I was amused watching the posts on a girlfriends Facebook about woman shaving and why. It turns out that the article referenced says its men’s fault and their desires is how it all got started years and years back. The odd thing I took away from all the posts were that it was all or nothing, pits, legs, and privates, full on hair or bald, one or the other. I found that odd because in my case I enjoy hairless pits and legs but hair down below albeit short and trimmed. My husband keeps me shaved and cleaned up anyway, he loves to do this for me. It is very relaxing for someone you trust to shave and trim you. When we are in the shower together it goes pretty fast but sometimes when I need to check out and relax I have him set up all the things on our bed and he goes to work. This is only on my pussy, I make sure he takes his time and does it meticulously and slow. Like I have said in other posts, he just does my bikini line, inside and the edges of my lips and both holes. Normally after this I put his mouth and tongue to work on the nice smooth lips and both holes as his reward.


3 thoughts on “To shave or to not shave?

    1. This is a very special time for him and I. It is very empowering for me. I keep hair on mine so it does take some time. I make him take his time and do it twice. It is so very relaxing for me. All shaving of all parts of me are done by him. He is my personal groomer..

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  1. My husband like me both ways so I get to choose what I want and when. I love how it feels to be entirely shaven and feel Paul’s body making full, skin-to-skin contact with me when he is inside of me.

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