I had three girlfriends over the other night for a small get together. For the last few days he has been doing little things here and there so I would be ready. It was my turn to host this short quarterly chitchat.

He was trying very hard to have the place spotless and worked especially long and hard on the bathroom. The bathroom was sparkling and smelled extra fresh. It seems all I post is about pee lol. I enjoy watching him on his hands and knees around the bowl, if i told him to he would clean it with his tongue for me.

Before he went to work that day I had him bake his special double chocolate cake , he made his homemade black frosting and frosted it when he got home. (A side note, a few years ago I had him attend a 3 month cake decorating class that was twice a week. He bought all the tools of the trade and does an awesome job) I had him wear my panties each night in class since he was with several women, a reminder for him he is mine.

He served us hot finger food with various sauces and some good wine, then his delicious chocolate cake all the girls raved over. Of course he cleaned up while we chatted without me saying a word. Later that night he confided in me he was very hard the whole evening serving us lol.

Its was very nice, we had a great deal of fun and laughs over the few hours. They all commented and made some fun over what a well trained husband I have. (If they only knew he had a medium size butt plug in his ass and pair of my panties on under those shorts, and he is a well trained sub)

When we went to bed he gave me a massage for a while, after a while he was in a good position for me to play with his face with my feet. I had him suck my whole foot like I do, the idea popped into my head to have him cum on my toes then have him suck the cum off while sucking my foot like a cock.

It went over pretty well as you can see here in the picture. We will refine this act and I will post more about it soon. I just was not in the mood for a big session but thought he should have a reward under my direct supervision for serving 4 woman.

In the beginning it was so hard for him to clean up his mess, over time I trained him and convinced him if he serves me well, this is a reward. Now he just does it, if he cums, he gets it in his mouth one way or another. I really feel he enjoys it now. Because I demand it. Our rule is if he doesn’t clean up his entire load, their will be no more cumming there. (In me, on me, if I have him jack off with my supervision, like tonight.) He has never missed a cleanup in 4 years.


10 thoughts on “A new way for him to clean up

  1. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like fun. Did any of them ask, “so what’s your secret?” 🙂

    Just for the record, there is a gag out there that has various attachments that can be mounted on it. One of them is a toilet brush. There are also a small table, feather duster, ashtray, toilet paper roll holder, etc. I can supply a link if you are interested.

    Take care.

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    1. No, none of them did. I just don’t understand it. One texted me and said “you have one hunk of a husband you are so lucky” just like my sister, oblivious.
      As I have said, this is why I have started blogging. I want to tell someone. In fact I would love to be a FLR teacher for struggling wife’s. I think my next few posts will be about what happened and how we got to today’s behaviors. It would appear that it’s all sex in my relationship but that’s all I have posted. It’s a life not just sex.
      I would be interested in the link. I have seen pictures of a dildo on a gag; I would love to fuck his face while he smells my womanhood (his words) as long as the dildo has a lifelike texture. Cost is irrelevant, he makes good money for me..
      Thank you.

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      1. Thank you, D. I would have to imagine some are afraid to ask and others can’t picture what it would take to take a relationship to that point. It is a bummer that more women don’t take advantage of this, especially those who are single. The number of available male submissives outnumber female dominants by such a huge margin, anyone, no matter how new, will pretty much have their pick of whoever they wanted.

        The gag is called the “Humiliator.” A few stores sell it with its basic set-up under the name the “how may I serve you” gag, but that is not the name of the company that designed. it. Buying it direct from them is the only way to get the locking version. There is a dildo attachment option as well. This company has a good number of interesting devices that you won’t find in a lot of places.

        Take care.

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  2. Thank you for the link..
    I think the reason these woman don’t even ask anything is they are near 60 years old or older. I am almost 58. I think the mainstream femdom movement involves a much younger crowd. I feel this life style keeps my husband and I much younger mentally and physically then we are biologically. They could benefit but their husbands are probably old school. If my husband did not convert me years ago I would probably have turned out like them..

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    1. I will be very interested to know if you end up getting one of those gags 🙂

      I think some of Femdom awareness is rooted in tech savvy. I know that people who spent a lot of time on the internet generally had a much greater awareness of it than those who didn’t take to it early on. Smart phones have opened up a lot of new avenues as well. I am a bit biased 🙂 After my fiance passed, the next Domme I was in a relationship with was 25 years older than me. We have fallen out of touch, but she would be 63 now. Back then (her early 50’s) she would mentor quite a few newer Dommes in the 50-65 age range.

