I could not really taste much. The next man she met she had me accompany them and she had me suck him and then lick her while they had sex. Eventually she had me lick fresh loads of cum out of her and from different parts of her body and some directly from her lovers cock. She was never mean or humiliating but she did dominate me and one step was to enter my ass with her fingers and then a vibrator. After licking many loads of cum off her there was just a few more steps in her total dominance but I was already conditioned to do what was expected.


  9. my wife made me clean cum from her but it was another man’s and once i did it I was a changed man but the cum cleaning was just part of a journey that went on for sometime. since then i have licked cum off her body in many places such as nipples and feet and have gotten used to licking her while she has sex with another man


  10. my wife made me lick cum from her but it was another mans’s to be exact it was two loads from a college student who had just had sex with her in my van while i watched from outside. I resisted at first but she had me by my balls and made me lay on my back while she sat on my face. After that i cleaned cum from her feet and nipples and back usually while the depositor watched. Eventually she had me lick her while she was getting filled with cum. I have come to like my job whih is very submissive


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