Today has been a very interesting day sexually for me.

My day started with my normal family duties at our home. Yes there are some duties he does not do for me because he has to go to work. Mostly family duties I perform for our children.

He has most of the domestic duties, cooking, cleaning, ironing, vacuuming, toilet and bathroom cleaning, etc and services me of course nonstop.

I have mentioned several times why I started this blog and read others, this is what is posted on my home page

“My life as a femdom wife. It took me a while to figure out it is for my own benefit, also, I hope, for other women to share about their issues they have with men like these. I am not a writer. I am a satisfied WOMAN.

I have been in contact with a fellow blogger. I contacted her via her home page contact me dropdown. She replied a few days ago and we started some email conversations. This is exactly what I had hoped for, the part about “for other woman to share their issues with men like these”

So off and on all day we have been sharing bits and pieces about our men and of course about our sex with these men. How refreshing it has been to hear from another woman about things like her husband eagerly licks and sucks his semen from her routinely. She will not allow a single drop to go un-consumed! Her husband can withhold ejaculation and orgasm in her until she is ready for his release. My husband also is a cum swallower, every bit of it, allways!

As our e-mail conversations got more detailed my pussy started throbbing and panties are soaked. Seriously, soaked!

How wonderful there are other women out there with so many things in common with me. This is actually more than I had hoped for. She is amazing.

Thank you to all of you followers and commenters on my blog, you are helping me grow sexually, especially in your wonderful replies and your own blogs since I follow almost every one of you that have been to mine and commented.

Tonight his tongue will be put to the test; I have not been this horny in quite a long time. Many many times he has gone well over an hour between my legs pleasuring both holes and my swollen clitoris but tonight may be a record for us.



4 thoughts on “Finally a connection made

  1. Yes Michael it has been very interesting and exciting. I am a fan of blogging now, since I started I have learned quite a bit. I have been a sheltered Dom (LOL) You have been very awesome in replying with very useful information and have definitely opened my eyes too.
    I enjoy your blog very much..

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  2. Meeting new people with similar interests is what makes blogging especially satisfying! Paul and I have met several people and we cherish them. But there is that one person who really made my participation in our blogging very special and I am so happy for that!


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