      24/7 Femdom definitely has a way of keeping the energy up and being excited about life.

      Take care.

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  3. Right my husband has more energy than any one I know, that’s for sure. I agree that it has to do with the life style. The whole idea and drive for me has evolved to keeping him horny daily, hourly.. what ever. We are past any sexual or relationship hang-ups. When you have a man that does nothing but want to take care of you, your every need, make your life as easy as possible, give you anything you want and he wants you to dominate him, control him, use him it’s easy to do with practice. A simple thing every few days like making him wear panties to work, have him consume my morning nectar, do my heels, etc keeps him almost full hard all the time, when I relieve him it’s still at his age lol 5 or more full pumps. He even gets aroused doing the house work and cleaning.
    I would love to mentor other women. If anyone is interested please contact me.
    Ill keep you posted on the gag, I saw they had a doc Johnson dildo attachment.. Thanks

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  4. I am so glad that you found our blog which also brought me to yours! I love that he is such an obedient and dutiful husband. Paul and I aren’t in the same situation as you but he is a man who passionately serves his wife. This goes both ways for us as I LOVE to serve him, too! He takes such good care of us with his work and how he stewards our home, inside and out. He is utterly amazing with how he gives to me with such recklessness in his attentiveness to my needs and desires.

    This post is so lovely and knowing that your husband serves to pleasure you is heart-warming. The pic of his precious love-gift across your toes is beautiful. It is so erotic to know that he cleaned it up for you both. My husband would clean his semen up and be so loving as to share it with me in a sexy, passionate kiss!!!

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    1. Thank you for your comments. It seems our husbands are very special. I really mean that to. Yours cleans you for both of you, mine cleans me for me and his mental state that he needs me to dominate him, this can be very dominating. You’re blog is awesome. I have never seen so much information on a man cleaning his semen out of his Wife, the how to, the why, and most importantly the male mind and body after he spends his load. The lack of interest he displays as soon as he starts to pump out that white goo.
      It took a while for my husband to eagerly suck and lick it from my pussy. After reading your blog now I understand why.. Thank you. Now it is every time with no hesitation. Like you published, every male can have their natural instincts reshaped and be re-trained.

      Where did you ever get so much information on this subject? The book you link to Amazon?

      I think if a man will clean up his mess from you, you own him. This is a good thing. In our cases we both love our husbands very much. I am so lucky to have mine. I feel you think the same of yours as you describe the closeness in your sex. Ours too. He has taught me to be his dominant but when the love making starts, it is love. He makes love to me as long and as hard as I like. He will not spend until I’m ready, he is my man, not a boy and then as you are well aware of the cleanup starts and with it cums more cum.

      In my blog I explained why he drinks my nectar, it is my opportunity to expel my load directly into his mouth. I feel like I am forcing him do drink my cum..

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  5. Dorinda,

    I am so overwhelmed by your comments. First, we both have amazing husbands which is nothing short of a significant blessing that I wish more women had with their husbands. Our blog is nothing more than two people sharing what has been a life-transforming experience that has elevated our intimacy into areas that neither of us ever thought could be possible. It may seem weird or odd to people that I love my husband’s semen as I do. I see it as part of his life-force and a physical manifestation of the love that his body produces for me. From the consistency to the aroma and the taste, it is pure enjoyment for me to receive it into my mouth. When I taste his cum after it has mixed inside me with my juices, everything is so much more intense as it is the product of our bodies coming together and blending. When he shares our mixture with me in a kiss, I am an overly aroused and out-of-control being that is clay in the master potter’s perfect hands.

    Paul is the research-minded half of our whole. He is the one who has spent the time unearthing studies, anecdotes and facts regarding the physiological aspects of intimacy. I am more of the emotional and willing lover who just wants to feel him and to share what is amazing about our physical and emotional love for our readers’ benefit. I think that it works well this way. I think that Paul just found the book and wanted to share it with our readers.

    I completely understand the desire to have your husband forced to drink your cum. Paul expressed that to me and that is why I like to straddle his face after he floods me with his semen and have him drink it all down. It is so much like enjoying his cock pulsing his gift into my mouth!

    I am so happy that you found our blog!!




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