He has a cycle of hornyness for a week or so every 30 days. Most of the time I’m to tired to have sex with him, when the evening comes he goes to bed around 8 and I like to stay up and watch my recorded shows. When he gets like this he wants me to make him cum in his mouth, this must be some super horny brain activity when he goes with out me giving him an outlet to make love to me. It starts with a text from him saying he is going to do it, sometimes I text back to send me a picture when he is thru but sometimes ill go back and sit on the bed and talk to him while he strokes about how I want him to shoot a big load in to his mouth. Some times when he is super horny he will put his legs over his head and position his cock above his mouth and I aim it to try to make it squirt in it. Mostly I will hold it in one hand and position his vibrator on that special spot, it helps if I am on the bed and between his legs and he is on the floor with his back against the bed. This way I have control of his balls too. Sometimes a few hard slaps or squeezes and he shoots sooner..

How do let your husband pamper you? It took me years to adjust to him wanting to constantly service me but now I am spoiled.

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