He was teaching this morning, when he came home I told him we were going to the mall. I needed some new bra’s. Victoria Secrets has a model that fits me well and the shoulder straps seem to not always fall down when they get used a while. I enjoy being with him in public in places with a lot of women, I get twinges down there sometimes when they slyly eye him as we walk by. I get a kick out of it because its my hand he is holding, and my pussy that controls his life, not theirs.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way there, I had my skinny vanilla latte, he had a triple shot coffee..

We finished our coffees as we talked on the way. When we arrived at the mall he removed the cups from my car, he was going to throw them away on the way in. I told him I still wanted my cup so he gave it to me. We entered the mall in the food court area where they have several eateries and such, and the restrooms are near by.

I told him to wait at one of the tables while I used the ladies room. I brought my Starbucks cup in with me and rinsed it it in the sink. I brought it in to the stall pulled my panties down from under my sun dress sort of sat down. I opened my lips with two fingers and placed the cup below them. I was nearly able to fill the cup to the top, probably an inch below. I placed the plastic top back on the cup. I cleaned my self up with the crappy toilet paper they provide, pulled up my panties and left the stall. After washing my hands I returned to where he was sitting.

I handed him his drink and said drink this all before we get to Victory Secrets. I have to say I just love, love the look on his face as he started to drink his still hot wife’s honey nectar..

I did it because I wanted him to also be aware of whose pussy he serves while being eyed by these other woman mentioned above and also so while we are picking thru bras he has my taste on his breath. I don’t know how other men drink there wife’s pee but he really loves it, (well it seems he does because he never complained before about having to drink it often) and drink it fast with no hold back, even when he is taking it right from the tap I can and do go full force into his mouth, he drinks every drop with no spillage.

It was a good shopping outing, I found two bras that fit well and the colors I liked. We ran into one of his employees and his wife, it was fun meeting them, I wondered if they were able to smell my pee as my husbands talked and warmly introduced me as his beautiful wife.

We are home now he is at the grocery store shopping. He has to teach again early in the morning tomorrow so he is trying to get his house work done so he can rest a little this evening after he prepares dinner and cleans up the kitchen.

9 thoughts on “Our trip to the mall today

    1. I understand her position. It took me years to be where I am today. Remember he was the one that brought this life style to the table. I was not born a dominant like a lot of the bloggers I read here are. I really think my blog almost a femdom is an accurate description of me. I will never go back now to being vanilla, my mind has been warped and forever changed. I love being serviced. It makes me feel so powerful. Some people say this is not for everybody, I understand because it took me some time (years to become forceful and dominant) and then you start to see the growth in yourself as a woman.
      Now the pee thing is a power position so I use it a lot

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  1. My Girlfriend and I have done this incredibly power Femdom drenched act numerous times. It’s an incredibly erotic way of consuming and sharing her hormones and Woman Juice.

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  2. Hi Dorinda,
    Yes, I plan to keep up with your blog, please keep it going. Our relationship is very similar
    to yours. We are a little bit older, but got a late start. It will be fun to see where we might be in 3 or 4 years.
    I usually only get her morning pee, but on special days, I get all of it. We found out the she can only pee on the toilet, so I baught a porta potty on ebay. I put a towel down at the foot of the bed, and another towel rolled up for under my head, and the porta potty over my head. She has a slow release, so I can usually catch all of it.

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    1. Hi Cincy, you two sound as kinky as us, that is great. It took me a while to be able to pee so freely, I also had to do it sitting like your Wife, I had to sit on his face but it was still difficult because of the awkward position and it would be uncomfortable with my legs open around his big shoulders. Laying down however is so relaxing it is easy to just let it go with very little effort.
      Is She your Dom or is She peeing for your satisfaction? Does it get you horny?


      1. Hi Dorinda, I am her submissive husband, she is becoming a little bit more dominent, she likes to get her own way and now she gets it without an argument, so I know she likes that. She likes to keep me horny and on edge all the time, so she teases and denies my orgasms.
        The pee drinking and cum eating just make me feel so submissive to her, and the pee treat is also a huge turn on, and it always generates a lot of pre cum.


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