I go out every month with a group of women I worked with for many years. Some of us have retired, some are still working there and others have moved on to other employers. We have been going out for drinks and dinner for the last 3 years or so. It’s nice to catch up with each other and check in on the latest news. Last night toward the end of dinner and a few drinks some of my girlfriends were talking about going home and as usual (according to them) there husband would be in bed or for whatever reason would not be available for some love making or romance. I thought to myself are you kidding me? But did not say anything just listened because they are my friends. I was thinking if they only knew what my husband does for me. He has told me before I should just tell them what he does for me and about our femdom relationship so maybe they could change things for themselves. He thinks all women should be put on a pedestal and worshiped by their husbands. I have not told any of them, he also thinks I should tell my sister who is single and wants a man in her life. He thinks this would be a good time to start to be in charge so she can keep one.

Anyway, three of us were saying our goodbyes outside in the parking lot and I was thinking about getting fucked hard and long when I got home so I texted my husband and told him to be ready. He was already in bed.

LOL, when I walked into the bedroom he had a large vanilla scented candle lit and the bedroom ready for our normal session. He had towels down on our king size bed in two places, a set under where my ass goes and a set where my feet go. He had lotion and the heel file out and ready to go at the foot of the bed. I was not in the mood for that kind of service though, I wanted to cum and cum and have his tongue and cock deep in my pussy, no leg and foot care tonight. The candle was a nice gesture and made me even hornier for him. I walked to the side of the bed, he knew what to do. He undresses me, I don’t lift a finger. He started in with a French kiss and my tongue found its way deep in his mouth as we kissed for a while. His hands found my boobs, I love him to pull on and squeeze my nipples. I rolled him over and mounted his face and pissed 3 hours’ worth of water and margarita’s down his throat. As my sub I knew this little act of kindness on my part would pay large dividends on his cock size. If I make him do anything his cock stretches to full strength (a benefit of being a femdom wife) plus I wanted to be empty to enjoy him going down on me with his skillful tongue and him fucking me.

I wanted to cum so bad now so I had him concentrate his tongue tip slowly moving on just the tip of my clit; I had to slow him down several times because he was so excited. Anyway after about 40 minutes I had to get out my vibrator, (he had it charging) I could not stand being right on the edge anymore. So we transitioned to our normal oral position, him being sideways to me with his mouth where he can kiss and tongue ether hole with me running my vibrator on and around my clit. He tongue fucks me very deep now, he hits my g-spot when I’m ready..

OMG, here I began, the beginning of orgasm after orgasm. Between orgasms he keeps fucking me very deep with his tongue it feels like an hour of wave after wave of screaming and squirting.

After this I am ready for him inside me so he climbs up and starts slowly. He knows to put his cock in slowly until it’s all the way in and then hold it for a bit to stretch me open, he can throb it while holding it in and seriously I generally start to cum immediately.

Of course he took care of me and rode me many many times as I exploded over and over. When I am ready to be done I tell him to fill me up with a huge load of cum so he has a lot to suck out of me during the cleanup he must complete each time he makes love to me. I told him and in a few minuets’ he blew his load but he is like an animal pulling me so tight and always French kissing me when he blows. I love it and can feel his deep love for me when he cums.

Afterward we laid on the bed holding each other just love talking, I also thought about my girlfriends conversation at the restaurant and hoped they got some from there husbands too, after a few minuets’ I climbed on his face so he could have his cum, I also had a small load of pee for him. It’s odd but he loves to do my clean-up and does every inch of my pussy inside and out but also puts his tongue deep inside to try to get all the cum out. I have learned to let him enjoy cleaning me. It took me a while. Its better with me on top because normally it just runs out, sometimes I can see a big blob or two drop into his open mouth before he starts to suck my hole. I have asked him to keep his mouth open and to be just below my lips at first so I can see it enter his mouth. I want to be sure he is getting it then I sit down on his mouth. Now that I am empowered with this control over him I  dont think I could change back. Feeding your husband his spent semen is so very powerful. Its changed everything, I see him now as mine totally and completely.


2 thoughts on “Girls night out

  1. This is so nice to here. I am happy you have control over him and pissing in his mouth is just great. I know the will eat their own cum but drinking piss from your pussy is just “the best thing to here” in my book. May I post this in my short stories and give you credit for the writings?
    “SM” Sissy Maker


    1. Of course you can. It may be odd but peeing in your subs mouth is very empowering. Its the entire act. His mouth is inside your vagina with his nose smelling you while you empty completely into his mouth. When I am really full he must swallow several times to get it all. I can go full speed and he can keep up. I feel very much in control when he is in this position.

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