I have a very good thing going on right now. My husband melts and slaves over me, cooks, cleans, is an excellent provider and father, etc.

Years ago when our children were young I had several affairs with married men at the place I was working at and retired from. I was there at the City for 25 years.

Now when I look back on those days I am so grateful he stayed with me. As my blog name implies I am trying to be a femdom wife since he wants me to be and I have come to enjoy the benefits. If you read my blog posts you will see why I am happy and very fulfilled being his Dom. It looks to me that all femdom sites imply you go get a bull or many men and go fuck and suck them and your husband is to eat there cream pie from you. This is awesome if that is what you like but I don’t want anyone but my husband these days in my pussy and when he takes my cream pie it is his cum he eats. Here is what happened and why at the time I thought the grass was greener on the other side.

He was commuting to the bay area for his main job so he was gone 10 to 12 hours a day. We had 3 young children at home and all were in sports, some in day care and I worked 40 hours a week at the City. Even then he liked to cook and clean so we shared household duties, he did most including giving the kids baths and such. He was coaching two of our sons baseball teams so three nights or more a week he was gone coaching and then on game days. When he was home and wanted me, this was way before I became his femdom, it seemed he was not all that romantic; he would kiss me for a while, then eat my pussy and fuck me when he had the energy.

Meanwhile at my work several of the men would come around and they were easy to tell my home life problems to. One thing leads to another and I’m fucking them, and sucking there cocks, and of course swallowing there loads. I purchased matching bra and panty sets and tried to look real nice each day at work. We had sex in the park during lunch; I would sit on their lap with my panties off to the side or lean over and suck them off. A few times I would go to a hotel where we could actually have some time for a little longer sex. This went on for a year or two with three men.

At this time a girlfriend was splitting up with her husband and it seemed that we were having the same type of problems at home. I thought everything was terrible but now I see everything was just a normal marriage, I think I just was bogged down with so much going on with the family and these men showing me all this attention that my husband was not. Of course we give our best and are different at work I know now.

My husband had noticed the matching bra and panties and that I did not want any sex with him so he did what any other tech savvy person would do, he tapped our phone. One morning he came to my bedside after listening to a recording of me talking to my girlfriend, we were comparing our lovers cock sizes and names. He was furious. He knew for a while, he just needed the proof. You talk about awkward being in the same home with someone who now knows you are fucking another man.

That afternoon he went to our bank and withdrew $3000.00 and had rented a house 6 blocks away near the kids school and came by to tell me he wanted the kids 50 percent of the time and would be back tomorrow when I was gone and get a few things, I could keep most everything for the kids’ sake.

In my mind this is what I thought I wanted the greener grass. I called one of my lovers to see what he was going to do and he was very concerned about the tape and his wife finding out and was my husband going to find and kill him. My girlfriend thought everything worked out very cleanly with him just leaving like he did with no issues with our home. I had treated him like shit and gave him no pussy for probably a year. No wonder he was ready to dump me. Well really I dumped him a year or more earlier. We just were living together.

I think what really woke me up was that night I told the kids that he was going to be moving out, they told me they wanted to go live with him. At that moment I got very scared and asked myself what I have done.  I just pushed a handsome, strong, sweet, loving, kind, loving father, protector, hardworking, etc. out the door. The guys that were fucking me were not there for me unless I was sucking there cocks or fucking them. I did not know what I was going to do. Have you ever been there?

I got the kids off to daycare and school and called in sick and went home and waited. He arrived around 9 am with his truck and one of his trailers but thought I was at work. He walked in and saw me but did not say one word, he just started packing some clothes and went over to him and touched his shoulder, I have never seen a look like he gave me and said, get you fucking hands off me. I was in shock, he never talked to me that way before, and I could see the rage in his eyes. He is a big guy, 6 foot two 210 pounds and a 4 year military veteran.

So I let him pack and he started down the stairs and I don’t know what I said exactly but I asked him to please wait and listen to what I have to say. Somehow this worked I sat a few steps up from him. He sat down on a step and said what do want? I said I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to lose you. I was serious. I was thinking but did not dare say another word since he was just sitting there, My Thought was pounding in my head I got myself in a terrible mess and never thought it would all come like a hurricane and just end.

