I was wondering if any of you vanilla wives would like a change in your relationship so you get treated better, get more respect, feel more secure,  have more power, have much more sexual release, have all the control in your love life?

These are just a few things I got when I started dominating my awesome husband. He was always a good man but he needed some refinement and direction in our relationship. In my case he brought it up over the years and thank goodness he kept on with showing me the benefits of him becoming my sub. The benefits are what I have been writing about in my blogs.

If any of you woman have any questions please email or reply, I would love to talk to others about what happened, my insecurities, how I benefit and why I know it has made our relationship so solid. I wish I would have done this earlier in life. My purpose of this blog is to communicate with other wives doing this or not doing this..

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