What a great day it has been, as I mentioned in my previous blog post I woke up to a sparkling kitchen. My coffee cup was by the coffee maker and my English muffins sliced and on a plate ready for me to toast. He took care of the baby so I could have a short break. Our grandson slept over so I was in his room all night. The kids came by and picked up the baby and we went out for an hour long walk. After we returned I was in the living room talking to my dad on the phone, when I was done he brought over a toasted wheat bread albacore tuna sandwich and chips on a real plate (when he serves me he does not like to use paper plates).

After that I went in to take a bath for a few hours while I watched some of my soaps on my iPad. Lol, he was in the living room taking a nap. He has been going non stop since returning from our cabin. He got up made a pot of coffee and replaced the front door handle and lock that i wanted replaced. He had to drill, and dreamed tool the door parts but he got it done so now it is perfect.

Before he cleaned up the tools and mess he made meatloaf (he is an awesome cook) then cleaned up the door stuff. After a while I wondered where he was? He was putting air in my Lincoln MKX tires, he said they were all 4 psi low. What the heck? Anyway then he finished dinner dish’s and now he is in bed.

What does all this mean from a femdom wife standpoint? I did not ask him to do any of the things he did today except the front door handle/lock replacement. He did it all because he worships me, he is pussy whipped you may say. He would do anything I require or ask.

I have been reading other bloggers posts about how once they have made a man there sub that they no longer look at them as a man. My husband is a strong man, a mans man but he is my special lover. Yes I dominate him and am control of everything, I still look at him as a Man. I was to tired today and tonight for a session of cumming for a few hours so I let him jack off as a reward while I laid on my back along side him putting both my feet and toes in his mouth and face while he got ready to shoot his load. I told him to let me know when he was real close. I told him to take his time so he could warm up to a big load all the while reminding him of how much I wanted him to shoot into his mouth for me. When he was ready I had him put his legs up over his head with his cock close to his mouth, I took over stroking his cock. I can feel it start to swell when it’s there, I aim it at his open mouth and got a full pump or two directly in his mouth but a few pumps went on his face and in his eyes. I have said before that one of the things he has to do when he cums is clean it up. He knows I am in control..

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