Just another day.

Last night he came home, he always (every day) comes to me, gives me a kiss then gets on his knees in front of me and tells me he loves me, made dinner, we sat at the table just talking about what’s new in his life and me in mine.

I was tired I guess because I watch our grand son all day. I told him to go draw a warm bath for me before cleaning the dinner mess. While in the Bath I watched some of my shows I enjoy on my iPad.

When I was done I texted him to come in the bathroom, I had him dry me off, and get the bed ready to do me. I guess we do this a few times a week. I have him do my heels and put moisturizing cream on both sides of my legs and feet and give me a body massage. It seems this is for an hour or so

The difference and why I am posting is I had him put on a cock ring. I read it makes your man harder. We need to figure it out because he did not get fully hard as shown while doing my feet. He only gets around 5 or 6 inches maximum anyway which is sufficient for me to orgasm as many times as I have the strength for.

He did have pre-cum dribbling out so I know he was interested. I had him take it off when we made love because I like it when he bottoms out in me when he is ridding me hard.

I don’t get any sexual pleasure from him sucking and licking my feet but it always makes him very horny.

I like to keep him horny because he wants to be closer to me when he is. This is why I keep him hard daily even though he does not normally release but every few weeks. Or sometimes a few days in a row when I need it.

This made him too small
I have suck my toes as if he was sucking a cock

7 thoughts on “Just another day but with a new toy

  1. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like a lovely set of rituals. There was a time in my relationship where we had many of those and I remember them quite fondly.

    Cock rings are an odd one because their stated design and use never really compensates for anatomical differences. The universal is that it makes it harder for a man to ejaculate because it prevents the scrotum from pulling in the way it wants to. In regards to the other aspects, it depends heavily if the man in question is a “grower” or a “show-er.” They don’t affect the size if show-ers much but they will reduce the size potential and hardness of a grow-er. This gets exaggerated even more if the man is carrying any extra flesh on his pelvic region. Men with tight scrotums may also have diminished results with a cock ring.

    Take care.

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    1. Thank you so much for replying with all this information. He seems to be in the middle of the two types you described, some always shows but at least doubles when erect. Its funny these kinds of questions and feedback cant be obtained from any of my friends. He doesn’t cum until I am ready anymore. The reason I got this, it was in a pack of a few sizes, this was the largest but with no instructions. The reason was I read it makes penis bigger. One thing I did not mention was I enjoy slapping or squeezing his balls on occasion so his balls were perfectly placed forward so I took the opportunity to slap them a few times. They were very tight and venerable so I took advantage. I think he likes the aching after they get hit just right. We will continue to investigate there use, maybe buy some different ones.

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      1. You are welcome, D. My decade plus long search for a chastity device has led to a lot more information than I had ever sought to know about the variances in male genitalia 🙂

        If he doubles, he definitely falls into the grower category. Apparently there are men that barely change in size when erect, it just goes from flaccid to upright with a minimal change in length or girth. Growers have a lot more blood vessel distention during an erection and this can supply over 100 lbs of psi force. Cock rings have a tendency to restrict the blood flow and vessel expansion in those types on a negative way.

        The forward shift does have its benefits as you described 🙂

        One thing that may work better is an adjustable leather cock strap/ring. These are basically like a collar or belt that fits like a cock ring and buckles on. While there isn’t any stretch it would let you experiment by adjusting the sizes so you may find a setting that works perfectly for your purposes. Many of these also have a D-ring to serve an attachment point for a leash, padlock, etc. It also mentally feels more like a bondage device.

        There are also metal rings that can be bolted or locked in place if that is something that appeals to you. I have also seen length extensions, sleeves that increase length/girth and the like, but I do not have any experience with these except for a now out of production item that attached to the ring from the original CB-2000/3000 line that no longer exists.

        Take care.

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  2. Cock rings help retain blood in the penis. This makes it harder when erect but to get the effect the male must have an erection. Likewise the erection will tend to last longer because the blood can’t drain from the penis easily. Depth of penetration shouldn’t be effected. Try it again, but cause an erection and see the effects then.


    1. Thank you very much for your valuable time to reply. He always stays hard for long enough to exhaust me. He wont release until I say to. I think one of the problems is the way it makes his balls go forward preventing him from burying his penis fully. I do like the idea of it staying hard longer after he spends in me. This would give him more time before going down and consuming his semen for me.

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    1. No Melinda its not, I really enjoy your feedback. We have been trying some new things and it was supposed to make him bigger I thought, not smaller. Some of my commenters make me think we just need to figure it out and or get the right size. I am in no way insinuating he is very big, just that we need the right size.

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