I have received several e-mails on the general question of what is this femdom pee thing you seem to mention in many posts.

I will attempt to explain it; we have to go way back to the beginning.

The first time I felt it was the very first time my husband and I had sex 28 years ago. I was on the couch he had removed my panties after kissing and petting for a while and started oral sex on me. Even then he was an expert with his tongue, I was almost in shock, I had never had anyone lick, suck, and probe me like this. I had been married before and several boy friends over the years but there was absolutely no comparison. When I exploded in his face I squirted for the first time in my life, he lapped it up and tried to drink it and tongue me at the same time, then he stayed down there performing his magic until I was almost exhausted from very long and multiple orgasm’s. He was so patient and loving taking me thru wave after wave. I had never had a man stay down as long as I wanted before, when I thought he was done he would just slow down the pace until I was ready to go again and again and again, all the others were generally down long enough to get me wet so they could fuck me.

Right then and there I knew he was a keeper. OMG

From that day forward I have squirted hundreds of times, as he licks me, I cum so hard I  fart some times. There is no more embarrassment; he helped me to overcome that.

So when I was previously married and dated other men it seems like they all wanted me to give them a blow job and cum in my mouth. This was not so bad but when they were done with pumping out their load it seemed any romance was now gone, looking back I felt used. This I saw as a power thing for them, holding my head down with their penis in my mouth pumping out there hot load as I swallowed it all.

Fast forward to today. Now that he is my sub, I make him drink my pee like I am a male pumping my hot load down his throat. I think I am partially taking out my past on him. It is a power thing for me now, just like those men in my past using me, its a very powerful feeling. Actually nothing at all compares to it.

He has drank my golden nectar (what he calls it) almost everywhere. My favorite is right out of my pussy but you can’t always open your legs in public and force him to swallow your load. This is the superiority power position I like the most. I equate it to when a female is sucking a man off he is forcing his load down a woman’s throat. I am forcing  my load down his throat.  I do still get the tingly feeling in my pussy when making him drink me in public places by peeing in a cup or glass in a rest room or car and having him drink it.

He has consumed my load in restaurants, airplanes, cars, grocery stores, shopping malls, at home in the living room when guests are over, at friends’ houses, bars.. Everywhere!!

To sum it up it’s a power controlling thing I have learned to do and love it now. Also as his Dom I enjoy keeping him horny, on the edge, when he is horny he is much more loving and caring. He has been overly loving and caring for over three or 4 years now since I took on this role..

A full glass of my nectar for him
A full Glass of my load for Him.

3 thoughts on “Why the pee thing?

  1. Hi
    I am trying to get my wife to pee in my mouth just out of the blue.
    How does your husband handle drinking it at a restaurant?
    This is a Hugh turn on for me to service my wife
    I have been struggling with the desire and my wife will not take control of my desires to serve her.
    How did you become this way?
    We’re you always interested in this lifestyle?


    1. Hi Mike:
      Thanks for finding my Blog. It’s some of my personal life shared for others to see and learn about one style of FEMDOM.
      I talk about why I enjoy making him drink my pee in a few older blog posts. I have not been doing it as much lately but probably need to step it up again. Your answer is He does it out of serving me, it is not his favorite thing to do but the point is I enjoy seeing him drink me in public.
      I do not have any magical answers on how to convince your Wife that Se is really missing out not practicing FEMDOM. This is a very common question I get via email and replies to my posts here. For instance, I last posted about some special girlfriends of mine I had over for dinner a few weeks back, I believe they all want a man like mine but just are wired to be the old school view of a wife, even when they can still be the wife but get and maintain a much better relationship.
      Your Questions..
      How did you become this way?
      We’re you always interested in this lifestyle?
      I explain how I became this way in a many posts if you go back to the first ones. Simply put he wanted me to help him, since then I have developed into a much different Woman and Wife
      No, I never even thought of it. I was a vanilla wife so happy that this man wanted me to be his wife, like a fairy tale come true for me


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