The last three days have been crazy, especially yesterday being Halloween, kids and grand kids over all day and night, trick or treaters, dogs barking. I guess just a normal household.

My poor sub has not gotten very much attention lately, yesterday he was only ordered to stop at grocery store on the way home from work, when he got home I told him to put on the purple panties with that white cock ring around his balls and cock, finish his pot roast he started before he left for work to serve for dinner, plus vacuum the entire house. Serve us all dinner and clean up.

You know the normal stuff, I was referring to the sexual stuff, I have simply been to horny to delay his tongue and cock in me.

Let me explain!

A girlfriend accidentally sent me a few pictures I’m sure were by mistake. There was one of her, a close up of her vagina and an other that showed her open legs tummy and breasts.

So here is were everything has just gone crazy.

I have never had any lesbian desires, the only close up of a vagina I have seen is my own, my Husband is ordered to take photos, you have seen a lot of them. Yes these pictures on this blog are my originals of me and him.

I started to look her pictures more closely, just out of curiosity. The problem is I started to look every opportunity I had. I started to see her beautiful vagina, her perfect lips, her clitoris peaking out from under her smooth hood in my mind.

As the day went on I stared to get moist, then wet, then actually wetting my panties thinking about her feminine beauty, now my pussy is throbbing.

Seriously throbbing and dripping only from the sight of her beauty.

What do I do about this? Feel guilty? What?

I did feel guilty for a while, now I continue to look at her womanhood, but now her beautiful brown nipples are on my mind constantly too..

The last two nights, I have had my husband eating my pussy and fucking the crap out of me, I almost feel I could not be satisfied until last night.

A normal session is he worships my body with love and tenderness, massage’s me, uses his mouth and tongue on my feet and toes, my asshole, then he concentrates on my vagina lips, and clitoris until I cant stand waiting to climax, his eager tongue finds my love hole, he penetrates it very deeply and hard in and out, while my vibrator pleasures my clitoris as I orgasm after orgasm and squirt my cum as he laps it up.

I have vibrator clit now. ( I cannot orgasm without it)

Last night was different. No foreplay, no submissive work other then directly pleasuring me. I was already soaking wet from day dreaming about sucking my friends pussy, this is all I could think about all day long and looking at the pictures she accidentally sent me, wondering what her love-nest would smell and taste like?

It was very late after everyone finally left. We were on our bed and I brought his cock right inside with no waiting. I rode wave after wave of orgasm. I had him pump his load deep inside me. This picture is the aftermath of his first load.

Being his FemDom I had him clean up the external mess and suck the rest of his load out of my swollen womanhood. I held his head while pissing my large load into his parched mouth, he gulped and gulped my full bladder of nectar.

Now I had him start his oral servitude. I had him go slow, I instructed him what and where to lick. I had him use his lips and tongue as I envisioned I would do to my friend. I stopped him and said, smell me, as I saw myself smelling her.

He sucked and tongued for at least 90 minutes and for the first time in at least a year or more I climaxed over and over and over in his face as she would be doing to me if I was sucking her beautiful vagina.

Wow, I need to rethink what is happening to me. I am not lesbian I am sure, but this is a new phase in my life I will continue to share about.

Thank you for listening.


12 thoughts on “The other vagina

  1. Thank you for sharing, D.

    For years I had carried a “typical male fantasy” involving two women in some capacity, usually serving them. This always made me feel a bit guilty, but over the past year or so I have discovered that a very large number of women are pretty open to sharing their desire to be with another woman, either 1 on 1 or a threesome. After reading about 6-8 women-authored blogs that managed to talk about having that fantasy I made a post about it and got a large number of comments sharing their desire for that as well. The one thing I can tell you is that you are not alone in being aroused, intrigued, or curious about exploring that. The deeper you go into the lifestyle and the less taboo things tend to feel 🙂

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    1. Thank you Fur:
      You are sort of my advisor lol. I do feel very odd, kind of guilty, I wonder if I would actually suck her if she was in my face. I have never seen the ultimate beauty of a perfect vagina before. Her smooth lips, her perfectly shaped clit, her legs parted in a way that said, please service my womanhood..
      I felt like a young woman again down there, so wet and had an instant orgasm when husband put his penis in me. I also think he is a little confused over the last two days. he does not know of this email or this blog. He has taken the pictures because he figures it is part of documenting his obedience to me.
      Crazy huh?

