We are getting ready to go on our hour long walk this morning. The weather is absolutely beautiful. Or course before I got up he had the kitchen spotless and all the dishes put away from the kids. He keeps the kitchen clean but at night after he is in bed inevitably one of the kids has a snack or a full blown dinner Lol.

I had him order a few things on amazon for me. When we get back he will wash me in the shower, shave my pits and legs and cleanup my crotch. I might go with him to the grocery store I’m not sure yet. I actually enjoy watching other women seeing him doing the shopping. I think it makes them envious because he is strong, healthy, and handsome.


In the afternoon I was in the bedroom talking to a girlfriend on the phone making travel arrangements to visit her several states away. I was in a playful mood so I had him come to our bedroom, strip naked and lay at my feet for some submissive time. I love to see his penis stand at full attention when he services me. I was on the phone for around 40 minutes, the way he was throbbing I thought he may cum but he did not, he was dribbling a little cum though. As always I grabbed and milked it onto my finger tip and he knows to open his mouth and I wipe it on his tongue and smile. I feel he is getting close to needing to blow his wad. I have been edging him for a few weeks now, he is hard most of the time it seems.

The last few nights he has been at full attention, rock hard, an indication of the build up of his seamen, while he does my legs and feet. I am trying to get the energy up for a orgasm session, I need the strength because I cum so many times during them.

Licking my feet like a good Husband
Suck my toes

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