I can’t get over the feeling of power I have over my husband. If you have read my posts you will understand my position. Lately it has felt so good, if I think about it even a little I start to get wet. After he did his full service I decided to suck him for a while to warm up his semen production before making love to me. When I was done and allowed him to empty his balls I had him take a picture of his mess before he cleaned it up. Just like he has done each time I allow him for several years now. He had quite the load to clean up.

The point is generally after spending the male is done with anything sexual, even if he agrees to do it beforehand. Mine does it for me on command. It’s just part of our everyday life.





2 thoughts on “Feeling of Power

  1. It sounds like he is well-trained if he is able to maintain a proper mindset after expelling his seed. This can prove problematic for many men, although certain acts in its immediate aftermath do well for re-centering a wandering mind.

    Take care 🙂

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  2. Oops, I placed an older cleanup photo by mistake. I have a lot of pictures of him and us. He keeps me trimmed not shaved completely any more. We discussed this and decided it is more womanly to have hair there. Like I have also posted I enjoy the time he spends shaving me, it takes much longer to do inside my lips and along the edges..


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