I have posted several times about why I started this blog. It was my goal to explore others quest to dominate their husbands and or begin a female led relationship. I have met via comments and followers, both directions, several interesting and many very helpful bloggers on these topics. I am kind of hooked now, I want to continue to share my life and dominance of my husband and get your opinions of your life’s and desires. Along the way I hoped to lead or at least help other women with there quest in taming or helping with dominating there husband.

As I have mentioned in several posts the importance of being in control of your sex, his sex, especially your multiple orgasms and his spending his load. His load once you allow him to cum  must be cleaned up always by him. All men need to be brought to this level of submission. In my experience, both mine did back then and yours now will balk at this when presented with your pulsing, oozing love machine once you push his face down in it.

Once you get to this point in your relationship, (I can help, please contact me) the point where he agrees to clean up his mess. This moment will come if you want it to, the control of him which changes everything in your relationship,  but mostly his loving attitude toward you and taking care of all your needs will be increased 10 fold.

Anyway the cleanup I was mentioning.

I found a wonderful blogger that has more information about helping you understand your mans inter workings, his mental and biological response to cumming and then his lack of desire to go any further.

It is https://theessenceofmakinglove.wordpress.com/

I wish I had this information when I started dominating him years ago, my husband has eaten every load he has filled me with for 4 years now, you can do it too (Dominate and control him). This blog has a lot of information on semen and why you should have your man take it, lick and suck you clean. Sometimes mine is down between my legs for another 30 minuets or more. If he is very deep when he spends then it takes longer before it oozes out. If he just has the head in then we get the big load running down my lips and over my asshole. I like the look of that way the best. It is not a femdom blog but all of their posts fit this lifestyle and will help you re-program  your man, or if you are a man, help you to learn how to pleasure your wife with many orgasms and becoming that special husband.

On another note, should we have him servicing me in red or pink? He is modeling for your approval without knowing about it lol


13 thoughts on “A very wonderful blog to help your man consume his Semen from your Womanhood

  1. He Likes the pink better too, you men lol. I am beginning to enjoy having him wear my panties. The other night I had him put on a pair of mine I had worn all day on his head with the crotch on his nose for a while. I wanted him to savor the aroma of my womanhood. He achieves an erection just from my smell. I think my training is paying off now.
    As always thank you for your time and knowledge to reply.


  2. Thank you so much for the kind endorsement of our blog. This is so sweet of you to think of us in this way.

    I couldn’t decide on the color, by the way.

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      1. I’m in a loving FLR, Shall we say her interests are currently chastity and semen recycling. Do you have to have any content from Melinda and Paul’s blog?


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        1. Hi H&H:
          I do not have a public contact for Paul and Melinda.
          I cant speak for them but their last posts were about a bad auto accident Melinda was in, She had a long recovery period, Somewhere in all that they decided that their direction in life was without blog.
          I had a wonderful relationship with Mel, we hit it right off after I started my blog. We conversed regularly for a long time.
          All I can say is that Paul, Mel and their family are doing good, last I heard from Her. I do miss Her.

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        2. H&H,

          We shut down our blog (as Dorinda mentioned) but either Paul or I would be happy to correspond with you regarding your questions.



    1. This melts my heart, sweets. We loved writing and sharing our experiences and it was so delightful to have feedback and others’ delicious experiences given back to us.


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