Don’t worry I am still in total control. I was reading another bloggers post the other day, while reading it I got that little twinge down there and the feeling of wet coming on. It was a wonderful short piece of giving a sensual blow job. Not a quickie but one that takes time and patience. I have not swallowed his load in a very long time. I have nothing against it in fact I like it but since taking on the FLR Dom role I get to much pleasure from him cleaning up his semen from me after we make love. It’s a power thing.

He came home from work and as always he came to where I was sitting and gave me a kiss, asked what I wanted him to prepare for dinner then went to the bedroom to put on his shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. After a minute I got up and went to our bedroom where he had gotten undressed down to his underwear and was laying on our bed looking at his cell phone. I told him to remove his underwear and put his hands under his butt and keep them there and stay on his back. He was completely soft; this is a little odd because normally when I have him do something he is half to fully hard. He really gets off on servicing me. I took him into my mouth and slowly started sucking and using my tongue on the head of his penis. It took him a little while but as it grew I pulled more and more of it into my mouth. Once he was fully erect as I sucked I also used my tongue on the underside of his penis just behind the head, as if I was licking a lollipop. With each stroke I am keeping my tongue messaging that special spot as I went in and out over and over again. I did not use my hands at all; normally I probably would have squeezed his balls to remind him of my control. When I do squeeze it is nothing gentle, he feels it in his lower stomach area for a while, I do believe he enjoys that. (Odd)

Toward the end I felt his penis start to expand, the sign he is about to expel his load. I tightened my lips around his shaft with by tongue continuing to massage his sweet spot in and out while he let lose 3 huge spurts then several small ones. I was barely able to keep him in my mouth and swallow it all as I was fighting my own gag reflex.

I kept him in my mouth until he went mostly soft again.

I’m a time freak so start to end was only around 9 minutes.

It was worth it for me to be able to remember the taste of his delicious semen, but I was now drenched, my panties were actually wet to the touch. I did not have him service me because I need to finish with a good fucking by him every time we have any sex, since he just finished I will wait for another time. Of course I could have had him service me orally for an hour or the time it takes to have several orgasms. I could have pulled out my mona 2 vibrator while he deeply tongue fucked me but that’s not enough, that’s always a starter but I need to finish with his penis in me.

He so very much needs to be my sub or feel he is always doing something for me led to him giving me a full body massage both sides before leaving the bedroom. He then made me a late delicious spaghetti dinner with garlic bread.. Then of course, he cleaned the dishes and kitchen then I had him quickly run the vacuum in the living room where I was watching house hunters before going to bed.

last night

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