The femdom wife benefits are astounding. This is nothing new but I got up this morning and the kitchen was spotless. What I wanted to point out is his attention to detail including the sink being clean and dried. I have not gave him any of my womanhood lately due to our schedules. In fact I watched our grandson yesterday and he slept over so I slept in his room with him as he is only 18 months old. My husband has had the last two days off from his utility company job but has been out working 8-10 hours each day on side stuff. He was tired last night I could tell but he took me to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants. I think tonight I will have him take care of me when the baby leaves. He tries so hard to be a good husband, my plan is to let him cum after a few hours of working on me. I know he has blue balls right now. Another positive is his load will be huge, and remember I make him clean it up right after he cums in me.

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