I wanted his services all day but he had to work so all I could do was think about what tonight may bring. I was wet most of the day. When he arrived I asked him if he was up for tonight and he said of course. He had a few things to do around the house including checking and adding chemicals to our pool and some kitchen choirs, I was in the living room watching a movie reclining on our couch. He is always very caring and attentive to me so it was no surprise that he came over with a hot wet towel and started cleaning my feet just for the heck of it, it was so relaxing, it gave me a twinge down there and made me again nice and wet thinking of later tonight. After dinner we went in to our room and I put on my night shirt and got ready for bed. He asked what I wanted first; I told him a shave so he got the towels laid out on the bed before I lay down with my ass on the two towels. He has become my professional pussy cleaner. He started with warm wet towel he puts over my womanhood (this is what he calls me down there) while he gets the things ready for my clean up. He keeps them in his bathroom cabinet, I also have one but its for my things. He brings over to the bed a razor; shave cream, a large square plastic bowl with warm to hot water in it, a dish with a cake of soap on it and a shaving lather brush. I open my legs and close my eyes as he works, it is so relaxing. He starts with the shaving brush dipped in the warm water on my bush, inside my lips, my upper legs and above my hair line until it is nice and wet. Then he lathers up the brush from the cake of soap and makes a nice lather all over where he had gotten wet in the beginning. While using this brush he also does inside my lips and yes over my clit many many times so it starts to pop up out of its hiding place, pushing the little hood up to expose my little treasure. Then he uses some shave cream and rubs it in and around with the rest of the lather and my warm wet pussy area. He very gently and methodically starts with my legs to just inside my panty line on both sides cleaning the razor off in the water after each stroke. Next the top down to below my panty line then he very gently pinches my lips together and shaves the top of my lips moving his pinched fingers down to catch all of both lips down to my hole. Then he does the inside of both lips and about a lip width on the outside of each lip so there is still hair everywhere else but around the area his tongue will be shortly. Then he has me lift up my legs to gain access to both holes, he lathers that area up and cleans all the hair from the area so I am clean everywhere from the top of my hole down including around my asshole. He then uses a clean warm wet towel to clean the entire area up and then does it again for me. This is so pleasureful I sometimes tell him to just do it over and over. When he is finally done he dries the entire area with a clean towel. I am purring now, if you want to control your man, start with him keeping you clean down there.

Next I had him do my feet, he starts with my heels and uses the heel file for 10 to 15 minutes or more on each heal. Keep in mind; I am laying there with a freshly shaved pussy with my smooth lips shinning in his eyes as he is servicing my feet while on his knees at the end of the bed. His cock has been stiff since we began my pampering session an hour ago.. Now he gives me a foot massage with special foot lotion while I almost fall asleep due to his foot rubbing. I know he has a thing for my feet so I let him do this for as long as I need. Then he got up I had him come close, I reached over and milked out the dribbles of precum he was leaking onto my finger tip and told him open up and wiped it on his tongue then he  put lotion on both legs while squeezing and massaging them. a lot of lotion so it takes awhile to rub in. It feels so good when he puts both of his strong hands around and circling my thigh where my leg attaches and pulling down to my calf then down my feet.

Wow, sex has not even started yet and it has already been an hour and a half since I lay down and he started on me. Until he told me years ago he wanted me to dominate him this was not the way sex was. I think if you are not getting what you need in your bedroom, Femdom him. More Woman need to hear about the benefits.

When he was finished he asked what’s next and I told him I have to take a piss so get ready. I scooted over on the bed so he could lie down between my legs and put his mouth over my pussy. He knows exactly where to put his mouth so not to lose a drop. It takes me a minute but finally the flow started so I pushed it out as hard and fast as I could, I heard him swallow at least 5 full mouthfuls before I was thru. I used to stop and start and try to flow slowly because I did not think he could drink it all, but he wants it fast and hard I have learned so that’s easier for me any way. I have read some men can not take a woman’s first piss of the day because its stronger. This man takes mine any time I feel like it including my wake-up piss. Now I was ready for his tongue to go to work. (When we were younger way before now he would already have fucked me and been asleep. Wives please learn the power of your femdom it is so worth it) He has become an expert in eating my pussy, his eager tongue can and has worked for hours. He started with licking my clean asshole and love hole but I could not wait any longer so I moved his tongue right on my clit where I had him just flick the little bud just with the tip of his tongue for maybe 20 minutes while he put 3 fingers in me moving them in and out slowly as I rocked my pelvis  on and off his fingers. I had a big powerful squirting orgasm building and building for hours and wanted the first of 15 or more to start right now, all my patience was gone, I had to cum so I got out my awesome vibrator he bought me that was charging by the bedside. (Pictured from another session when in need of a shave cleanup)(You need to get one of these vibrators believe me..) Now I put the vibrator right on my clit and he lies sideways and sucks and deeply tongues both holes. Whichever one I am in the mood for, last night it was my pussy, he goes very deep and can touch and massage my g-spot which he did very skillfully . I exploded and squirt a huge load in his mouth as I let go a gigantic orgasm. I can ride out my orgasm as he tongue fucks me and I slowly turn down the vibrator for a minute or so. We are a well-oiled cumming machine.. he has learned to tongue fuck my hole perfectly. As I lay with my pussy pulsating after cumming I have taught him to keep using his tongue deeply in and out and soon I am ready for the vibrator again. I cum over and over this way until I have to have his cock in me. This is a newer thing for us, maybe a few years now. Once I fully understood his need for me to allow him to service my womanhood on demand and often I learned to use his tongue and mouth for solely my pleasure. This has taken some time. He was always good with his tongue but nothing like he is now. If your husband is not tongue fucking you until you cum on his face you have not really experienced this wonderful fulfillment.

I finally needed his cock deep inside me. OK believe it or not, he will not cum now (these days) until I am ready for him and I am fully satisfied, so last night I lost count how many times I came, I was so wet and he being in excellent shape can fuck me fast or slow or whatever I want for as long as I want. He can tell when I need it hard and fast then slow down until I am ready to explode again. Last night he could tell I wanted even more so every time I got a little dry he got off me and his tongue returned to its home (my pussy) and got me sopping wet again then he was back in me for another round of love making. Last night was so amazing I honestly do not know where he gets the energy to do what he does for me. He finally blew his hot load in me and gently fell on me in exhaustion. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out of me and moved on to his back wet with sweat and my pussy juice. Little did he know as soon as he got off I tilted my pelvis up and held my lips closed. After a minute or so I sat up holding my lips closed and told him here was his reward so put your hands and arms along your sides and scoot down, I rolled over on top of his face trying to get my love hole over his mouth. He opened wide at my command as I un-pinched my cleanly shaved lips and all that cum gushed into his mouth. Quite a bit actually, the longer I make him wait the more cum there seems to be. I told him to suck his cum out and swallow it all, I also took the opportunity of his open mouth on my hole to piss one last time so I could just roll off his face and fall asleep. He always has to cleanup his mess no matter what, I learned that from femdom sites.

3 thoughts on “OMG How many times did I cum last night

  1. It’s important to have a personal cleaner to get you relaxed and open to your partner. Guys need femdom guidance to give you the best orgasms. Hopefully more women will see the advantage of directing their partner to get the results they want!

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