It was very tough for a while for us but he stayed. It did not help that a week or so later just as he pulled into the driveway I had just pulled in to the garage a few minuet’s before when one of my lovers wife somehow found out about our affair, she was in my garage yelling and screaming at me about what I had done to their marriage, but when she saw my husband come up she just left.

I am so very glad that he stayed because of what I and we have today. I sometimes think of what I almost let slip through my fingers…. the man I have and will always have. I gladly let him kiss my feet, drink my piss, lick and suck my pussy and asshole for hours as I have said in other posts. He is my Man

9 thoughts on “Marriage and my Affairs

    1. Even then he seemed to love being between my legs satisfying me with his tongue. He used to try to kiss and tongue my asshole but I would not let him. I pulled his mouth back up to my clit. It was years later that he slowly convinced me to make him my sub. Now both holes are his to use his skilled mouth and tongue in and on. He has completely liberated me. Giving me the ability to be completely comfortable with all my body and fluids. The affairs were 15 years ago, I have only learned in the last few years to know what all his needs are. We grew together because we stayed together thru all of life’s storms


    1. Thank you Melinda, I forgot I posted this until I saw your comment. It was more like 18 years ago. I still feel guilty but believe he has completely forgiven me. This does not make me right, just very blessed.. one of those men, the one that I was caught in the recording got a job at the place he works at around 12 years ago. He does not work for my husband but works on some of his peoples jobs and he crosses paths often enough. He is reminded of it always but still loves me.

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  1. He is such a strong man and you have an incredible gift to be given this chance to rebuild the brokenness and strengthen those areas of your marriage that were not adversely impacted. I know that you can’t undo what is already done but you also cannot sustain yourself in your marriage by bearing the burden of the guilt.

    I cannot imagine what it must be like for him or you. What I see in your post is that you have a man who, without any doubt, loves you. Time is healing you both.

    I don’t know what I would do if I was in either of your situations. I love Paul dearly and we are constantly building new bonds between us. I know that I have his heart and he has all of mine. I do wonder if there are women whom he works with who want to “see what he is like” and flirt with or tempt him. I try not to think about that part of his work day. We talk or text (we send each other sexy pics and flirts) throughout his day which helps to keep us connected even when we are apart.


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    1. Thank you Mel for your lovely thoughts and insights, it is funny you mention women at work!
      I sort of think about that too, but also like you feel I am safe. I also send him sexts and demands daily. He also constantly reminds me I am his master and wants nothing more than to be able to serve me. I believe the only one that could have a chance to steal my Man would be a superior Dom, I think that is highly unlikely. As I have mentioned I am blessed he is under my spell so to speak. I pray I am right that I feel we are one now; he can’t live without my daily direction and demands.
      You are also correct: I have let the guilt go, I am reminded of it from time to time that’s all.

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  2. You both seem to be so centered on your love for each other that you have nothing to worry about. Not that you should or would take him for granted but that because you pour out your love into him and you are meeting his intimate needs (Dom) that he is ALL yours. It is the same with Paul. I know that he gets attention (I see it when we’re out and the girls and women constantly check him out) and he is a sweetheart and very kind. What woman wouldn’t take even casual interest in him? He is mine and I am blessed to have him!

    When you experience the guilt, address it within you and remember why you two love each other. Don’t dwell on it as it serves no good purpose.


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  3. Wow, just wow Dorinda. I know this is an old post of Yours and I thought I read them all, but apparently not! Maybe I missed some of Your other gems, I shoud go through them all again.
    Thank You very much for telling this story. It is honest, scarry, beautiful, sad and positive at the same time. You have my respect! You two are so lucky that you found each other. And yes, we all make mistakes, but it takes a real man to be able to forgive what You did. I can imagine how difficult it was for You to open that crucial conversation that brought your husband back.
    BTW, my Wife (then girlfriend) cheated on me about half a year into our relationship (with her ex). It went on for a few months and I didn’t know for sure at the time, but I had my suspicions. In the end She confessed everything to me on Her own, cried a river, told me She loved only me (even though he was a better fuck than me in the beginning – I learned about this many years later) and asked for forgiveness. Obviously I forgave Her. The rest is history…


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