I have been holding back on letting my husband cum for a few weeks now. I’m not mad at him or anything; I’m just letting him want me more each day. He can’t help himself. Being in control of our sex life he does not press me for sex as he did before I became his Dom. It was endless at times in those days. Now he does anything I need or ask but waits patiently for me to allow him to release.

I had him take a shower with me the other day, I needed my legs, pits, and pussy shaved and my body washed. I love the time he spends on me, it is so relaxing, and it is surreal. It takes some time to shave my pussy because he only does outside to my bikini line on my tummy and thighs, then on the edges of and inside my lips, and smooth and clean around both holes.

I washed him, his arms and upper torso first, then his legs and feet. I had him rinse then washed his hair. I sat down on the built in bench as he stood in front of me and started soaping up his penis and balls, I had him turn around and soaped up his ass and between his ass cheeks. As I was washing between his ass cheeks my finger found his little pink hole so I pushed my finger in slowly all the way in as deep as I could go then out slowly several times picking up more soap lather with each thrust. I told him to relax and put one leg up on the other bench to give me direct access to my wide open play spot. I soaped his ass up real good and started with two fingers in and out slowly stroking his penis to the same rhythm. By now he was actually moaning like a woman begging me to please fuck him, now three fingers as deep as I could push them in and out. I could feel his prostate with my fingertips as they went over and past it with each stroke, him rhythmically moaning when my fingers put pressure on it as they slid past each way. I slowed him down because I wanted him to enjoy it for a while, as well as me enjoying my man beg me to fuck him. I stopped jacking him off and just pumped his gaping hole for a while. As a woman this is a feeling that you hopefully can experience at least once in your life. He can take three fingers easily because I sometimes have him wear a butt plug that is fairly large, mostly on the weekend when he does the bathrooms and vacuuming, etc.

I started squeezing his penis just below the head, I started to fill it expanding so I told him to put his hands together and catch the load, he blew a huge load, pump after pump with my fingers massaging his prostate. He caught most of it but it shot so hard some splattered out. He almost collapsed so I guided his soapy ass to the bench. He was looking completely spent; I told him to go ahead and drink his spunk and clean it off his hands and fingers. He gladly did it.


3 thoughts on “I let him finally Cum

    1. Wow, good for you, 9 months awesome. I don’t normally hold him from releasing but since I started reading and writing this blog I got the idea to try it. He is always so attentive even right after he cums so that was not really my motivation. My intentions were not to get him off when I had him service me (his term) in the shower but when my finger hit his anus a feeling came over me that I almost could not control. It feels good to fuck your man, I never knew the pleasure until he gave over his sex and domestic life to me a few years ago..

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  1. I frequently try analyzing why I want my wife to control my orgasms. I love the feeling of having them but the desire to have her control me seems to trump that. At least for the periods of time we have used so far.


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