Have you ever had one of those days where your mind will not rest, primarily, thought after thought of sex?

After the deal yesterday with my Sister, then reflecting on the opposite, my blog commenters and the blogs I comment on and follow, what a crazy life I have and world I live in. The blog has opened my eyes and mind, not sure that’s good or bad yet?

My plan started last night when I came to bed. He was already sleeping. I just looked at him and thought about our life. The entirety of it, is it good or bad? Is it worth it or not? All I could think about was one of our long term sessions. I knew I will have to wait until at least tonight, I almost woke him up but felt I would be better served and serviced If I keep him hard as much as possible all day tomorrow. I got up and had another glass of water then back to bed.

He gets up a few hours before I do. On his way out he comes into the bedroom and gives me a kiss and says goodbye. (A must each day or night when he is leaving the house for any reason)

If you follow me you know what I had in mind. I was ready, completely full, I pulled the covers off, opened my legs, our sign it’s time to drink my pee directly from the tap.(No words spoken) He got himself and his mouth in position as I released my full load into his waiting mouth, it took near a full minute to fully expel. When he gets in position my lips go around his lips so he is inside me. My woman smells getting on his face. Then my woman’s tastes, going down his throat like a fine wine.

All day or at least for a while I will be on his mind and his penis will be thinking about me as well. lol

Like I said above, my plan from last night is beginning.

I had him get a pair of panties out of my dresser and change into them before he left to work, a nice silky beige pair. The poor guy was already fully dressed lol. Then I fell back asleep until 7 when my grandson came over for the day.

My sister is still here so it will be a busy day at the house. We have dinner and family time tonight, I don’t know exactly what that will bring but when we finally go to bed, I plan on him taking a very long time tonight with a full service. This is one of the best reasons to go DOM.

My feet need his attention, my heels need his service, my full body needs lotion, both side of my legs, front and back, my ass massaged, a full body massage, full oral servitude, both front and back holes, a long vibrator session with my mona 2 while he makes passionate love to both my holes with his tongue, in and out as deep as he can go, and then a good solid fucking from him.

Where does my mind go sometimes?

Some pictures of previous sessions, I will have more pictures from tonight for later posts!

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