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      1. That is quite intriguing 🙂

        The general consensus I have found is that a lot of women find the female form to be quite beautiful. I enjoy it and also find a woman in the throws of sexual pleasure to be quite breath-taking. You definitely wouldn’t be alone in either of these 🙂

        In Femdom there is always the possibility of a F/f/m or F/F/m scenario, but those may just remain fantasies 🙂

        Just our of curiosity, but when you have had friends or your sister over, did you ever have something in mind if they requested to have your husband massage them?

        Take care

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        1. Fur:
          Frankly I don’t know anymore about anything, at least today. I am confused a bit with my insatiable desire for sucking my girlfriends pussy and the fact I have been considering your question before you asked it. This blog has turned on emotions I put away coming out of adolescence. I have daydreamed about them all pissing in his mouth via a home made funnel made from a 2 litter bottle, having him kiss there feet. But I dont want to share him, so I don’t no.. Right? already have in my mind the funnel?? Crazy right now.

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          1. This is quite confusing as these are unfamiliar feelings and desires. I do hope you teased your friend about sending the pictures to you by accident 🙂

            I have a Domme friend that has actually allowed a female sub to start teasing her male sub and she is a bit confused at the rush of feelings and emotions, especially since it turns her on quite a bit no matter what her logic and rational brain say about it.

            There might be something deeper as to why you both want to display him yet hesitate. I doubt the reasons are clear cut. e.g. part of you wants to have them envy you, part of you wants them to ask you why/how to make a man that way, part of you wants to have them see him as a great lover, etc.

            Two quick observations to think about:
            1. The fact that you are desiring to go down on her is consistent with the “top” role in lesbian sex, which is opposite from receiving being the “top” in Femdom.

            2. It might be interesting to ask your husband what he would think of all of this. e.g. you taking on a woman lover and making him a cuckold, him serving you and another woman, him be shared and passed around, etc. If it turns him on, you can then use it against him by teasing it and embarrassing him about it. You might have some fun with that in short run while you give yourself time to process and figure out your thoughts and feelings on it. There is a good chance he has already had a similar fantasy at some point (and you could always punish him for not sharing it with you earlier).

            Take care.

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          2. I think that I understand what you’re dealing with. I have expressed certain fantasies to my husband and in doing so, he relayed some of his to me. When the possibility of each of us moving towards a fantasy started to edge towards reality, I became more confused – worried and even scared along with the excitement (more to see my husband’s fantasies fulfilled than of my own).

            I love my husband and I love and NEED what we have in each other. We have cooled on the ideas of making fantasies a reality but we have also enjoyed an aspect of them in the form of role-playing. Something else occurred to me is that once I realized (within my soul) that my husband loved me and would give me anything, I understood that what I want more than anything else is HIM.

            I don’t think that it is wrong for you to look into yourself and enjoy certain parts of who you are. I don’t agree that viewing or enjoying fantasies about tasting, licking, sucking your friend’s pussy is wrong. It seems to be natural to allow yourself to understand who you are and what matters most in your life. Judging from your blog posts, your husband is all that is good and right for you.


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            1. Thank you Mel for your support:
              He is but as the day has gone on if she were here and interested I would eagerly place myself before her womanhood and service her as he does for me.
              I know a complete Role reversal, me serving her, my Husband serving me. If you saw her stunningly beautiful womanhood I think you would understand!!!

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  2. I don’t think that this is crazy. I find women to be sexy and our intimate parts are sensual and perfectly sculpted. I enjoy seeing women almost as much as I do men. I love my husband’s cock, ass, chest, hands, lips, legs! I can understand this entirely!


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    1. Thank you Mel for your reply:
      I have not felt this before so I am a little concerned. For the first time I saw and understood the beautifulness of a woman’s parts. Her parts are breathtaking. Also I am a relaxed woman this infatuation has my heart beating faster and consuming all my attention even today.

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      1. It is interesting to see the reversal expressed so vividly from you, Dorinda! I see from your pic in this post that your parts are pretty hot, too! Being flooded with semen is indescribable and something that I love to feel. I wish that we were able to be so bold and, perhaps share a real pic of us on our blog. But, we have to be careful with our identities online. You are so pretty and your husbands sexy parts are delightful!


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  3. Fantasy is a rich way of building excitement. My Queen and I often fantasize about others joining us and yet I don’t know if we’ll ever indulge in those fantasies. They do act to enrich our sex life when we use them. But we don’t use them often. Just occasionally. Nonetheless acting on your fantasies can work if both in a couple are in agreement and have similar fantasies.

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  4. I love the way you wrote this and love the whole concept you’ve subscribed. I also agree with Melinda that (for us) fantasies work well as fantasies (as does role play). Reality never seems to leave out the unwelcome stuff.

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