My sister is here at our home visiting from out of town. We live in a very small community; she is from a hip coastal city.

It was so cute yesterday when he got home from teaching. The three of us were in the living room, she and I were watching TV, we just got back from a walk, and he was looking at amazon on his iPad. I had mentioned a few things we needed the night before; he was getting ready to order them and he asked, Honey is it OK that I spend $28 dollars at amazon? I did not think anything about it and just said yes. I noticed my sister had that look on her face like what the Heck after hearing our exchange? I thought I knew what she was thinking lol. (Why is he asking you if he can spend any money since he makes great money and works all the time?)

A lot of things started racing thru my mind about how he has told me it is OK to tell my sister about his submission to me, in fact he thinks if she became a DOM she would be able to keep a boyfriend but I have not told anyone and still have not told her. I don’t really know why?

I sat there and after a minute or two I asked him to come take my shoes off for me (Honey come over and take my shoes off), he sprang up off the chair, knelt in front of me and gently removed both shoes and socks. I rose one of my feet up to his face put my toes on his lips; he kissed them so I put my foot down and thanked him.

I could see my sister was almost squirming in her chair but did not say anything. After he made us dinner, he made her favorite shrimp dish; he finished up the kitchen and then served us chocolate cream pie he had made for me this morning before he left for his class.

It was a very busy day for him so after we were thru he picked up our dishes, washed, dried and put them away, said goodnight Beautiful and gave me a kiss on his way to bed.

She never asked me anything about his behavior. So she still does not know our secret. Of course no one does but you people reading this blog. She has always been a little jealous of me because he cooks and cleans, is employed, treats me as a queen always, etc.


suck my toes
Show my Sister your Submission!


5 thoughts on “Still my Secret

  1. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like a lovely day and entertaining for you.

    From the sound of it, there is a bit of a barrier between you and your sister. It could be a small one, but just large enough to instill doubt if she has a history of being loose with trust or making questionable decisions. Your husband may be okay with it but something is there nagging you to hold back.

    Her reactions also seem like she perceives the behaviors as “unnatural.” Not in a bad way, but something that goes against her perception of how she believes men normally act. She can’t picture finding that type of man because she has never seen another. She can’t picture having a man treat her that way because none ever have before. Unfortunately, these are some of the reasons why there are so few dominant women out there.

    Take care.

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  2. I know, right? Why doesn’t she ask????. She and are quite a bit different, I would have been nosey and asked if it had been her having her toes kissed. The thing is my husband is a totally normal Man except in our relationship and interactions. I won’t let him kiss my feet in front of our kid’s ether but they were not here. They are aware of him taking care of all my needs but it stops there. They are all grown Men and have become gentleman and do a lot for their women because of his example to me.
    As I mentioned he thinks I should help her become a femdom in a woman led relationship so she can have what I have but I’m afraid to tell her directly, that was the best I could do but she missed it..

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