I have not let my husband cum in over two weeks just because I can. I have been in complete control for over five years now.(not really sure, a long time) It has taken time to accept my internal desires. I have mentioned before he helped me to see that as  a vanilla wife I could look deep inside my self and sort thru my life’s turmoils that I carried and that controlled me as he patiently turned me in to a dominant wife. I was thinking that it was such a struggle when the boys were growing up. He was a big drinker, was gone a lot, and ignored my needs a lot. I wish I took control of him back then, I did not know any better at the time.

But now, no need goes unattended, none at all. Sexually, financially, domestic chores, car repairs, etc.

The other night I was in bed and needed to pee, here he is sucking down his reward for being able to serve me. I did this to feel my control over him and also to keep him horny until I feel like letting him cum. The more time he spends between my legs without releasing the more he is attentive to servicing me. It is unspoken communication. I did not feel like cumming so all he did was drink two full bladders of my piss, one here at bed time and the another in the morning when he got up at 5 am to go to work. After he showered and brushed his teeth and used his mouthwash I called him over to the bed and told him to drink. He knows to not say anything and bury his face so his mouth surrounds my love tunnel and urethra. My first pee in the morning is much stronger and a larger amount then during the day. I really wanted him to taste me for a long while and smell my womanhood to keep him thinking about me. I have learned through experience to leave him horny in the morning so he thinks about me all day with a hard on. Men need to be led and kept hard, in fact, when they start dripping the pre-cum you now have full control over him.

4 thoughts on “Keeping him attentive to my needs

  1. What a absolutely wonderful wife you are to give your sub such taboo gifts. Being used as a urinal is such a humbling yet exciting form of worshipping your womanhood. Bravo to you Madam.

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