I was reading and responding to some other blogs on wordpress regarding FLR, Femdom, and Dominatrix’s the last few days. I felt compelled to post some more about my position on controlling my husband but specifically his/our money and and what does that mean in our relationship.

Please read one of my previous posts  Femdom Wife and Husbands Money This explains my situation pretty well. Then this will make sense.

After reading some other blogs it seems like it may be more difficult to control a subs financial status or his money for your benefit, its easier to control his penis or his ejaculation schedule. In my case I control all of them. I don’t restrict what money he gets because he does the shopping for me and the family. I think as a Dom Wife it is only natural to understand and control household finance, well all finances. What’s odd about all of this is he is not a push over in any way. He is a leader everywhere he goes, he is 6-2, 200 pounds, strong, handsome, and the type that feminists would hate because he is successful in everything he touches. He could have any woman he wants. He does not want anything except to take care of and service me. As soon as he comes home he drops on to his knees and gives me a kiss. All he lives for is for me to be happy. I have to keep making up ways to use him. He has balked at nothing.

He loves to buy me things and for me to spend our money on my self, but really I don’t need anything anymore.

My FLR is far from just sexual control like a dominatrix may do, its about feeling comfortable being in control of a man, full control, and enjoying it. He is my maid, house cleaner, cook, masseuse, sex machine, provider, lover, husband, father, protestor, all in one.

Thank you all for any replies on other blogs. I am trying to understand this subject and what is real in this life style, you have been very friendly and helpful.

4 thoughts on “More about my FLR Financial control of my sub

  1. Why do you call your blog Almost Femdom? Giving your husband your pee to drink, controlling his finances, and dominating him in the bedroom sounds like a full-blown femdom relationship.


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