I was thinking about how wonderful life is for me. Being Saturday and he is off work, my kitchen was spotless, my light breakfast was prepared and ready when I got up. One of our sons had dropped off our grandson so I could watch him while he and his wife were at their jobs. My husband was taking care of him so I could sleep in. We went for our hour walk with the baby, when we arrived back in our neighborhood one of our other sons was out front of our home playing throw the ball with one of the dogs.

I needed to start to get ready so hubby continued to watch our grandson. I am going to get my professional pedicure this AM. My husband does the duty in between them. They always ask how my feet and toes stay so nice lol.

I look around, our pool is shimmering, the carpets spotless, our children are healthy, life is wonderful..

That’s all I wanted to say. You see, I have a normal life too. Not just femdom routines. So many of his duties are built in our day to day life’s, it is so nice to be taken care of..

I need a (want) new pair of shoes so after my pedicure he will take me to lunch then shoe shopping. He has told me he would love to kiss my feet when he puts on the shoes I am trying on as a show of submission to me to other woman but I have not been that brave. Maybe today?


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