Today I was at home all day while he was at work, when he got off he had a side job to go complete. I noticed I had put back 7 of the 10 pounds I lost over 3 months so I was feeling a bit depressed about that and was wondering how attractive or not I have become over the years. I know my husband is very attracted to me and does anything I ask so I needed a little encouragement. After he made me dinner I had him do my feet. He loves doing them and yep, his cock was at hard attention as soon as he started. Tonight he worked on my heels with the heel file for 30 minutes each foot, before he put lotion on my legs and feet I had him kiss and suck my toes. I started feeling so much better because he was tired from working all day and still had the energy to take care of me for two hours all the time with a huge hardon.. I sometimes use him to make me feel better about my self

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