Its another good day here. Same as usual woke up to subby hubby doing his normal routine. I have been reading a bloggers posts on feminization of males in general. My relationship is not really about that but the topic interests me a bit. With that in mind I had him put on some of his panties under his shorts and had him push the baby stroller the whole one hour walk. This is crazy but I also tied some nylons we have used for this purpose around his balls very, very tightly to give him a little stomach pain to emulate what it was like when I used to have my period. His balls were exposed kind of what a light bulb looks like. We go on a three mile walk so about each mile we stoped I had him open his legs and i slapped up at his crotch so he could have the little tummy area ache.

After our grandson was picked up I had him shave me but did not allow him to cum or even touch his penis, just take care of me. We are flying tomorrow so I wanted to be smooth down there so when I rotate or turn my hair does not tug on me.

This is not meant to be pornography, just to show the way this woman has her subby groom her..


7 thoughts on “Should I feminize my subby hubby

  1. Hello D.

    This is an interesting topic as people do it for so many different reasons. Panties under the clothes is very common in the Femdom lifestyle even when feminization is not used. I know a good number of Dommes that just enjoy the control it symbolizes.

    As for going farther with it, it varies on a case by case basis. While I am submissive in my own right, feminization seems to unlock an “extra gear” of submission in me and I plunge deeper into submissive mental space, more closely resembling a slave. This mindspace can also be “undone” simply by having me change back into male clothing.

    It seems that your husband is already well-trained and obedient, so it is probably unnecessary to use it to make him to be more submissive, but that also provides some allure on its own. Since it is unnecessary, it becomes about power, control, and other sadistic tendencies. It can be quite effective if you want him to squirm uncomfortably for your amusement or make his head spin with the thought of potentially showing him en femme to a friend.

    A factor that doesn’t get discussed that much is that feminizing a well-behaved male sub creates a sort of emotional turmoil that isn’t always obvious from the outside. A sub that is well-suited for a 24/7 FLR situation likely is able to reach a mindstate where he honestly believes and feels like he exists for you and your benefit. This allows him to suppress his own personal comfort and feelings because they are unimportant in comparison to your comfort and feelings. Feminizing him would inject a sense of self-consciousness that he can normally ignore. He then faces the inner-conflict of having to force his desire to serve to overpower the self-consciousness and embarrassment.

    This can also be manipulated against him, e.g. you could tell him it is selfish of him to want to wear something other than you have chosen for him, since he is there to meet your desires and you desire to see him dressed that way. This then feeds the shame spiral and he will desire to serve while feeling embarrassed for both what he is wearing and that he has desires that conflict with yours. It is an exquisite form of mental anguish.

    As you read this, I’m guessing that this either seems very intriguing or needlessly cruel and not something you would subject upon a loved one. That reaction should give you some indicator as to how you would want to progress with it 🙂

    That usage of nylons to simulate period cramping is new to me. Thank you for sharing it. I am always interested in the different ways that women go about in their attempts to have a man experience similar types of discomfort. One common one is having the man wear diapers for the duration of her period (in some cases he had to soil himself and in others it was simply for the discomfort and shame of wearing diapers). A maxipad in the chastity device was another that had to be changed every time he used the restroom. I had also known of using a tampon in a way that was not healthy or sanitary so I would prefer not to repeat it.

    Take care.

    A few links to blogs that I know practice feminization:

    Sadly, the last active female author that actively wrote about this in their lifestyle passed away in late 2015 and the blog has since been removed.

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    1. In a short while I have come to totally respect your opinion. I was somewhat premature in my post because I don’t want to feminize him any more then having him wear panties. You are so very correct in all you said. I guess I try to push his limits sometime, I was kind of bitchy this morning. A very accurate point you made and I know with all my heart he would die trying to please me, any way, any time as you indicated. This is a gigantic power, He is a mans man and his world is a macho mans (what he does for a living and therefore his life) so I don’t tread as hard as other Doms..

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      1. Thank you very much for the kind words.

        Stretching limits is another interesting aspect. If it touches the sub deeply it actually does seem to “stretch” things in a way where it doesn’t return to its original shape. This process can even be addicting for both parties.

        I am able to gather a bit more from your response here. There are some out there that would see the macho man as the type they would most like to feminize at home. But there are others who would rather keep that side of them intact. Either way is good as long as it matches what you desire 🙂

        Take care.

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  2. furcissy:
    Your answer post was very good and made sense as to how far you want to push someone.
    I am not saying you are wrong in any thing you said. From my stand point I feel it is best to always feminize the male so you have total control at all times. But that is just how I feel and as you said it depends on how much control and humiliation you want to put upon the individual. You put it in a good perspective.

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  3. Dorinda,

    Only you and your husband can know how to proceed and I suspect that you and he both know what you want for and from each other.

    On a different note, I LOVE how you both use shaving as such a tender and intimate activity. The trust we must give to our men to bring a razor so close to our most delicate parts is tremendous! I haven’t had Paul shave me for quite some time (I do this myself and he does his own areas for me). but I am inspired by you both! My goodness how sexy you are! I do enjoy seeing other women’s intimate parts and how beautiful and individual we all are. We are all unique! You are gorgeous, my dear friend!


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    1. Mel,
      OMG, it so very relaxing to have him shave me. I agree that there must be trust being so close and inside to my love nest (his name for it).
      There are three very special and the ultimate in relaxation that I have him do for me. The shaving is the best; he takes a lot of time like half an hour. He also does all the way down including my asshole, talk about trust? The razor is on the hole! He is so very gentle and does the entire job two or three times to give me more purring time. Next is him working on my heels and toe cuticles. Next is giving me a rim job for a long period of time. It is so very relaxing.
      These are just a few of reasons to control your husband, he gets what he wants (to service my every need) and I get enjoyment..


  4. Hello and congr for your blog!!!
    I like it very much… so human, so real!!!!
    For me you must feminize your husband.
    Panties, bra, stockings, dresses, skirts etc.
    You will enjoy him (her) at the new role.
    You must find a feminine namefor your new her too!
    Nice to read you!



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